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Plus cabin Job - Have you heard of this?

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Plus cabin Job - Have you heard of this?

Old 9th Oct 2012, 12:52
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Plus cabin Job - Have you heard of this?

Hi, I have a phone interview in a few hours with a company called Plus cabin Jobs. They offer a full training course in Cabin crew management and want a registration fee of £295. They offer distance E-learning training which they say is up to 120 hours worth of study, then you complete 3 online assessments to pass. Once passed they find you a work placement and at the end of the placement they guarantee a full time job as cabin crew.

My question is before I pay this large amount of money, has anyone heard of this company, worked with them and is it real?

Thanks x
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Old 9th Oct 2012, 17:23
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They don't guarantee you a job, this quote is lifted straight from their FAQ

Am I guaranteed a job if I pass my exams?
We provide our candidates with complete career support. We will provide you with everything required to ensure you have the best support possible to achieve your dream career. Our Careers team will provide you with all the job search support they can. Rest assured, we have successfully helped thousands of students find leisure and tourism employment with some of the UKís largest organisations. However, the ultimate decision as to whether or not you will be employed is with the employers."

I believe the general advice on this forum is to avoid like the plague any company that tries to charge you for flight attendant training. I don't think anyone here thinks it makes any difference to your chances

You are better off devoting a day to reading through all the recruitment threads here
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Old 9th Oct 2012, 20:45
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Also, every airline I ever came across trains their cabin crew themselves from scratch. Having "passed" any other "course" beforehand was never required or even helpful, as procedures and cabin service differ massively between airlines.

I would say find something else to spend Your money on instead of this.
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Old 28th Oct 2012, 15:10
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Private cabin crew training companies - avoid like the plague - a big con

I agree - I was badly conned out of a lot of money by one such company and to date the only refund that I have recieved was a partial refund from BA for my return flights from MAN - LHR - while I may suspect that my current retail employer may have blocked it in some way as they were reluctant to give me time off by changing my holiday dates to attend the course, the company said they went bust with the credit crunch but I've had to give up on wanting to become cabin crew as a result of this and wait until after I retire in another 25+ years
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Old 28th Oct 2012, 19:30
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And what about SEP? slideraft drills? practical assessments on door/overwing exits opening? swimming with lifejackets fully clothed? Who assesses those physical modules?

Sorry but you're better off spending £3 on the Airplane video. You'd get more info out of that than any 'distance learning' course.
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Old 29th Oct 2012, 15:33
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Here's a link to what seems as though it might be their address. Berekely Square is quite a prestigious place. #43 is just a few doors from Annabel's night club where nightingales go to get stuffed, full of champagne and other goodies.
One suspects that this might just be what used to be known as an accommodation address but how would one know for sure?
£295 is a lot of money for what is really just a flyer. Every airline for which I have ever flown has done its own in house training and I don't remember any occasion when a 'Cabin Crew Manager' came in as a #1.

Edit to add that I am/was cockpit crew not cabin crew.

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Old 13th Nov 2012, 19:31
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Do not be influenced by the flash address , only costs £99
Mayfair London Berkeley Square W1 Registered Office for your Company 12 Months
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Old 1st Feb 2013, 00:07
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Devil Beware of this firm!

Pluscabinjobs is also cpclearn is also expresscabincrew. CPC Global Ltd (same postcode as those other sites) appears on the UK Register of Learning Providers which I expect is to give a pretence of credibility & give you confidence. However, it's completely free to do this, in fact, anyone can do it.

The company was incorporated on 30/12/2012. To achieve what they claim to achieve (working with biggest airlines) from a home based study course in just over 1 year is nothing short of a miracle. They aren't even required to post their accounts until 30/9/13 but I wonder if they ever will. There is just one director for this massive organisation, he is registered at Companies House as Mr. Ali Yahya Ali & he is 27 years of age in 2013.

Typically they advertise on Gumtree.

I've leave it up to you as to what opinion you form but:

- They say they offer an accredited course. I very much doubt that but you should ask who is the awarding body and the course code from that body. I expect they will just repeat their "qualification."
- They ask for £295 upfront (and I bet they will be persuasive), with the rest almost on a "pay us when you've got it," basis. Managing the collection of those ongoing payments would be almost impossible.
- Full fees are £3k. For an online/assignment/home study course???? Really? You can get a two week classroom based course by an ex-flight attendant trainer with a trip to the British Airways training facility at Heathrow at other credible providers.
- Go to Google and type in e.g. "plus cabin jobs reviews." There will be 40+ of the most outstanding, enthusiastic, OMG this has changed my life reviews. Even THE most outstanding training provider in the country as externally verified by Ofsted doesn't get this level of review. Especially for a course that you don't even have a tutor for.

I could go on, and on, and on about the holes in this company. I'm actually pretty sure they had exactly the same set up as a different company registered at an address in Aldgate, and before that Canary Wharf.

And just in case you are still unsure - CPC??? Stands for Copy Paste Cash - Learn to earn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ihss6v55Cs]

If I was younger, impulsive & desperate for a career of my dreams, I could easily have fallen for this. It's actually a very well written & worded site to appear as if you get the world but actually there's an awful lot of nothing.

I felt it was my duty to burst this company's bubble because there are a small number of really credible, valuable and rewarding cabin crew courses out there, delivered by people who are passionate about what they do.

Choose carefully!

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Old 14th Jun 2013, 16:40
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Cpc learn cpc global ltd plus cabin jobs express cabin crew scamm!! Fraud! Bakercoop

These guys are scammers

they ripped me off deposit fee £495 plus a registration fee of £295

i done some research and found out these offices

the real company behind plus cabin jobs and express cabin crew

Registered Address
Marble Arch Tower
55 Bryanston Street
United Kingdom

Trading Address Edit details
43 Berkeley Square
Trading Tel:02074584058

the director is mr Mr Ali Ali was born in 1986 and the first directorship we have on file was in 2012 at City Pro Connect Global Ltd. His most recent directorship is with Cpc Global Ltd where he holds the position of "Director". This company has been around since 30 Dec 2011 . In total, Ali has held 8 directorships, 4 of which are current, and 4 are previous.

also possibly called Ali Yahya or Mr Ali Yahya Ali who before was in charge of a scam training company called baker coop ltd and also the birthdays also match as exactly the same age.

therefore i have made one of the biggest mistakes in my life and wouldn't want poor innocent people going through what i did.


im seeking advice from a lot of source's so i would be greatfull if you can give me advise on how i can bring these people to justice!
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Old 14th Jun 2013, 17:20
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Trading standards, small claims court, lawyers are about your only options. The only airline training worth having is with the airline that employs you. I have my doubts about Ryanair's external training after the channel 4 documentary a couple of years ago.
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Old 27th Jun 2013, 21:38
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Payment for cabin crew training

Hi, never ever pay for these type of courses there is never a guarantee of a job. Prepare yourself fully for an interview with an proper airline and if you get in you will receive an excellent training course. I used to recruit for a major airline and the amount of people who had completed one of these courses who came for an interview was incredible. We often failed them as they were not prepared for the interview and did not have the specific requirements we needed. So please don't waste your money. If you really want to become crew ensure you have experience of working with the public, are hard working, adaptable, and prepared for an interview where you will be asked to give a lot of examples of when you gave good customer service. You also need to provide examples of how you dealt with difficult customers, what aspects of your personality you could improve on etc. These can be difficult questions when thrown at you in an interview. People Who come across as natural and un rehearsed really shine through. However you will need tom get through group exercises before you reach the final interview stage. Preparation is the key. Good luck
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