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browndhc2 9th Mar 2019 15:37

Yes, that is correct G-AOVS was named Christian after One of the companies Directors sons. The name was transferred to G-BRAC which was acquired during 1978.'OVS was renamed Amy after another other director's daughter. Amy was withdrawn from service in July 1979 and was used for Ground shots during the filming of "Buccaneer", for continuity purposes the name Christian was reapplied to her port side as G-BRAC had been used for the air to air shots in the title sequence.

LTNman 9th Mar 2019 19:42

The old girl was built in 1957 so will be around 62 years old. Seeing how it was used by the fire service and then half buried she hasn’t done too bad but I fear her days are numbered. It looks like a digger has removed her nose at some point.

browndhc2 10th Mar 2019 07:42

Luton was a well known last resting place for Britannia's with several Monarch, Britannia Airways the odd ex RAF airframe meeting their end at the hands of the scrap man's torch.OVS will be the last. She has served the Fire service longer than her previous operators who were BOAC, Lloyd, British Eagle(on lease), IAS, Invicta(On lease) and finally Redcoat.
At least sistership G-AOVT is well looked after at Duxford.

LynxDriver 12th Mar 2019 03:14

Originally Posted by Spanish eyes (Post 10407197)
First Monarch flight 5th April 1968. (Best to mute speakers due to horrible music)


That piece of music is excellent! Mind you I've been a collector of library music such as this for over 40 years so I'm biased!

LTNman 13th Mar 2019 08:37

With so many photos appearing on this thread over the years I am assuming this has appeared before but I really don't know

22/04 13th Mar 2019 12:46

The flying club hangar in the background I assume

vintage ATCO 13th Mar 2019 17:34

Yes. I don't remember Luton Airways on it, it was 'McAlpines' in my early days (very early 60s I think). When the McAlpine hangar on the west side of the main apron appeared (allegedly it came from Blackbushe) Luton Flying Club moved from the back of hangar 9 to there.

cj241101 13th Mar 2019 21:17

Luton Airways operated between December 1957 and December 1959, operating a small (3) fleet of Dragon Rapides.

LTNman 14th Mar 2019 20:52

So what is the airline?

kcockayne 14th Mar 2019 21:19

It looks like Pegasus to me. A UK Viking operator in the late 50s & early 60s.

DaveReidUK 14th Mar 2019 22:23

Looks like G-AHOY. At any rate, that's the only Viking I can find photos of on the Net with that winged horse crest.

From the registration record:


Does anyone know who Cyril Claydon was ?

oxenos 14th Mar 2019 23:54

My first flight, at the age of 11, was Bovingdon to Malta, stopping at Nice, in G-AHOY in August 1954. My father ( Royal Navy ) was appointed to Malta, so presumably it was a trooping flight. Hunting Clan was the operater

LTNman 15th Mar 2019 07:29

I have been sent a message so was wondering if anyone can help. Has anyone got any photos / film footage or history of the Boeing 720 Starship N7201U at Luton as it spent its final days at Luton Airport before it was scrapped for parts in 1982. Apparently Led Zeppelin used it for their 70's touring days. Also the aircraft was the first built Boeing 720.


horatio_b 15th Mar 2019 08:12

At their peak, Pegasus operated a fleet of three Vikings. This is an excerpt from an Article about Blackpool airport in 1959, published in Propliner magazine:Although charter flights at the beginning of the year were scarce, February ended with an apron full of charter aircraft when the entire Pegasus Airlines Viking fleet, comprising G-AHOY, G-AHPL and G-AJBT, were joined by Derby Airways DC-3 G-AOGZ operating a round trip passenger charter from Luton on February 28

OUAQUKGF Ops 15th Mar 2019 09:34

Cyril Claydon was a Luton Builder. When Pegasus went into receivership in October 1961 the three Vikings were stored in a hangar at Blackpool where Pegasus had their main operating base and my erstwhile colleague Pete Hart (Autair and Gulfair) was employed by Claydon to mothball the aircraft. One day Bill Buxton, Autair's engineering director, turned up at Blackpool, inspected the Vikings and purchased them. Pete was asked to prepare the aircraft for ferry to Luton and took the opportunity to ask Buxton for a job, a request which was granted.


G-AHOY at Blackpool. Destinations on steps reflect Pegasus' operating bases. Photocredit Dave Welch with thanks.

G-AJBT at Luton with Autair and about to be 'reduced to spares'. Photocredit Dave Welch with thanks.

vintage ATCO 15th Mar 2019 10:45

That story is in Colours in the Sky.

It's Cyril Claydon BTW ;) I remember Claydon's the builders in and around Luton in my yoof.

GotTheTshirt 15th Mar 2019 13:29

I am not sure which hanger they were in at Blackpool.
When we started the Blackpool services we has the use of a hanger at Blackpool. The first time we put a Viking in everyone was carefully watching the wing tips ( With thumbs Up !) when there was a bang followed by falling bit of aircraft fin !!
The wingspan was fine but not enough height !!
We made a heavy duty "skate" they went under the tail jack point. Then we put downlocks on the main landing gears and selected gear up, hand pumped the gear up but only the tail wheel retracted and was then lowered onto the skate !!! The aircraft was towed into the hanger and everyone went to the bar !!

OUAQUKGF Ops 15th Mar 2019 17:54

Autair Stewardess's Logbook
Currently offered on an internet auction site. Extracts from the log books of Valerie Fisher ex British Eagle and Autair. I thought Luton Old Hands might recognize a few names and at the same time younger Ppruners could appreciate the long hours sometimes worked when Sixteen Hour Duty periods were still legal. Autair entries date from 1962 until shortly after the HS 748s were introduced in 1966.

rog747 16th Mar 2019 06:11

Amazing - she flew on Viking from LTN-Lyons-PGP and back (a night flight 4 sectors)
then the following night LTN dep 0245 Tours PMI IBZ PMI Tours LTN ! yikes 6 sectors.

another one was an HS 748 non-stop to Corfu in 5h 10m and the return stopped at Beauvais in 6h 30m from CFU
Never knew a 748 could do CFU in one go

plus she did LTN-MAN-RIMINI-MAN-LTN ugh

At Air Spain we did a DC-8 out of LTN at 1830 to ALC and back to LTN then out at 0200 LTN to MAN and then BCN (same crew)
nice for the LTN pax!

GotTheTshirt 16th Mar 2019 12:23

The first page of that log book has Captain Daniels. Dave Daniels like many of that era were real characters!
The Viking windshields were always a problem with leaking and his log book entry was "Windscreen leaks so badly altimeter reads in fathoms" !
The Viking pitot tubes were on the right wing outboard lower surface on a mast that was quite long to keep the tubes out of wing effect. Dave was coming back into Luton and the mount top flange of the mast cracked allowing the tubes to flex back out of the direct airflow. Of course the first signs were decaying airspeed which was countered with more power. They came across the airfield at high speed and landed OK !
He went to an Italian operator with turbine twins and was a training captain.He had the classic accident when they were doing an engine failure on takeoff the copilot feathered the wrong engine.(Shades of Autair 125!)
They survived but Dave stopped flying and retired in Sardinia,

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