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robbreid 18th Mar 2013 00:20

N26DK Premier 1A crash Mar 17 2013 KSBN
Premier 1A N26DK crashed on approach to South Bend Indiana KSBN around 16:15 today.


Aircraft crashes into house near South Bend airport - Local News - Indianapolis, IN | NBC News


robbreid 18th Mar 2013 00:34

News Coverage; BREAKING NEWS: Premier jet crashes near South Bend Regional Airport

Silvio Pettirossi 18th Mar 2013 00:40

Its the third Premier crash in less than one month!:eek:

Tray Surfer 18th Mar 2013 03:17

Sad news... Never nice to hear of an incident in the aviation community.

sevenstrokeroll 18th Mar 2013 03:42



Two people have died and at least three others were injured today when a

small plane crashed into a neighborhood near an airport in South Bend,

Ind., according to a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman.

The pilot of the Hawker Beachcraft Premier 1 twin-jet plane, which had

taken offİfrom Tulsa, Okla.,İradioed the tower to report electrical

problems while on approach to South Bend Regional Airport.

The plane crashed into the neighborhood, hitting three houses before

finally coming to a stop, lodged in a house.

FAA spokesman Roland Herwig in Oklahoma City said there were four people

on the plane, and two of them have died.

South Bend Memorial Hospital spokeswoman Maggie Scroope told The

Associated Press that three people injured in the crash were being

treated there. She said one was in serious condition and two were in

fair condition, but did not know whether they were on the plane or the


The crash shattered the calm of a Sunday afternoon in the quiet

residential neighborhood.

We thought a house was on fire on the next street, cause it was just

blowing and it was like ash that was going through the air, little

pieces, saidİFlorence Retek, who lives nearby. It was a loud noise and

it sounded like a truck had crashed and then we looked out the front

window, door and there was smoke.

The neighborhood was evacuated because of concerns about gas leaking

from the plane s fuel tank.

South Bend Assistant Fire Chief John Corthier said the jet fuel leak

made the situation very dangerous.

When I walked around the corner after the plane had hit, I could hear

the engine still running and smell the jet fuel still pouring out of it,

and the engines were still going, another neighbor said.

The Associated Press reported that the plane was registered to 7700

Enterprises of Montana LLC in Helena, Mont., which is owned by Wes Caves

and does business as DigiCut Systems in Tulsa, Okla. The company makes

window film and paint overlay for automobiles.

sevenstrokeroll 18th Mar 2013 03:48

for those ofyou who don't know south bend , indiana USA...

It is the home of Notre Dame University (fighting Irish...and this happened on St. Patrick's Day)

The town is a very nice place. The airport is a capable one and I used to fly DC9's into it.


What caused the crashes of the two previous Premier jets....

FIRESYSOK 18th Mar 2013 04:29

The airplanes are fine; these are solid Beechcraft products. Why an electrical problem should result in a loss of control in good weather points to inexperience and incompetence. There is no generic flaw- only rich people over their heads and fatalities to boot.

And South Bend is not a great city. It was one, decades ago.

The lawyers are already in line to sue the manufacturer. That's America.

sevenstrokeroll 18th Mar 2013 05:15

well, I like south bend and its neighbor mishiwaka.

there are good points about being ''over your head'' in a particular plane...I fully understand it.

however, could a n electrical failure turn into a fire?

and certainly if one is dependent upon an autopilot, well....'nuff said.

I spy 18th Mar 2013 05:47

"The plane was registered to 7700 Enterprises of Montana LLC in Helena, Montana. The company is owned by Wes Caves and does business as DigiCut Systems in Tulsa, Oklahoma It makes window film and paint overlay for automobiles.

A woman identifying herself as Mr Caves' wife answered the phone at their home Sunday and said, "I think he's dead," before hanging up."

What sort of freaking ghoul would ring the owner's wife?!?!?.....oh, I know......a JOURNALIST...:ugh:

robbreid 18th Mar 2013 20:43

Update March 18 15:00 EST

Owner of N26DK Wes Caves of Digicut Systems was piloting his own aircraft when it crashed, sitting in co-pilot's seat and also killed - long time friend John Davis who was not type rated but owned a twin engine prop aircraft.

2 other passengers 1 listed as serious, 1 fair, and a lady from the 2nd home hit listed as fair.

Seems nobody else was killed or transported to hospital. Earlier reports stated 2 persons on the ground were killed.

Local news also reported that the aircraft did touch down before it aborted and went around ???, however NTSB should take 7 - 10 days for preliminary report.

South Bend plane crash: 2 killed, 3 injured when small jet crashes in South Bend - chicagotribune.com

sevenstrokeroll 19th Mar 2013 01:27

owner flown jet...non quald guy in right seat...(single pilot ops ok).and we wonder what went wrong?

anyone remember that silicon valley exec who crashed her citation?

bizjets101 19th Mar 2013 01:46

I remember her well Jeannette Symons, N102PT - that investigation was over 3 years!! NTSB report

The pilot's spatial disorientation and subsequent failure to maintain airplane control.

(also get-there-itis - other flights were cancelled and she had a meeting she had to attend - even though the weather was horrible)

bizjets101 19th Mar 2013 01:54

Three Premier 1A crashes in a month - I'd hate to be the Beechcraft Negotiator looking for bids for the Premier / Hawker lines with this going on.

Last I heard there were five companies in the bidding, including 2 from China!!

gooneydog 19th Mar 2013 01:54

Interesting Seven I flew DC9's in there also. Prob more recently than you


robbreid 19th Mar 2013 17:46

N26DK crash caught on CCTV security camera;


added; from pilot witness;

I was waiting to taxi when SBN tower told us they were working an emergency. Unfortunately, I saw the whole thing. They attempted to land, looked like they were going to land about 3/4 of the way down the runway and went around. Started a slight right turn, nose pitched up,steep turn to the right, very nose high then rolled on its back. Spun twice inverted rolled back over and hit the ground. I didn't see any smoke. CFR at SBN took off immediately.
What a horrible sight to see. God bless them and their families. Amazed that there were survivors.

sevenstrokeroll 19th Mar 2013 20:54

thanks for posting the eye witness account...

looks like we have to re-evaluate owner operated/flown jets.

bizjets 101...thanks...I flew out of Palo Alto at the start of the silicon valley revolution...ran into computer guys who were over night zillionaires...they proceeded to tell me how computers could do all the flying...they proceeded to kill themselves.

I still remember 2 different whiz kids telling me how easy it was to fly and I was making too much of it...well, I'm still here.

I wish I could see the video, but I have a super old computer.

be careful...and if you are an owner operator...spring for a real pilot or two!

sevenstrokeroll 19th Mar 2013 23:10

anyway, back to the crash.

it almost sounds like "THEY" retracted the flaps too soon and stalled/spun

pretty sure the plane doesn't have LED but if it does, that too.

anyone see the flap position on the wreck??

Machinbird 24th Mar 2013 01:13

Does anyone see flaps in this view? Just before impact. From the video.

sevenstrokeroll 24th Mar 2013 03:40

sorry machinbird...my computer won't show that pict...wish I could see.

maestrogn 28th Mar 2013 02:09

So what happened?
It is kind of strange not to see educated speculation on this one. Why did they attempt a landing and wind up 3/4 of the way down the runway according to the pilot who saw it?

The comment that perhaps they retracted flaps too soon -- what about that and the reported behavior of the airplane between the go around and the crash.

What kind of electrical problem could lead to the long landing and then the loss of control?

I understand that they now have the CVR.

Finally, there is a reference to and LED on the jet -- for this novice, what is the LED and how is it relevant?


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