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What's wrong with Vistajet?

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What's wrong with Vistajet?

Old 4th Jun 2011, 17:25
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Question What's wrong with Vistajet?

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } What's wrong with Vistajet?

A lot of crews working at Vistajet are complaining about the way top management treats them. But what is really wrong with that company? Why do so many people who started with honest intentions start looking for other opportunities after a short while? How can it be improved to become 'employer of the year'?

I kindly ask for this discussion to be:
  • factual and objective and NOT EMOTIONAL
  • open minded
  • more than Vistajet bashing as it is done whenever crews meet

To start the discussion I offer some personal observations and personal conclusions.
Crew frustration comes from:
-> Not being valued by the company but treated like an asset <-
This is shown by things like:
  • general working conditions changing with the economy, when unemployment is high working conditions get impaired, when enough people are leaving conditions are temporarily improved so people who stay longer must expect cut-backs as 'thanks for staying'
  • kicking out 30 people and at the same time sending emails how excited Vistajet is about the excellent business outlook and new logos, uniforms etc
  • sending people away from home for 17-25 days and honoring that by
    * putting them into 'Holiday Inn Express' and similar airport hotels when staying at London, Paris or other cities for a couple of days and
    * letting them buy hotel breakfasts for 20 Euros, letting them pay their hotel laundry by themselves and (as the rumour goes) letting them pay for Internet connections which are their only means of keeping contact with home
  • missing human resource planning even when scheduled things like upgrades happen therefore having other crews compensate
  • failing to provide a working crew roster and now putting the pressure of crew planning on the crews themselves as now forcing two cabin hostesses to 'share' a plane - so they pressure themselves in case of vacation or sickness or needed off days
  • twisting the EU-OPS in many ways with and without the help of ACG to make things like constant standby duties 'legal' by not recording them and post assigning 36 hrs breaks
  • employing office personnel not qualified for the job
  • employing management personnel not taking care of things
My conclusion is:
  • The owner has no interest in permanent employees therefore shows no interest in providing conditions that are suitable to attract and keep so the pilots who stay are those who either don't know better or are limited in their possibilities
  • The owner tries to save the last coin not evaluating the effects of his decisions (like dish washing in hotel rooms or serving VIP guests spaghetti bolognese and sandwiches or cheap hotel rooms or using regular city taxis or or or) or having something completely different in mind (like preparing a bride??)
  • This company is not constantly operating but struggling from month to month
  • The owner limits the possibilities of promising managers therefore frustrating them so they run out of their initial dash and eventually leave
As it shows the most successful companies in the world are those who value their employees in terms of general conditions and listen to their opinions and needs because they realized that the human capital is their backbone and at the same time their biggest possibility to improve and be better than the others.
Vistajet employs a lot of good, honest and willing people but manages to demotivate them on a daily basis in many little details that could easily be avoided so 8 out of 10 crews are talking about applying somewhere else.
Am I wrong what are your opinions?
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Old 5th Jun 2011, 14:53
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I think you can probably substitute many other company names in for VistaJet in your post.

Not all companies may be as bad as you say VJ is, but it is unfortunately a short sighted and ultimately unsuccessful management style.

A good example of the complete opposite style of mamagement would be Sothwestern in the USA, apparently they treat their workforce really well and guess what, the workforce works really hard in return and they post excellent profits.

Funny that, shame all these highly educated and over paid managers cant see that!
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Old 5th Jun 2011, 16:53
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Seems that this situation is standard! My company has the same features and all this is considered as being "pretty normal"...."SO what do you expect-any special attitude or what?!"
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Old 5th Jun 2011, 21:55
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Hi TotalControl,

I have worked for an airline for over 10 years. The majority of crew I come across always complain about one thing or another. The funny thing is, none of them want to leave because they know the grass isn't always greener somewhere else. At the end of the day, the work conditions they currently have aren't as bad as they make them out to be.

