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MelbourneFlyer 11th Oct 2021 14:07

New 'Bonza' LCC launches middle 2022 with B737 MAX
"Australia’s new low-cost budget airline Bonza aims for mid-2022 launch, flying all-economy 186-seat Boeing 737 MAX jets across a network of regional leisure destinations."


SOPS 11th Oct 2021 16:31

Is Brad back with a new name?

Kenny 11th Oct 2021 17:50

Jordan sees more similarities with North American’s Allegiant Airlines”

Jeezus H…..If you’ve flown on them or know anything about their cowboy operation, that would be the last place you’d want to compare yourself to.

Green.Dot 11th Oct 2021 20:59

A low cost carrier delivering the world. Sounds familiar.

Frank Burden 11th Oct 2021 22:10

What’s in a Name?
Bonzer Is used in Australian slang to mean excellent or good. The adjective is bonza. A contraction of the English word bonanza.

A new LCC in Australian market a tough gig should be many other places in the world to place venture capital!

B772 11th Oct 2021 22:15

Alongside the article on Bonza in a major paper is another article titled "Lifestyles of the rich and gullible: the high-profile investments that turner sour".

43Inches 11th Oct 2021 23:36

If it's real the warning signs are already in the text. Things like "only leisure destinations" and "only a few flights". With near new aircraft to cover leases/capital investment the daily utilisation has to be high, almost non stop, if you are talking about yields for LCC holiday makers.

This almost seems like a ploy to cover some routes that virgin doesn't and hope you get bought out as a LCC option at some point before your investors pull the pin. I can't get my head around any other reasoning that makes commercial sense.

PS is that logo a Thumbs up or a Hand Grenade primed to go off (or even a pineapple for the investors later on)....

PoppaJo 12th Oct 2021 00:19

The only one that could probably make it work would be AirAsia. However they have cited high costs down under and Jetstar is just too big. They tried Japan but failed.

Sydney slots are pretty much non existent. Rex is using International slots, looks like Virgin keeps its Tiger slots.

Early 2022 hey. They have not met CASA yet. See you in a few years.

SHVC 12th Oct 2021 00:30

Can’t wait for JS to go off about this haha.

DanV2 12th Oct 2021 01:09

Bonza is fronted by Tim Jordan and Rick Howell. Godfrey era Virgin Blue alumni and are also ex-Cebu Pacific in the Philippines.


Capn Rex Havoc 12th Oct 2021 01:16

it has a paywall to the link - perhaps that is part of the LCC model

JustinHeywood 12th Oct 2021 01:17

Originally Posted by Frank Burden (Post 11124931)
Bonzer Is used in Australian slang to mean excellent or good. The adjective is bonza. A contraction of the English word bonanza.

Might be better to go Japanese and call it Banzai (adj. to attack recklessly).

I wish all involved good luck though - perhaps they CAN do something differently than other LCCs.

Stationair8 12th Oct 2021 02:16

Did April Fools Day get moved due to Covid?

mates rates 12th Oct 2021 02:38

Well ,VA can make money out of their MAX simulator in the middle of the night👍

Qanchor 12th Oct 2021 03:16

Bonza is fronted by Tim Jordan and Rick Howell.
Rick is a very capable fella, if anyone can get this up & running he can.

I wish them well.

neville_nobody 12th Oct 2021 03:47

With no secondary airports anywhere or any real secondary markets this isn't going to go far. They will just end up competing with everybody else for slots, aerobridges, staff etc. Australia just doesn't have enough airports to make a real LCC work. It will just get squeeze out of everywhere they fly. For instance I can't see them even finding parking in Maroochydore or Gold Coast once it all kicks off again. Airports, Fuel companies, Air Services, Ground Handling, Leasing Companies don't give you a discount because you're a LCC. So good luck trying to be low cost when you are paying the same rates as all your competition.

Lookleft 12th Oct 2021 03:48

It will be interesting to see what the wheel looks like when it gets reinvented. I heard on the radio that they are not going to compete head to head with QF or Virgin but look at expanding the regional market. A bit like trying to develop waterfront property at Lake Eyre.

neville_nobody 12th Oct 2021 03:54

It will be interesting to see what the wheel looks like when it gets reinvented. I heard on the radio that they are not going to compete head to head with QF or Virgin but look at expanding the regional market. A bit like trying to develop waterfront property at Lake Eyre.
Which regional market did they mean? You can't take a 737 or A320 into most regional markets in Australia as you can't land the thing on the runway. So it will just be the same places at the same times that everyone else flies to.

