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Old 22nd Dec 2002, 00:44   #1 (permalink)
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JAL Cabin Crew interview

Anyone knows what the cabin crew interview with JAL is like?
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hi there
maybe i can solve ur problem here
but i m not sure if JAL goes to Sweden or not......
JAL stands for Japan airlines, right?

ok for the interview
they just held one last week in hongkong

the flow was

1) 5 interviewers with around 6 interviewees
2) every interviewee talks about themselves in 3 mins - introduction, why u want to be a FA of JAL blah blah blah
3) if the interviewers are interested in u then they will ask u questions.
4) then u wait outside and they call out names for second interview immediately

for all i know , JAL very concerns the appearance of the interviewees
so if u have ever received the invitation letter for the interview u have to be 1) ON TIME make sure u go to the room at least 10 mins before ur interview time
2) make sure u wear the skin color like stockings!!
3) make sure u have tie up ur hair!!!
4) it is not a must but speaking japanese during introduction will impress them a lot
5) make sure u look very sincere to get the job - i would say u should look innocent!! u know those japanese men........... >_<
6) be calm and smile a lot..

if u wanna know more then let me know
oh also they hardly hire MALE regional flight attendant..at least they have never hired any from hong kong a friend of mine , who;s a guy . he studied japanese in japan for 6 years but still couldnt get the job, so u see................
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Old 27th Dec 2002, 12:47   #3 (permalink)
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Thank you!

JAL do conduct interviews in Frankfurt and London since they have bases there. I wouldn't mind going there for one day to be present at the interview if I'm invited.

Is JAL a picky airline? It seems they are.

Since I'm a guy, don't I stand a chance with them? What do they have against male flight attendants?
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Location: hong kong
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well i hope those info helped u

i m not quite sure about the interview in EUrope but it is very tough and i dont think they employ many people there remember it is a JAPANESE thing they would rather employ the japanese speaking people instead of .... u know

but then german speaking could be an advantage if u wanna work in frankfurt believe me , asian airlines r dying for the German market as well as the german speaking staff...
but i m not sure if JAL has their own staff in FRA or ....because for example..ANA ( all nippon airways ) is a star alliance member and it is even BIGGER than JAL in japan ( believe me it is true )
in FRA, they only use Lufthansa as check in staff..very very very very very few ANA staff..if u know what i mean

JAL is very picky!!

male crew..mmm..JAL is a very very traditional airline!!!!!!! they always think the one to serve people should be FEMALE

and during the JAL interview in hongkong..they chose only those who 1) could speak fluent japanese 2) very tidy and clean 3) all females

also they really concern the very very first impression. even for me, i speak fluent english, mandarin and cantonese also i have years experience working at the airport related to airport and airline operations...i was not chosen

if u want to know more add me in ICQ 3810001
or pvt me
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Old 27th Dec 2002, 19:20   #5 (permalink)
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In the good old days they used to teach you Japanese as part of the training course.

I know a few people who worked for them.

Apparently good, but tough to fly for!?
Old 28th Dec 2002, 01:55   #6 (permalink)
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mmm it is very very difficult to get in JAL

besides if udont speak fluent /native japanese u can only work in the galley which i think is fantastic

but then swedish on board..could be the hottest thing!! i mean..swedish guy heheh i would just keep talking to them
oops sorry !!! but i love swedish! used to live there for 6 years
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Old 28th Dec 2002, 14:37   #7 (permalink)
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Is it more difficult than getting into EK?

I spoke to a lady from Germany who was based in Frankfurt. She didn't speak fluent nor native Japanese and she worked in the cabin. Perhaps it various from time to time?
Old 28th Dec 2002, 15:40   #8 (permalink)
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Location: hong kong
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yes it is more difficult to get in than EK

as i said, GERMAN is very important in europe also if JAL is going to expand their base in Germany Frankfurt than native german would be consider....

do u speak fluent or native german??????????
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Old 28th Dec 2002, 16:27   #9 (permalink)
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In Singapore, the JAL interview consists of 2 rounds.
On the first day, about 6 girls are interviewed in a group. There will be like about 5,6 interviewers. You do a self-introduction and then they ask some basic questions.

After that, you go home, wait for the letter. And then during the second day of the interview, 4 girls in a group with about 8,9 interviewers. This is more like a question-and-answer session. They ask and you answer. very simple questions like what are your hobbies, tell me about your family etc.

And then there's a table in a corner where they have all the stuff they use on board like plates, bowls, cups etc. And they will have an interviewer acting as a passenger. The pax will then say 'I'm feeling cold.' So you just pick up the blanket and walk over and hand it to her. IThe situations are very easy to handle. The pax will say," I like to have a drink", "I like to have a magazine to read." Nothing difficult.

After that, you go for a skin check where a lady will check your skin conditions.

Then you go home and wait for phone calls.

But do remember that you may not go through the exact same procedures. A girl I met told me its her 2nd time trying. And the 1st time she tried, the procedures were slightly different.

But basically as with most airlines interviews, you can expect to go through at least 1 or more of the following types of procedures: group interviews, games playing, 1-2-1 interviews.

For Singapore-based crew, the maximum number of years you can fly with JAL is 15years. And you are allowed to get married and pregnant during this time, contary to popular beliefs.

And they do teach basic japanese as part of the training.

I know..because I was a JAL crew.

Its interesting to see that JAL has got different conditions and interview procedures for different countries.
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Old 28th Dec 2002, 17:43   #10 (permalink)
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"was" meaning you used to work with JAL? why quit? how much did you bring back home per/mth?
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Old 28th Dec 2002, 18:29   #11 (permalink)
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No, I only speak basic German. But I'm quite good at French.

It says on their website those who are applying for the base in London need to be fluent in English. Second languages are assetts, as usual.

Check your PM!
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