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Teldorserious 25th Apr 2013 16:34

Dual engine failure typically means fuel starvation.

VFD 8th Mar 2015 23:15

Accident Report

Looks like PIC was instructing occupant on throttle controls.
Apparently throttled back past detents to fuel shut off.


avionimc 10th Mar 2015 09:28

NTSB: "The private pilot and pilot-rated-passenger, who were occupying the cockpit seats, were fatally injured. An additional two passengers, who were seated in the cabin area, and one individual on the ground sustained serious injuries".

This NTSB report is eye-opening!

A relatively low time [private] pilot trying to teach/explain a [private] pilot-rated-passenger how to fly a jet with PAX onboard.

Obviously the [private] pilot-rated-passenger did not have any systems knowledge and retarded the throttles into the fuel cut-off position.

Wish the PAX would have known the level of incompetence of the pilots, they might have declined boarding in the first place.

A CFII/MEI once stated: a flying aircraft should not be used as a classroom; one should learn the aircraft systems by studying the PTM & AFM and, practice in a simulator over and over again; only then go flying to practice what you have already performed in the sim.

jimjim1 10th Mar 2015 15:45

Long lines of text
Can someone tell the NTSB that no one wants to read documents where the lines of text are 175 characters long.

Here is one:

residential structures following an aborted landing attempt on runway 9R located at the South Bend Airport (SBN), South Bend, Indiana. The private pilot and pilot-rated-
Yes that is on one line.

There is a reason that newspapers use such narrow columns.

Or perhaps of course that is the idea.

MungoP 11th Mar 2015 04:47

I've no idea what it is you're complaining about here.. All seems perfectly acceptable to me. Unless of course you're of that young age and current generation where the brain can only accept 'sound-bite' levels of concentration due largely to spending a life on 'twitter' and such nonsense. News papers are limited in space and consequently often read like a child's early attempts at speech.
Oh.. I'm guessing that your concentration lapsed after the first line.

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