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Air Cadet Gliding pix in the 80s (pre glass)

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Air Cadet Gliding pix in the 80s (pre glass)

Old 15th Jul 2007, 23:56
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Great pictures..Thanks. Brought back some happy memories of 645 at Catterick 1970.

Still have my CCF logbook.... It says I Solo'd in MKIII WT 918 after 23 launches and 57 mins time... Just a touch over 2 minutes a flight? Seems a bit quick for a circuit???

(The other highlight of this adventure was the spectacle of a Sgt Cadet attempting to pull rank to jump to the the front of the dinner queue in the Airmens mess..)

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Old 16th Jul 2007, 00:20
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There's a few more piccys of that era here...

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Old 16th Jul 2007, 00:41
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Some wonderful pics there, Streety. The Barge was a great machine - a gentleman's flying carriage. You could put your hand into the airflow just ahead of the leading edge and feel the stagnation point.
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Old 16th Jul 2007, 02:50
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What was with the pooftah goggles - nothing like that in my day!
I don't know about goggles , but a single golfing glove is de-riggeur for the left hand in a 103 as it'll stop your left hand sliding sweatily off the speedbrakes just as you're starting to flare
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Old 16th Jul 2007, 04:18
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Never flew the 31, but had many happy hours in a 21 out in Cyprus. Great fun.
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Old 16th Jul 2007, 05:43
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Originally Posted by windriver
Just a touch over 2 minutes a flight? Seems a bit quick for a circuit???
Seems about right, although it probably felt much, much longer at the time.
Edited to add; any truth in the rumour that the 103s are being considered for disposal?

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Old 16th Jul 2007, 06:04
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Shouldn't the guy in post #1, pic #1 be in the 'pie eaters and the 50' rule' thread?
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Old 16th Jul 2007, 10:03
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Originally Posted by effortless
I soloed at Tangers in one. Oh lord over forty years ago.
Seems like yesterday June 1965, but I cannot remember what colours they were painted then. Anyone?
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Old 16th Jul 2007, 10:15
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Thanks for those, memories of my one and only trip in an ATC glider at Scampton in 19...er...

"Sir, this seat belt isn't anchored to anything!" (waving free end of said seatbelt for pilot to see).

"Just shove it down the side of the seat son, If I stuff us into the ground it won't do you any good anyway."
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Old 16th Jul 2007, 10:23
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Spent many a happy time at Halton - was taught on the Cadet, then it was found that I was to tall, My knees were poking out of the top!!!. Soloed in the Sedburg (I was in ther air for over 3 mins)

I nearly forgot the golden rule of hitting the Altimeter while on approach so I could guage the height to turn in and nearly gave the instructor a heart attack (I think his name was Bird a CivIns)
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Old 16th Jul 2007, 10:27
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The Air Cadet gliders in the 60's were painted silver with yellow bands on the wings (training aircraft). Certainly dull by dayglo standards but considerably lighter!
"By the way laddie it should have been a gentle tap!"

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Old 16th Jul 2007, 12:04
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After a rather exhuberant roll into an S-turn in a T-31 after a sim cable break:"Christ son, steady on, its not a bloody Hunter!". Soloed next flight, I think he was scared of me.

Very happy memories unearthed by those pics, thanks.
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Old 16th Jul 2007, 12:24
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Ahh, happy memories of my long lost youth in the late 70's came flooding back on seeing the pictures. Remember being chosen to go on a gliding course at the Air Cadet Central Gliding School at Syerston in February and on arrival being dismayed when told I was too tall for the 'new fangled' Venture glider and being sent across to the T21's. My first launch was straight into the base of lowish cloud out of which an awful lot of snow seemed to be falling.The instructor did a split ar$e turn and got us on the ground rapido style. That set the tone for the rest of the week with heavy snow showers and no flying...endex. Come the summer though I was now travelling to Little Rissington every weekend and after some 17 mins of training I went off on that joyeous first solo in a Mk3 and remember well turning downwind shouting at the top of my voice to the others on the ground "Whaaaaaay, look at me!!!!" Thank you for trusting in me 637 Sqn and Flt Lt John Diamond, wherever you may be, you helped set me off on this long and much loved career in aviation
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Old 16th Jul 2007, 13:42
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Wow, what a thread.
I too spent an awful lot of weekends catching trains to get to Little riss to help out - the reward being the hangar flight at the end of the day - and John Diamond was there then too. Unfortunately, I was too young to go solo on the Barge or Mk3 so my 'course' was on the venture at South Cerney. Solo'd in 3 hours something just after failing my driving test! I remember the pre solo trip with the Boss - I think it was a Sqn Ldr Bagley [?] used to have a pipe in his mouth all the way round the circuit - he asked me if I had German relatives as he thought they might have flown Stukas - it was very steep and very fast but all sort of sorted out at the end. He told me then, get through selection you will be fine. He was right too. Although the writing was on the wall for helicopters I think!
Cracking thread I do not have any pictures from then so well done for posting.
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Old 16th Jul 2007, 15:17
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You can still track down an old ex-RAF glider if you wanted to go up again...

Slingsby T21 http://www.logico.f9.co.uk/OGC/

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Old 16th Jul 2007, 15:35
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Leader12uk: Dickie Bird is now CFI at Wycombe Air Centre.
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Old 16th Jul 2007, 16:00
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Over 40 years ago, on my 23rd launch, I did my first solo in a MkIII at the tender age of 16 at RAF Spitalgate. I bet half of you haven't a clue where that was! It was a WRAF training station, which certainly spiced up the week's course. Ah those happy days of sweaty summers in hairy blue trousers!

It must have touched a nerve as I'm still gliding, although the equipment is a little more up to date.
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Old 16th Jul 2007, 16:12
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Spitalgate -
I bet half of you haven't a clue where that was!
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Old 16th Jul 2007, 16:55
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Thanks for all your kind comments. I have a few more taken from the same couple of days which I'll scan in and post in the very near future.

Actually, a few of my own memories have come back with all of this! Such as flying in January rain. At temperatures of +3 - +5C or so, and at a speed of 38 knots the rain felt like your forehead was being showered with hard little nails. We were issued with a lot of protective gear but somehow the rain found its way into the gaps. It was in such conditions that one could appreciate the true genius in Slingsby's T31 design. The draggy form and those not-very-high-aspect-ratio-wings-for-a-glider,-are-they? were qualities that ensured each flight was kept to a mercifully short two or three minutes.

Our operations at Manston were confined to the Northern Grass and it was whilst I was in my time as a CI there that I found out that Eugene Esmonde VC, and his flight of Strinbags had taken off on that fateful last mission from that very same Northern Grass! Talk about history!
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Old 16th Jul 2007, 17:45
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Burtonwood GS...worked on the "no frills" principal..crammed into a converted ambulance at Warrington Station, dumpted at the launch point, heaved and grunted all day....had one instructor for whom "communication skills " was an oxymoron ( he decided to fly in cloud one day a few months later in a powered aircraft over Cumbria...the rising ground did the rest ) and was thus sent solo for my endeavours. First one was fine, second one had a little glitch in the circuit planning....coughs....hence landed out on a dispersal surrounded by 45gallon oil drums. Totally unfazed spotty youth at the time wondering what all the panic was about...pointed out to first Inst on the scene that I was Ok thanks....and had my first encounter with the "well done" in one ear and "WTF were you playing at!" in the other style of interview.

I was so traumatised by the experience that I continued with gliding once in the RAF, but only because by then I discovered it had added value in the forms of alcohol, non PC food and members of the opposite sex.
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