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Old 1st Feb 2012, 23:40   #2281 (permalink)
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Hi, everyone!

Anyone knows something about the EK acommodation in Al Hathboor Building in Hor Al Anz area?

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Old 2nd Feb 2012, 07:03   #2282 (permalink)
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You must wait for 6 months before attending another OD/AD. I went to 2 different dates a week apart, and at the second one the recruiter told me I wasn't supposed to be there and that I needed to wait.
That being said...She let me stay for the second day since I had traveled quite a ways...and I made it to the final interview. Now I'm just waiting to hear if they want me.

So just be aware that if you spend the money to travel someplace for a second OD, there is a chance they may just turn you away.

Good luck! Make sure you keep trying!
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Old 2nd Feb 2012, 17:34   #2283 (permalink)

Probationary PPRuNer
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Hi all, I'm new to this and have been logged on to this page for 2 weeks now and read back from summer '11.
I'm from Malta and planning on attending an OD on the 26th of Feb.
Can anyone tell me if I got this right?....basically one goes to the OD and hopefully makes it to the final interview...then you can wait for like 1 month before you receive the GC. Once this is received how many days do they give you before you have to go to Dubai?
I'm working now and still under probation till the 20th April and want to make sure that I settle everything before I go.....hahha maybe I'm crazy thinking that they are going to pick me before I even had the OD lol

Any comments are greatly appriciated
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Old 2nd Feb 2012, 19:38   #2284 (permalink)
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hi everyone I have a question for those who work for emirates or passed medical.
I did my x-ray for dental and I have wisdom teeth under my gums that didn't come out and they're not straight.
The doctor who did my x-ray said it depends on some doctors that might say to take them out others say if they don't cause problem then no need.
It would be like operation if i take them out and I worry emirates may see it as problem but they don't cause problem for me.
What do I do?
anyone faced same problem?
help please!
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Old 3rd Feb 2012, 02:42   #2285 (permalink)

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Hey guys!

I'm attending an open day next Sunday and I'd like to know whether using glasses is a problem to join the cabin crew.

Would someone know the answer?

Thank you in advance for your attention.
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Old 3rd Feb 2012, 08:54   #2286 (permalink)
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Location: DXB
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It s better if you attend the OD wearing lences cause glasses aren't allowed to fly with !!
I remember the recruiter said that however she also said that you can do glasses later on with a doctor certificate if you aren't confortable with contact lences during long haul flights !!
but at this stage you MUST mention that you are OK with lences and things would be fine
Good luck tho !!
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Old 3rd Feb 2012, 12:15   #2287 (permalink)
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Location: tunisia
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questions about the statuts and medicals

Hello guys thx for the posts this forum helped me a lot,well i passed my FI in 30 jan and i applied online for cabin crew just after my FI and till now my statut is "Applied" is it normal? i can't see my progress with statuts?, another question please i'm planning to do a [email protected] eye operation to correct my eyes sight does this can affect my medical clearence if i'll be selected?

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Old 3rd Feb 2012, 20:40   #2288 (permalink)
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need to have uploadable/digital photos available?

Hey all, I am planning to have some professional photos taken at a studio but they charge like $50-$85 just for the CD with all your photos on them that you can use on your computer to upload and distribute. I was planning on getting just printed pictures for the OD (which only costs $8 - $16) but don't want to waste time/money if I will need to upload these same pictures later to my candidate profile. I did upload some pictures with my application, but they were not professional and not in professional business attire. So has anyone who has gone through the whole process (including after being hired) had to upload any of your professional (or casual) photos in addition to mailing them / bringing them with you to the OD / AD / FI ?
thanks in advance!
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Old 3rd Feb 2012, 21:13   #2289 (permalink)
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@flygirl22 - As far as i can remember, when i joined we had to bring alot of photos with us to Dubai for different kinds of things, although we only used a few of them.
I will say just get the printed ones and scan and add them on if they do want them for your online profile.
Hope it helps

Stay safe
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Old 3rd Feb 2012, 21:17   #2290 (permalink)
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@marcellobrandao - As far as i know you do not have to wear contact lenses as there are many crew that are not able to wear them while flying. If you have contact lenses then wear them but if not then don't worry too much about it i don't think.

Good luck

Stay safe
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Old 4th Feb 2012, 13:57   #2291 (permalink)

Probationary PPRuNer
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Thank you!

Thanks to all of you!
I unfortunately don't have lenses as I have astigmatism and myopia all together I should have to order lenses made for me and if I use the disposable ones, it will only solve myipia. I guess I will take my glasses with me and leave it on my pocket. Use only when necessary.
Wish me luck and hope to see you guys in Dubai one of these days!
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Old 4th Feb 2012, 17:18   #2292 (permalink)
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Marcello, I am not a hundred percent sure but as far as I remember you must be able to wear contact lenses otherwise they wont hire you. I wear glasses myself and what I did, as soon as I started flying I got a letter from the EK clinic saying that I am allowed to wear lenses. So know I wear my glasses all the times. But officially you have to wear glasses, only for "medical cases" you are allowed to wear glasses. But I may be wrong here. If I was you I would not risk it and just not wear the glasses for the OD / AD, it is only day, surely you can get lenses made? Good Luck!

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Old 4th Feb 2012, 18:45   #2293 (permalink)
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thanks Jozi-boy!
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Old 5th Feb 2012, 01:58   #2294 (permalink)

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You are right, Seja.
I won't even touch my glasses.

Let the journey begin!!!
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Old 5th Feb 2012, 18:03   #2295 (permalink)

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Hi everyone - I am new to this and was hoping some of you could help me out. I have wanted to be cabin crew for quite some time but have never been able to make it to an open day as yet but I see Emirates have a few open days across Ireland coming up and I was wondering if any of you could give me a run through of what happens at the open days and what I would need to bring with me etc

Any info on this would be much appreciated .

Thank You
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Old 6th Feb 2012, 08:36   #2296 (permalink)
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Hey guys, im joining Emirates on march 25th. If anyone else is joining on that same date here's the FB group:


Request to join and i will add you inmediately!

It will be very nice to meet you all!
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Old 6th Feb 2012, 09:12   #2297 (permalink)
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Hey there!

Have you got your final approval yet? Still waiting on mine!
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Old 6th Feb 2012, 13:48   #2298 (permalink)
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Location: romania
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Hey!I'm on 25th March too. I haven't received my final approval yet. I'm 50% progress. Still waiting.
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dubai, gay cabin crew

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