PoppaJo 12th Oct 2021 04:48

Where have I seen this before....

18 months later => Sydney and Brisbane.

Tiger vows to shun high-cost airports
Steve Creedy | November 02, 2007

MAJOR airport operators have received a blunt warning from Tiger Airways chief executive Tony Davis that the airline will bypass them if they do not fit its low-cost model.

Mr Davis said this week the conventional wisdom that any new domestic entrant needed to fly the Brisbane-Sydney-Melbourne "golden triangle" did not apply to Tiger.

The warning comes as Tiger returned its landing slots at Sydney for the northern winter schedule and instead opted to operate from Newcastle.

Mr Davis pointed to dedicated low-cost facilities at Melbourne and Singapore's Changi Airport as good examples of where Tiger could service major airports without compromising its model.

He said the airline -- which has now announced 12 destinations after adding Newcastle, Canberra and Hobart to the list -- was keen to fly to all airports around Australia where its model could work successfully.

"But what we're not prepared to do is go into airports where we don't believe the model will work in its current form and try and compromise by charging people higher fares to offset either the costs of the lack of efficiencies that we might encounter," Mr Davis said.

"We're absolute purists when it comes to the low-cost model, and that means that if there are airports that we can't make work then we won't serve them."

Asked specifically about Sydney, Mr Davis said Tiger had not reached a position where it believed the nation's biggest port would work for it.

It was still keen to work with Sydney, and obviously if there was a way for it to operate to the airport it would.

"But it's not a case where the conventional wisdom that says if you're going to be a major airline in Australia you've got to serve Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is necessarily accurate any more," he said.

Mr Davis said a big difference was that while Australia was an important component in its network, and one it was keen to develop, it was not the only thing it had going.

He noted that at the same time the airline was announcing its new Australian destinations it was also launching its first flight to India and its fifth to China.

This meant that if certain airports in Australia did not work for it, it had other opportunities domestically and internationally.

"We haven't got all our eggs in one basket, we can spread the aircraft around the region and we will fly to as many airports in Australia as we can make work," Mr Davis said.

"We've already announced 12 destinations before we even start flying and there are many more airports that are keen to get us to commence services.

"But if it comes down to compromising the model or putting the aircraft into other parts of the Asia-Pacific region, to me it's a no-brainer: the aircraft will go somewhere else."

Tiger Airways is starting its Australian operations with five aircraft operating on a national network from its Melbourne hub.

Mr Davis indicated he had made a decision about putting additional aircraft into the market, but added: "I'm not ready to share that with you yet.

"We've got potential to grow our fleet from the current 12 to 72 over the next nine years or so and we'll bring as many of those aircraft into Australia as we think we can operate efficiently and profitably."

The airline caused a stir this week by launching its Canberra, Newcastle and Hobart routes with $9.95 tax-inclusive, one-way promotional fares.

Newcastle is the airline's first destination in NSW and is already serviced by Jetstar and Virgin Blue.

But Mr Davis was unfazed by the competition, reiterating claims that the new airline would have a lower cost base and offer lower fares than its competitors.

He also said he believed that destinations such as Newcastle could help reinforce Melbourne's position as a viable international gateway.

"I think what you're seeing in NSW is that an airport like Newcastle, that historically was served by turboprops and was really considered a regional airport, is now firmly establishing itself as an airport for low-cost carriers like Tiger," he said.

"And you've seen that happen in Europe, where airports that were also in the shadow, if you like, of major airports have changed their business model to suit low-cost carriers and have expanded very rapidly.

"People have been making the point, even today as we've announced services, that for those people who do live north of Sydney there's now an alternative which says you can drive to Newcastle, park your car adjacent to the terminal at significantly lower rates than you would do at Sydney Airport, fly down to Melbourne and really get anywhere in the world from Melbourne."

extralite 12th Oct 2021 05:42

Watching Jetstar, Virgin, Rex, Pelican and co lob into Ballina multiple times per day (excuse moi Byron Bay Gateway) half empty with $49 fares and large networks one could understand while someone would look at it and think 'what this place needs is another low cost carrier".

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