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Ideal Passenger

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Ideal Passenger

Old 11th Nov 2007, 13:32
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Ideal Passenger

I was just reading the rudest pax thread and it made me begin wondering what sort of passenger actually puts and smile on your face and just makes your day.

Is it the ones who just keep to themselves and not engage you at all or ones who take the time to engage you in a little conversation?
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Old 11th Nov 2007, 14:01
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My ideal pax:

Is this too much to ask for? This is how an ideal pax would behave on one of my flights (with me being my usual nice hostie self)

Me: Goodmorning, *smiles* may I see your boarding card please?
Pax: Hello, *smiles at me like I'm a human being not like something they've stepped in.* (Shows me their card with no fuss)

Pax stows their baggage, fastens their seatbelt, complies with cabin crew's polite instructions. Watches safety demo without talking or disturbing other pax.


Me: Would you care for a hot bevarage sir/madam?
Pax: A coffee please, just black. Thank you

Pax goes to the lavatory and manages to clean up after themselves. Hands in rubbish to crew as they come round to collect it. No abuse of any kind to crew or fellow passengers.


Complies with the crew's instructions. Remains seated till the seatbelt sign goes off.

Me: Thank you, have a good day, buh bye! *smiles*
Pax: Thanks, you too, goodbye. *smiles*

Too much to ask for?

I also like it when pax are chatty and want to talk to you as long as it's not in critical phases or flight or when I'm eating!
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Old 11th Nov 2007, 14:05
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It actually makes me feel special and puts a smile on my face when after dealing with various situations/pax on board, some pax come to us and say "you did a great job, you handled the situation so well, i don't know how you guys can do it, i could never do your job".....

The truth is that unfortunatelly we tend to remember the rude/bad pax rather than the nice maybe quiet ones...
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Old 11th Nov 2007, 14:28
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True story

Just remembered that couple of weeks ago some of my fellow crew members operated on AHO. Outbound with........ 1pax on board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh that must've been a delightful flight!!! The pax was an italian lady rather scared but amazed bless her.

Private jet all the way baby!!!!
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Old 12th Nov 2007, 12:45
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Virginia - what you describe is indeed the perfect passenger!! On a 757 where there are 233 passengers, I would say there are about 230 of these types of passengers. There are on average the odd 3 people, who make our day to day working lives very difficult and sometimes unbearable. I'm glad to say though that at my airline it is a small minority, and we should be remembering the 230 people at the end of the day and not the 3. but as somebody did mention, we do tend to remember the things that made our day worse, rather than the people who didn't have an impact whatsoever.
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Old 13th Nov 2007, 00:11
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I Had An Ideal Pax

On A flight from ANU to LGW with AML a crewmember said that Timothy Dalton was sat in seat 31H (near to R3 B777). I had seen the pax boarding early, nothing unusal in that, but I certainly didn't believe what I was told. Anyhow, I went to do a needless toilet inspection at R3 and low and behold the pax was Timothy Dalton. He had been unable to book a Club seat (no 1st on BA AML) so Dalton claimed an economy exit seat instead to make the flight and an appointment in the UK. Dalton only had a large bottle of mineral water, nothing else. Dalton slept most of the flight and was charming to all, even to pax nearby. The Pax from Heaven.
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Old 13th Nov 2007, 00:24
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Well here you go, Virgina & Abusing_the_Sky

I flew Qantas on the weekend, second time in a month, and I did all that - in response to their fabulous service!

Tis very easy to engage the cabin crew when they don't treat YOU like they need to hurry up and get rid of you!

The head steward was relaxed, easy-going and friendly - and it was obviously passed down to the other members on his team.

Well done to them!
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Old 14th Nov 2007, 19:14
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My ideal passenger was on a PHX - LHR flight 4 years ago. Handsome, funny, intelligent, eligible! We are getting married in a few months. Guess there are some perks to the job!
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Old 19th Nov 2007, 14:05
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Ideal Passenger - that I am

Hi all

There are many of us out there and proud to say I am at least even though a flight may not be perfect (those are 1 in a blue moon and I travel a lot!!)
but I still say hi, bye, please, thank you and even pay the ladies complements not say the least that makes them blush!!

Give you two examples of not exactly perfect flights;

Sep 99 flying back on Caledonian Air (later became Air 2000/1st choice) from Austria....weather is crap to say the least and heavy turbulence. Wasn't pleasant and had me gripping the seat. Lo and behold, two women in their 40s bitching and moaning at the lovely stewardess about they were vegetarians and where the vegetarian meals were as there was a mix up on special requirements on the flight. So as there werent any all hell broke loose

The ladies and one of their husbands also joined in..wasnt abusive but it was bad enough...raised voices and we're bumbling along or rocking around. We were probably 20 mins to landing and being bounced around in the air and I was thinking "cant they shut up let the crew get on with what they doing as we are almost home and bigger enough worries with turbulence".
I felt sorry for the girl who was getting grief and then the usual hand outs of complaints form. ANyway before we landed and as the turbulence subsided. I went to the toilets, saw the same girl, and smiled at her reassuringly to say she was great and fab. At the end of the flight as per always I say thanks to the crew on the way out.

March 07: Flying back from Orlando (Heli Expo), BA flight .....was ok, few things got mixed up...food wasn't brilliant and once again hit turbulence over the Atlantic. The couple/family on two rows in front of me...think they were from Jamaica and wanted their coffe//tea yet in turbulence you;re not supposed to serve out hot drinks during turbulence or so I am led to believe. They were giving some grief.
Then others on the flight were moaning about the food.....I wasn't fussed it tasted right....

