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G650 deliveries

Seeking Alpha transcription says that:

Jason M. Gursky - Citigroup Inc, Research Division
Just a clarification on the G650, can you remind us how many planes you could produce on an annualized basis with your current installed capacity?

Jay L. Johnson
Well, I don't think -- there have been numbers out there.... [bla, bla, bla]

Jason M. Gursky - Citigroup Inc, Research Division


And maybe just a quick follow-up question on the 650 and just the competitive environment that's out there today. If a customer, a new customer, were to approach you today, when could you deliver the plane to them? ....
Jay L. Johnson

...if you got 200 airplanes in the backlog,.......We're not overdriving our headlights... But right now, the answer to your question is you'd get an airplane in 2017.

What is this? Does evryone, who paid to them $1,5mil back in 2009 for 2017 is happy?

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Old 6th Mar 2012, 19:09   #2 (permalink)
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Having a 200-unit backlog seems like a nice problem to have, especially if you consider what having 300 million dollars in deposits interest-free for all these years does for your cash-flow... however:

- As the customers wait for their 650, the competition doesn't sleep, and targets those same customers with offers that will sound better ("Get your Global 8000/Falcon 7EX 2 years earlier, and for 10 million less!").

- Having catered to a few of those customers, one feature they generally share is that they are happy to sue often and sue hard for whatever slight or perceived slight done to them. In this light, the Gulfstream policy to forbid their customers from selling their option on is going to come under attack by people who are not afraid to pay the best lawyers. From experience, the contracts issued by Gulfstream/Bombardier/Dassault to their customers are NOT bullet-proof: my present company has already trashed Dassault twice in a US court over a contract dispute..

- Gulfstream would much rather have a smaller backlog, and keep their customers happy and entertained. In that light, continued upgrading of the 550 model, as well as a sneek-peak to the next 650-upgrade would probably go a long way..

..2 cents thrown in, exits stage right...
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Old 7th Mar 2012, 02:03   #3 (permalink)
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A few interesting points have been made here, however,

The Global 7000/8000 are scheduled for EIS in 2017/2018, and the G650 will start deliverers in a few months. So you just might take delivery at the same time if you order either one today. (The 7x doesn't compare to either in size or range).

The backlog is around 36 months for a G450 or G550. So buyers wanting a Gulfstream will have to wait regardless. Gulfstream may also entertain a purchase that includes a lease of an aircraft in the inventory (i.e. used) until a month or two beyond delivery of the new aircraft, so you can get flying today.

Regarding the deposits, owners must continually increase their deposit as the aircraft nears production.

Finally, I'm not sure of sales prices, but I was lead to believe that the 7000/8000 would be more expensive than the G650.
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I agree with Frank and if you are waiting for a G650 there are plenty of great value used G550s around to buy or lease.

What will the list price be then for the 7000/8000? Looking at some of the press releases on orders it seems like they are going for between $65-70m.
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