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34R 5th Jun 2020 06:33

Servo I sincerely hope it doesn't pan out that way.

Look out for each other people.... things for all airlines here about to get very real for those without the benefit of many years of service.

John Citizen 5th Jun 2020 08:49

things for all airlines here about to get very real for those without the benefit of many years of service
Some with up to 15 years service have already been made redundant. :(

PoppaJo 5th Jun 2020 09:33

Took Tiger 8 months to get a AOC for 3 Aircraft. Proving flight was the night before operational launch. They are the only operator who got it first go. They had a Singapore operation to walk the Safety body through which helped build confidence with Canberra. Any new operator might not have that luxury and will face a 12-18 month start.

krismiler 6th Jun 2020 01:08

I remember a news report in which CASA stated that for a start up airline with all it's infrastructure in place, the issue of an AOC would take a minimum of nine months. During that time you are burning through cash, it's all outgoings nothing incoming. Those FOIs don't come cheap either while they're sifting through all the manuals looking for spelling mistakes.

smiling monkey 15th Jun 2020 22:34

Originally Posted by Blackout (Post 10792876)
Well there are some interesting dates to note at this point in time,

1. June 11th -Government subsidies ceases.
2. June 12th -Binding bids.
3. June 16th -Administrators become liable for Aircraft leases.
4. June 30th- Administrators close sale, liquidate or have received further funding to operate.

It will be interesting to see if the Administrators continue operating with leased aircraft from today. VARA’s A320s a case in point.

TCAS v2 15th Jun 2020 22:40

Taken in isolation, VARA's cash flow might just support the A320 lease payments.

Rashid Bacon 15th Jun 2020 23:06

On Flightradar, VARA flights out of Perth this morning, including A320 VH-YUD, are operating

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