COme as we were approaching UK airspace, I went to the toilets and paid one of the girls a compliemnt to say she was doing well and she appreciated me cos everyone else was bitching. My two bosses up front were cool about the service.

On landing I paid her another compliment and gave her a hug.. as apaprently it was one of her first flights as she had only being in the job a few months.

You guys do a hard job and its stressful at the best of times.... if not damn dangerous and still look good at throughout. My hat goes off.

take care
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Old 13th Dec 2007, 09:18
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As pax, I ALWAYS say please and thankyou, and do as I'm asked by the CC, but never once has the CC given me her phone number! What am I doing wrong!?
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Old 13th Dec 2007, 09:48
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You Think, Therefore I Am
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Try asking the men...
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Old 13th Dec 2007, 09:51
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Hahahaha Tightslot

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Old 13th Dec 2007, 10:56
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The Best Pax are ...

Give me a flight full of Germans any day. They are the most civilised, friendly and considerate passengers I have ever come across. There are no seating complaints or " Oh my god the earth will stop turning " if they dont get their meal choice.No rubbish on the floor and the toilets are immaculate. They are totally happy with whatever wine or beer you give them , and they also know please and thank you. When crew walk down the aisle they step out of the way and they are very considerate to other pax.

I just love them !!
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Old 13th Dec 2007, 19:12
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I "SO" agree with you !!!
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Old 14th Dec 2007, 19:04
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Nice to know that Good Manners are noticed

Apologise to CC for gatecrashing this thread but you may like to hear this story.
Just prior to 9/11 I flew on a domestic flight from San Francisco to Houston. On boarding, I gave my usual smile and greeting of 'Good Morning, how are you' and during the flight a smile with the usual manners of please and thank you for the service provided. I thought nothing of this as it was just routine as far as I was concerned.
Towards the end of the flight a CC member informed me that the captain has asked to speak to me personally. Seriously concerned that I had committed some possible misdemeanour, I followed the CC member onto the flight deck. The captain shook my hand and said 'The CC have brought to my attention your courteous and friendly manner during this flight. Please accept my sincere thanks and accept this bottle of champagne with the compliments of the airline'.

Last edited by TSR2; 14th Dec 2007 at 22:13.
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Old 14th Dec 2007, 22:29
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TSR2 nice manners go a long way... something as simple as a response to when I say "Good Morning/Afternoon Sir/Ma'am, how are you today" instead of completely ignoring me is very much appreciated... and yes we always know who are the nice/polite ones, and who aren't

I am glad to hear your manners and courtesy were recognised
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Old 19th Dec 2007, 10:56
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It does work both ways. I always try to be polite courteous and respectful of the hard job you CC have. I flew Ryan Air from Berlin to Stanstead. Granted it was early, but as I boarded I was met with a scruffy dour faced FA. I smiled and said good morning and she just blanked me. I took my seat and placed my coat on the adjacent seat. The dour faced FA strolled up to me and ordered me to remove all items into the overhead bins. When I said it was nice to see such a happy smiley face first thing in the morning, she just scowled, pulled a sarcastic smile and sauntered off to the galley to do her nails. Wont fly Ryan Air again.
I have a lot of respect for you guys and its a job I would not fancy doing.
I flew BA LHR - SIN 3 weeks ago and like to say a big thankyou to 'KAM' who looked after us in 'Premium Economy'. What a nice bloke!!
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Old 19th Dec 2007, 13:21
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Maybe I'm just a bit of a cleaning geek, but whenever I use the plane's lav, I always leave it in the condirion I would expect to find it. Unfortunately this ususally means me cleaning the sink and picking up bits of discarded tissues etc. Some pax are just mucky. 99% of pax are very well behaved and couteous and are let down by the rude 1%.

My only gripe ever with CC is during a night flight and I'm trying to get some kip, CC can be heard moaning about their T % C's in the galley. Happens every time. It's as if they think your can't hear them. C'mon you know it's true.

Apart from this minor point, all CC are saints IMHO and I always try to be as courteous as possible to them. Flying is tiring enough sitting down, and sleeping, never mind being on your feet for hours on end.

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Old 19th Dec 2007, 17:54
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I have the utmost respect for any member of crew, be it ground crew, cabin crew or pilots.

I had a great f/a on an Allegheny flight back in 1991. I was suffering with Tennis Elbow and in a lot of pain. She brought me pain killers and sat talking to me as we were landing.

I made sure I wrote to Allegheny head office on company letter head paper when I got back to let them know how I appreciated the great service from the f/a. I got back a personal response thanking me for my letter.

To this day, if someone has done a great job, either in flight or even in a store, I write to the head office to acknowledge the fact.

Getting on a flight, I always smile and acknowledge the f/a's stood at the door, or throughout the cabin when I board. I also thank the f/a's and the captain/FO when leaving the aircraft.

They are humans just like the rest of us!
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Old 19th Dec 2007, 18:47
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I'm the perfect pax (honestly) but I've never received an award yet

Seriously though, I'm always courteous and pleasant and not in the least demanding. So why is it that I so often get missed out when the drinks trolley comes by

Just as a minority of pax can be unpleasant to CC I'm afraid the same also applies the other way. I've certainly experienced a few and at no time had I given them reason to get shirty with me. It can ruin a flight and harm the airline's reputation.
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