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zanthrus 5th Jun 2018 09:44

Gutless QANTAS

What a gutless bunch of pricks QANTAS managment are. TAIWAN is NOT CHINA. TIBET is NOT CHINA. The disputed islands in the South China Sea are NOT CHINA.

Ken Borough 5th Jun 2018 09:50

I bet Jetset Julie and her Canberra minions had a significant hand in Qantas' decision. Qantas was on a hiding to nothing!

*Lancer* 5th Jun 2018 10:10

Qantas doesn’t sell tickets to Tibet or the South China Sea, and most of the UN (including Australia) recognises the PRC as the legitimate government of Taiwan. Bit hard to go against that when you want to do business in China!

Strainer 5th Jun 2018 10:12

Alan Joyce. You gutless, feckless, fcukwit.

Global Aviator 5th Jun 2018 10:17

So as a business leader what would you do? Cut of your nose to spite your face?

Look at the list of other airlines who have already changed, have you made online attacks against them?

So if Qantas said no........ Hmmmm your Beijing and Shanghai slots have been revoked? Hong Kong? Expansion into China and south east Asia. As a business leader one needs to think long term.

So I ask what would you have done?

Chris2303 5th Jun 2018 10:20

We don't even fly there, it's a codeshare with China Airlines

Ken Borough 5th Jun 2018 10:24

Originally Posted by Chris2303 (Post 10165353)
We don't even fly there, it's a codeshare with China Airlines

Those with a long memory and corporate knowledge will know that Qantas acknowledged a "One China policy" before operating to Taipei as Australia Asia Airlines in the early 1990s. What else is new?

cattletruck 5th Jun 2018 10:47

AUSTRALIA is NOT CHINA...but give it a few more years...:}

Rated De 5th Jun 2018 23:07

Originally Posted by cattletruck (Post 10165375)
AUSTRALIA is NOT CHINA...but give it a few more years...:}

Anyone doubting the trajectory of the 'relationship' with China that Australia sleepwalked itself in, ought get themselves a copy of Professor Clive Hamilton's book 'Silent Invasion'. This is the book dropped by two publishers, of course in no way would a 'friendly' trading partner attempt to influence anyone. That Australia has allowed Chinese influence to the level it has, pumping house prices with illicit cash has meant that this issue got little attention outside the sphere of Australia's security and intelligence organisation who unlike the various weasels at all levels of politics actually work in the national interest.

Give little Napoleon a break. He is a bully only when he is the bigger man. Was very happy to use company funds where it suited him as a social campaigner. He is a reflection of modern Australia, happy to take the money from a brutal dictatorship, as he was to ignore the dystopian elements relating to personal conduct in the UAE that he willing exposed his customers to.

dr dre 5th Jun 2018 23:18

Why is it QF who are being attacked on this site when the reality is most governments (including Australia’s) and most other airlines and companies who trade with China have the exact same policy? Is it just an excuse for more QF bashing for any reason that exists throughout this forum?

Blitzkrieger 6th Jun 2018 00:47

QANTAS bashing it may be but a decade of totalitarian rule from that excuse of a CEO has created this sentiment. You’ll forgive people for having a hair trigger when it comes questionable decisions.

Rabbitwear 6th Jun 2018 01:05

Originally Posted by cattletruck (Post 10165375)
AUSTRALIA is NOT CHINA...but give it a few more years...:}

too true , unfortunately !

nefarious1 6th Jun 2018 01:12

Qantas....standing up for SSM, but not DEMOCRACY

Captain Biggles84 6th Jun 2018 01:30

Blitz and Rated De 1000% spot on. Dre don’t be so sensitive. No one is having a go at hard working QF Staff. This is all about what your boss and board have decided what your company stands for and doesn’t stand for at the behest of you and the rest of your colleagues. All with what seems zero accountability. Greed is king and AJ is a complete two faced little queen scared of China. No leadership at all except when talking up profits and turn around.

mmmbop 6th Jun 2018 02:46

Bang on Dr Dre. BA, LH,Etihad, Malaysian, Garuda, Air Canada etc are but a few who have already done what Qantas has done. And don't forget EK - they banned their Taiwanese Cabin Crew from wearing the Taiwanese flag on their uniforms.

But hey, this isn't a Qantas or AJ bash...........

Beer Baron 6th Jun 2018 03:16

It’s not being sensitive it’s being accurate. This is the Australian government’s stance on Taiwan from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website:

The Australian Government continued to recognise Taipei until the establishment of diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 1972. Australia’s Joint Communiqué with the PRC recognised the Government of the PRC as China’s sole legal government, and acknowledged the position of the PRC that Taiwan was a province of the PRC.

The terms of our Joint Communiqué dictate the fundamental basis of Australia’s one China policy - the Australian Government does not recognise the Republic of China (ROC) as a sovereign state and does not regard the authorities in Taiwan as having the status of a national government.
So if you have a problem with how an Australian company refers to Taiwan then you should probably direct your malice toward Julie Bishop and DFAT as it is precisely in line with the Australian government’s guidance.

Comments refering to the CEO as a “gutless, feckless, fcukwit” or “two faced little queen” over this decision are naive of the diplomatic reality, naive of the commercial and demographic reality, crude and bigoted.

Past decisions by Qantas senior management have trashed the company and caused significant damage to my own career but these attacks are unjustified.

jolihokistix 6th Jun 2018 03:16

Keep it on topic folks. Look at the thread title.

The only real question for me is with which side do you empathize, the PRC government on the mainland, or the ROC government in Taiwan?

Keg 6th Jun 2018 04:02

Originally Posted by Beer Baron (Post 10166065)

Past decisions by Qantas senior management have trashed the company and caused significant damage to my own career but these attacks are unjustified.

Agreed. Joyce’s lifestyle choices shouldn’t enter in the discussion.

Though when you decide to take a very public and high profile stand arguing ‘principles’ it does look a tad hypocritical when you decide to compromise them later on.

*Lancer* 6th Jun 2018 04:33

Homosexuality is illegal in Singapore (and UAE). Shall Qantas make a stand and stop flying there?

swh 6th Jun 2018 04:39

Not sure why they could not call it Taiwan? That’s what it is called in all the airports in mainland China.

What is the true danger to navigation is the constant calls the Chinese military make on 121.5 telling aircraft to get of their airspace. That is sometimes a long way from China when you can see the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, or Japan etc out the window.

They just take take take, no consideration for the rule of law most of the time.

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