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Rated De 28th Feb 2018 10:05

Network aircraft to be crewed by JQ pilots
Given the global pilot shortage is demographic and structural it is taking a little time for the thick of head in HR/IR to understand that the salary package is nowhere near competitive for Network pilots.

Sparing no expense to keep pilot remuneration at odds with the market, a little bird whispered a story...

  1. IR want the aircraft crewed as it will allegedly send a 'message'
  2. Network have insufficient pilots
  3. The show must go on.

So Perth based pilots may well find were they to introduce themselves to the Network pilots flying the A320 that they are NOT Network pilots, rather the other A320 operator's pilots.
If true an interesting development...

Must be contract season? :E

Icarus2001 28th Feb 2018 10:59

Seems reasoanble to use Jetstar pilots with experience on the A320 to introduce the type.

The way Network has been recruiting lately would indicate that the F100 crews are too busy to be taken off line in any huge numbers to be type rated on the Airbus.

neville_nobody 28th Feb 2018 11:47

CASA won't be letting that happen easily. Every AOC is a separate C & T organisation. They could use a secondment for a few years like QF did for Jetstar, but they won't be working for Jetstar and Network simultaneously.

PoppaJo 28th Feb 2018 13:14

The aircraft is still registered to Jetstar.

Dont forget not long ago we had Tiger 737s on Virgin’s AOC being flown fly both Tiger and Virgin Pilots. Anything is possible!

framer 28th Feb 2018 19:39

Anything is possible!
If you twist their arm far enough up their back.

dragon man 28th Feb 2018 19:55

No worries, within 12 months the first graduated pilots from the Qantas college will be on the job. Problem solved.

ANCDU 28th Feb 2018 20:01

This wouldn’t surprise me, the J* Perth base is very small and the flying has previously been crewed out of the East Coast bases when J* were doing rescource flying.
J* have a knack of closing small bases, I have a couple of friends that can clarify that!
Offer the guys there are transfer or a Network position if they want to stay...it’s the Qantas HR way with pilots, we are after all just a commodity these days.

ExtraShot 1st Mar 2018 01:42

Have heard there’s More money on offer to fly the ‘bus now apparently?

Base Figures (not sure what they are exactly), apparently a little closer to the other 320 operators around the joint... (note: ‘a little closer’, not meaning ‘same as’ or ‘more than’!)

SpyderPig 1st Mar 2018 03:13

Yeah but will they get white hats?

busdriver007 1st Mar 2018 03:34

All the JQ A320/1 s will be owned by QF by the end of this Financial Year. So let me get this straight Aircraft owned by QF, flown by Jetstar in Network. Then we put brand new Commercial Pilots into this operation. Can't see a problem with that! :ugh:

busdriver007 1st Mar 2018 03:38

Add to this the fact that all the potential candidates will be promised a Mainline Career and the best they will do is fly a Dash 8/B717/A320 if they are lucky on less than the Jetstar Pilots. Wow! where do I sign!

puff 6th Mar 2018 10:19

Originally Posted by PoppaJo (Post 10068097)
The aircraft is still registered to Jetstar.

Dont forget not long ago we had Tiger 737s on Virgin’s AOC being flown fly both Tiger and Virgin Pilots. Anything is possible!

Not true - they were on Virgins AOC flying to DPS with VA pilots and TT CC, they also were for a while after DPS finished flying the TT network under the same arrangement. TT pilots never flew them when they were on the VA AOC.

cavemanzk 8th Mar 2018 06:15

No different to QF Link (eastern) pilots flying the Q300s for JQ within New Zealand.

Sykes 8th Mar 2018 06:42


That is, Just like Eastern/Sunstate pilots who earned considerably more than their JQNZ colleagues, the Jetstar A320 pilots will earn considerably more than the Network pilots.

Nice one :yuk:

neville_nobody 8th Mar 2018 06:47

No different to QF Link (eastern) pilots flying the Q300s for JQ within New Zealand.
Using which AOC?

cavemanzk 8th Mar 2018 07:41

Originally Posted by neville_nobody (Post 10076565)
Using which AOC?

Easterns (All the JQ Q300s are technically still operated by EAA)

Keg 8th Mar 2018 08:22

Sounds like a bum fight. JQ aeroplanes serviced by mainline engineers in PER, controlled by Network and operated by......? Lots of Swiss cheese there.

By the way, is there an agreement in place for mainline engineers to service Network controlled A320s? Nope. And that would require CASA approval and that will take some time to sort out as well. Just another small hole in the cheese.

neville_nobody 8th Mar 2018 08:43

So you're saying it's a Qlink branded aircraft operated by Network under a Jetstar AOC?

What could possibly go wrong.......

Keg 8th Mar 2018 09:04

You left out maintained by mainline! :eek: :} :ok:

neville_nobody 8th Mar 2018 09:07

Makes Norwegian look overly uncomplicated!

These guys should be working in government bureaucracy not in the commercial sector with an arrangement like that!! Their talents are obviously being wasted

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