Do you currently work, or have you previously worked for VistaJet?

I've always been a believer of giving people (or companies) the benefit of the doubt and not making a judgement until I've experienced something first hand. Unfortunately I've seen so many VistaJet bashers on here that I'm leaning towards the "there's no smoke without fire" belief.
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Old 6th Jun 2011, 10:49
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All snakes share a similar body, only the heads differ.

So go ahead and pick your snake...
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Old 10th Jun 2011, 22:21
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the shareholder is tired about the company and people inside. this may be an answer to your "long list" questions. it is time to sell "the box" together with pleading young inhabitants, which may only wash they panties with the assistance of radisson stuff .....
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Old 11th Jun 2011, 09:33
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So who is responsible for employing those people and management in the first place, pulling the strings and running the show?... yeah you guessed it: the shareholder. Getting tired of himself is he? At least he is in a very comfortable position handing down the blame - but hey: selling shop and pulling the plug might just be the best longterm cure.
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Old 14th Jun 2011, 21:38
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no. only yourselves are responsible. until you serve as an orange for orange juice.
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Old 15th Jun 2011, 08:32
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What a lemon...

Bad tree bears no fruit at all my friend - that is where it starts and I do not care what you say. I am no fruit and I don't make orange juice - I actually make champagne these days and Vista will get none of it ever, unless they decide to stop pissing into their own juice (and that pretty much answers the original question of this thread: What's wrong with Vista Jet?).
I do believe in the possibility of positive change but you have to start digging out the roots - especially if they are getting tired.

One thing I do have to admit though, is that my currency on this company has expired over a year ago - so things might have changed since then - but just reading the net, it seems pretty much the same. A real pity with so much potential.
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Old 10th Feb 2012, 16:20
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Are things getting better?
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Old 11th Feb 2012, 06:41
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A good friend of mine is on the 850 and he seems very very happy with Vistajet.
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Old 5th Mar 2012, 08:34
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Danger Do not join Vistajet

I just had a terrible Vistajet experience! I was a "cabin hostess" which actually means "general dogs body".

It is a budget airline pretending to be VIP.

There is little to no CRM and everyone speaks german all the time. Management have no idea what happens onboard. There is no crew food and little for the passengers. The crew eating left-overs from passenger plates!

Duty hours and regulations seem to be flexible which is a bit concerning.

I would not recommend anyone join!
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Old 5th Mar 2012, 13:58
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Do tell more.. We want to hear! ;-)
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Old 5th Mar 2012, 15:28
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and everyone speaks german all the time
Now THAT is really bad. You won the war and the Austrians still speak German !!!
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Old 5th Mar 2012, 21:30
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Austrians don't speak German!! Bavarians don't, either!
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Old 6th Mar 2012, 12:33
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Flight Attendant recruitment...

They are recruiting in the UK for FA's....and are offering 26.000Euros Per Annum!!!! worst salary in the industry!!! ......well under the Industry average.....
Lowest I have heard of in 15years.....

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Old 6th Mar 2012, 14:45
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Net or Gross?

How many days on/off?
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Old 6th Mar 2012, 17:55
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Gross!!!!! 17days on 13 off!!!!
you pay Peanuts you get Monkeys.........its an insult to all the Super experienced Flight Attendants in the business.......
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Old 6th Mar 2012, 19:57
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Net or Gross?
Here we go again.....

Stating anything else than gross is complete BS as virtually every single person is in a different tax situation to anyone else. As a result your net will be just that, your net.
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Old 6th Mar 2012, 20:04
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Originally Posted by CaptainProp
Here we go again.....

Stating anything else than gross is complete BS as virtually every single person is in a different tax situation to anyone else. As a result your net will be just that, your net.
I apologize for having upset you.

The reason I asked is exactly that, a number without specifying gross/net and other informations does not mean much.
In some countries the salary proposed is net, in others is gross.
I agree that it should always be gross.
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