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ACASS Watch Out!!!!!!!!!!

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ACASS Watch Out!!!!!!!!!!

Old 30th May 2012, 14:51
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ACASS Watch Out!!!!!!!!!!

Just a quick head's up.

Was contacted by ACASS to do a 4-6 weeks contract, as ALWAYS with ACASS they never like to tell you where the location is unless you already signed a contract but i had a feeling about the location and asked of which they responded and told me i was right.

The location they wanted to send me was TRIPOLI in Libya, yes I do know that the NATO lead war is over but Libya is still a very active and dangerous country to go to.

Having spend several years in the Military, I've had the pleasure of visiting Iraq, Afghanistan and former Yugoslavia, but knowing Africa and the Middle East a place like Libya is NOT a place you wanna go. Specially not now.

Alone this month they had several Shootings and violent clashes in Tripoli, the City ACASS want you based.

I emailed Acass and told them my concern to which their response was that they send pilots to where every they need to go, and as they said placed them in Secure compounds.... THERE IS NOTHING SECURE IN A PLACE LIKE LIBYA...

Sending pilots to places like this is a big disappointment in my eyes, the lack of respect and lack of concern towards pilots has surprised me but maybe that is just me!!!

What do you guys think....???
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Old 30th May 2012, 15:22
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they had several Shootings and violent clashes in Tripoli
I dunno, in Miami they don't bother with guns, they just eat the victims, while they're still alive
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Old 31st May 2012, 02:40
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Nothing wrong with your concerns at all.

I also agree with you that any company, including ACASS, should seriously consider where they send their crew.

However it is up to the individual crew member to accept or refuse the terms provided, including basing. Obviously one should not accept to be send or commanded to a place like Tripoli.
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Old 31st May 2012, 04:33
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So don't go...this is aviation...some one will if you don't....
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Old 31st May 2012, 05:26
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There is always someone who is willing to go to work in a potential high risk part of the world - for a premium price.

If the company recruiting do not make it clear where you will be going you do not have a chance to make a decision with regards the simple equation - does the pay justify the risk?

For what its worth, my thoughts are if the company have not undertaken the recruitment process with transparency (perhaps to keep the staff from wanting pay proportionate to the risk) then don't expect a high standard of transparency with regards the measures that they will put in place to protect staff, at best those measures may be excellent, at worst you risk death.

A secure compound could be anything from a fence to an enclosure contained within a blast proof wall with 24 hour ex special forces "employee's" providing 24 hour close protection.

Who is going to tell your next of kin if they get it wrong?
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Old 31st May 2012, 05:43
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These days there are risks everywhere. I would have no problem being in Tripoli, my sister in law has just completed a month there as a flight attendant with no worries at all, out shopping every day. Just think how many folks had problems in the "safe havens" of the world during the same period. ACASS keep the base confidential in the intrim so the crew don't go direct, I'm no fan of ACASS but you can see their point.
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Old 31st May 2012, 05:50
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in your reply to any agency

that will not disclose the area of operation, I always add the statement: It is a condition of my insurance carrier that they are advised 30 days in advance of any visit to any country on their watch list.

The also add that they reserve the right to increase the insurance premium for this perio of time.

Remember ACASS doe not provide ANY insurance for you whilst on duty for them....not sure of the legality of this, in respect of due care and attention.
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Old 31st May 2012, 06:04
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Problem is; with so many folks out of work and desperate to feed their families, it really doesn't matter.

We will be forming a 'compliant' queue to go to Libya, Iraq, Afgan or Somalia.

The sooner the recession ends the better.... only then will there be some better Terms.

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Old 31st May 2012, 13:42
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Could be worse. They could send you to Johannesburg
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Old 31st May 2012, 15:52
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Be very careful dealing with these people ! total BS they lie, cheat, and will abuse you.

A friend worked for them he ended up in a Nigerian Jail for a week they didn't even try to help him !!

Be warned
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Old 31st May 2012, 17:06
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What was the reason for him to end up in jail?
I was offered the job in Nigeria a month ago. I suppose ACASS is desperate to find replacement crew for those guys. It's a pity they do not help their pilots,but I guess this is normal for a freelance contracts.
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Old 31st May 2012, 18:50
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I for one don't have an issue at all with ACASS. The top guys are great people. Responsive and flexible, they usually are first to react when opportunities arise. And before someone says.......no I have no agreement or work for them.
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Old 31st May 2012, 22:31
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acass is CRAP

the Governor they were flying for thought the crew was intentionally snagging and breaking the AC , of course this was not the case. He had them thrown in Jail.
They were there for a week . This was a few years ago.

Acass takes contracts most other reputable operators won't that's why the have work and are always looking for suckers to rope in.

Stay away unless you want low wages and sub working conditions.
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 07:07
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I found ACASS fair and reasonable

However I would never accept a blind contract.

Yes they do pay small and charge large.

Paid me on time, and corrected to my favour errors in my accounting.

Hope to balance the books slightly here.

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Old 1st Jun 2012, 11:43
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Regarding ACASS, there is always 10% who "love" something, and 10% who "hate" it. On balance, I'd say to go with ACASS if you have to, but be prepared for the worst.

The owners and other top management are not "nice people". They will screw you and walk away from problems, leave you hanging, and have you fly with people who attest that they have 2,000 hours PIC in type, yet can't close the door.

It's their business model, charge a lot, and pay out little. It seems to work for them. G550 guys get paid 10-12 grand US each month, no benefits, you pay for your training, no pay when not flying. You will not be staying at the JW... That's less than half the going rate. CL604 guys get a little less. Finola can correct me if things have changed.


It's better than working at Walmart!
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 11:53
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Well said Frank...

Top people are @**holes.
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 15:21
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Thanks for the warnings about ACASS- well noted.
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Old 6th Jun 2012, 13:28
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I did stay at the JW

ACASS pre paid my room charges, and thus never at risk, or out of pocket.

550 rate was spot on those quoted, and I am told the ower paid 25k...what to do...business is business.

Mostly you are expected to have a current medical, TR, and should have worldwide insurance.
Not compliant no offer.

Yes some walts in the crew too.

If I was asked by ACASS to be available, I would say YES.... But with the usual cautions mentioned above.

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Old 6th Jun 2012, 16:12
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How can 10-12 grand per month be half the going rate? the going rate is what people will accept. Market economy like it or not. Surely what you mean is half what I would like to be paid
As far as Tripoli is concerned, I'll bet there are less shootings per night than most decent (sic) sized American Cities

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Old 9th Oct 2015, 15:00
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Industry standards

Market rates are for real estate valuations and mortgage loans and not a fair standard labor rate.

Contract pilot rates are based on "Industry Standard" rates. Those are set based on a cross section of salary surveys of actual wages being paid across a given job description.

In the case of freelance pilots, adjustment is made to compensate them for their pier group salary plus the cost of overhead business expenses required for certification and compliance. This includes recurrent training cost, health, medical, dental, workman's comp, loss of license insurance and other expenses.

The given industry standard rate for a G-V contract pilot has a variable mean ratio of only 1.1034 used in salary comps which equates to a pay scale of $1,397 to $1,595 per day. This is on duty pay meaning flying or not flying. This is in line with the top three US Crew Staffing company's at $1,300 to $1,500 per day for a G-V rated PIC.
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