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Physical effects of flying......

I am writing am article on the physical effects of flying and wondered if I could call on you guys to help me.
How many of you are aware of feeling the physiological effects of flying, how do you cope with these physiological changes and how do they affect your life generally.
Do you do anything to combat these bodily changes and does it work?
Are any of the effects of flying positive?

Thanks for your help everybody - I have been flying now for twenty years and have my own thoughts and theories - but they are obviously my own - and I want to include others points of view (and I know that many of you have them!)

Healthy Flying!
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to name a few...

Hearing problems..tinnitus
Lower back problems
Skin problems..dryness,acne
Eye problems ...tirigeum(spelling?)
Cancers..colon,breast,skin,brain tumours
Cosmic radiation..chromosomal damage
Feet problems..corns
Fatigue and associted injuries..shoulder,hand neck
Short memory loss
Depression of the immune system
Negative effects on the endocrine cascade
Poor diet and associated problems
Oven burns
Bleeding nose

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Gosh poor you....! Your medical bills must be HUGE!
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The physical damage of flying will always be brushed under the carpet and crews will not readily accept what they expose their bodies to. It's the same as smoking and alcohol abuse, I suppose!
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Effects on flying

Yeah have to agree with Argusmoon on that. Ive been flying for 4 years and ive always had problems with my ears, "what!?" , I do a lot of lip reading now... Also suffer now from Cyatica ,( not sure if that's the spelling?).. well, lower back pain from heavy trolleys and stretching to A / F seats.(Manual handling techniques only go so far ye know!)
I drink plenty of water though and actually ive found that my skin condition is far better than that of my non flying chums? Maybe am the exception?
Feet are a big problem, I think like Sainsbury's do for their staff we should have allocated time for the Chiropodist!
As for the immune system, well if a pax has got it when they board - I'll be sure to have it by the time they disembark! and find even the common cold floors me for days!
Miscarriages- I spent 2 years with an airline in Stansted and found it quite shocking the amount of colleauges who were 1. finding it very hard to concieve and 2. often when they did, miscarried.
Things I do to make me feel better at work... Wear support tights, always good for your circulation! Moisturise everywhere before I fly, drink plenty, often use sudafed when me tubes are blocked. Take my shoes off on turnaround when doing cabin tidy
I love flying but it's certainly not good for your health!!
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Support tights - to aid circulation (Believe it or not you can find sexy ones too!!)

Stretch and do a bit of exercise - to alleviate the stress on my back caused by manual handling

Wear comfortable shoes at all times - saves my feet and my back

Moisturise face/hands etc and avoid foundation/powder that blocks the skin pores - I don't want to look 50 when I reach 30!!

Drink plenty of water - for the same reason

Avoid junk food on board - saves my waist and further trips to the uniform store!!

At the first signs of a cold I do lots of steam inhalations - my ears don't get blocked so easily as before

Take vitamins and wear warm clothes in the winter - I only had one cold this winter

Stay at home when I am sick - so I don't spread germs around and save my colleagues from catching the bug!!

When I was flying long-haul only I found that sleeping and eating whenever I felt like was easier on me than when I used to plan my sleep/tried to get back into a routine. Probably the wrong thing to do, some might say, but it worked much better on me.

Last but not least having a friend who can understand how frustrating/annoying some situations at work can be and who can empathise with you can reduce work-related stress considerably. As an alternative, company counselling service is great too, but I have found that a friend's voice is more likely to do the trick!!


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I no longer fly. I really miss it. I miss the fun. I miss the goss.

However, I dont miss the constant fatigue. I was ALWAYS exhausted! I would hit the bed and just pass out - my whole body just ached to the bone. Sometimes I found myself physically gasping - just completely out of breath (usually after doing 6 days straight). Occasionally when I would walk thru the door after being away, my husband would ask "have you had a few drinks?" because my speech was slurring and I would be silly and giggly (Of course I hadn't - I am guessing the effects of hypoxia? The mind boggles at how safe it is for us to be flying when we are feeling this tired) I have a young baby and even tho most nights = broken sleep and my days are spent running around - there is nothing that compares to the exhaustion and fatigue whilst flying.

I also injured myself at work at one point. I lifted a full catering box on a turn around and prolapsed a disc in my neck. I was off work for weeks. Being on Work Cover was supportive - but I felt depressed about not working in my normal capacity.

I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and my subsequent pregnancy wasnt without problems (two episodes of threatened miscarriage). It always amazes me (still) to hear of the amount of flight attendants who have experienced one or more miscarriages.

Also, since not flying, I feel that my weight has stablised. I am much thinner. I dont hold so much fluid and I am not as bloated. My skin is looking great, too! I look ten years younger!

But apart from that it was a really good job! lolol
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Thanks Guys.....

THanks Guys - knew I could rely on you!

Yes - pretty much the same stuff all round. I no longer fly - well, just sometimes, and I too feel a lot healthier for it.
But for those of you who are still flying lots - I'm jealous - as it's the best feeling ever!
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Only have one problem really....

My head normally hurts the morning after a layover!
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I know several pilots that have complained about regular attacks of piles!

Hmmm...corns or piles? I know which I'd prefer - pass the plasters!

KTP xx
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