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Male crew uniforms UK

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Male crew uniforms UK

Old 8th Feb 2007, 17:24
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Male crew uniforms UK

Hi can anyone tell me which uk airlines have long sleeves for cabincrew, I used to work for BMI many years ago and want to get back to the skies, but I have a tattoo on my forearm and need to wear long sleeves. Also does anyone know if the new easyjet uniform has wings?
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Old 8th Feb 2007, 17:30
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Hi yes the new easyjet uniform will have wings, but will also be short sleeve! unfortunately i don't know of any airline that would accept a tatoo on your forearm, but hopefully someone will know different!
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Old 8th Feb 2007, 17:39
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Virgin Atlantic have an option for long sleeves as do BA and partner airlines (GB etc).
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Old 8th Feb 2007, 18:05
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yeah that been said dont let them see you have a tatoo, i work regulary with 2 ladies who help us out with ezy recruitment days but they also recriuit for BA and i know for a fact BA wont hire you if they know you have a tatoo on your forearm
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Old 8th Feb 2007, 18:09
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there is make up you can get which covers tattoos. not sure what its called and where you can get it, but i know it exists!!!
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Old 8th Feb 2007, 19:38
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Thomsonfly accept crew with tattoos as long as they are covered and part of the uniform is a long sleeve shirt
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Old 8th Feb 2007, 22:21
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Who are these ladies that help you and ezy out with recruitment? BA proper do all their own recruitment in house at LHR, and I have never heard of any of them going to ezy for a day!
As for you knowing for a fact that BA do not accept people with tattoos on the forearms, you know nothing!
Quite a few BA crew have tattoos on the arms, and as long as you wear long sleeves thats fine!
Stick to EZY stuff and stop putting people off trying to get a decent job!

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Old 8th Feb 2007, 23:28
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Not UK based, but Aer Lingus offer a choice of short or long sleeved shirts for cabin crew. Like with BA I wouldn't advertise the fact you have a tatoo. Best of luck with the job hunting..
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Old 8th Feb 2007, 23:33
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In the off chance the airlines do find out you have the tatoo just mention that you have products which you use to cover it up.

But yeah, BA have long sleeve shirts (which are really cool cos of the cufflinks)

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Old 9th Feb 2007, 01:04
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Hi Cabinstar,
I used to operate with Flightline some years ago and remember about a colleague with the same problem.
The company provided him long sleeves, don't know if expecially tailored for him (he was the only one I saw with long sleeves, usually short ones are more comfortable on board) but as long as he covered the tattoo, no one had anything against.
Don't know about major UK companies policy, but maybe you could ask about the possibility of having (probably at your own cost) long sleeves, at the end if the design is the same...probably there won't be any "not uniform charge"
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Old 9th Feb 2007, 02:16
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Qantas have long sleeves as does air nz. Qantas even prefer their crew to now wear long sleeves..
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Old 9th Feb 2007, 09:44
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bmi still have employ crew with tatoos on their forarms.
we have just employed quite a few crew who have to wear long sleeves shirts because of this.
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Old 9th Feb 2007, 19:41
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I've only seen one cabin crew with a tattoo...was on VirginBlue, but even his short sleeved shirt covered it up, until he reached up to close the overhead bin, and it peeked out. What was odd was the location...it was not on the outside of his bicep, but on the inside. I thought, "Marty, what possessed you to get a tattoo there??" It certainly didn't impact his ability to make a cabin announcement or sell drinks off of the trolley.

...but that's topic drift, sorry.

I know there is some sort of removal treatment out there, but it takes a few visits, and isn't cheap.
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Old 9th Feb 2007, 20:47
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Almost all airlines have a long sleeve option. INCLUDING EasyJet's new uniform!!! BA, QF, NZ, VS, BD, EK, JL, NH, CX, EY, QR... to name a few.

If it can't be seen when in uniform, you should be fine at most airlines.

The inside of the arm, is becoming a very popular place to have a tattoo these days. I know at least three people who have one there.
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Old 11th Feb 2007, 16:05
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my Tatoo

I work for BA have a tatoo on my forearm and i told them about it at Interview they didn't give a poop - told them was happy to cover it (there is this amazing make-up stuff that you literally peel off afterwards) I even said would remove it (more fool me they aren't that great to work for!) but they said not to worry as they have long sleaves available. To be honest refusing employment on the grounds of having a tatoo is dodgy ground nowadays - god love the EU.
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Old 11th Feb 2007, 23:56
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Thanx for all the info... I really appreciate it!!!! does anyone know what the peel off make up is?? and where to buy it??
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Old 18th Feb 2007, 18:02
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Silverjet is long sleeves too!
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Old 20th Feb 2007, 07:58
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Hey ,I work for Air New Zealand and we only have long sleave shirts ...and we have a London base which fly LAX and HKG
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Old 20th Feb 2007, 08:06
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Whats the big deal if you do have a tatoo anyway on your forearm? Once you're in the cockpit your out of harms way. I can understand not having a tatoo if your cabin crew when you're front line in customer service but a pilot, don't understand the big deal, as long as its not offensive.
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Old 23rd Feb 2007, 00:21
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uhm...maybe he's asking because this is the cabin crew forum?
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