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Maisk Rotum 6th Feb 2015 12:42


Can you please post the RNAV into Wapenamanda, Chimbu and Goroka here please for us old hands to review and marvel how all of a sudden flying in PNG has become much easier.

While you are there, also post the RNAV into Telefomin, Tapini, and Tabubil.

socksfirst thenshoes 6th Feb 2015 23:34

Maskim I think it was a tongue in cheek dig at what's going on. Tabubil has an RNAV approach but is only cloud break and useless. Tari has a cloud break RNAV and works really well if flown properly, read slow. Moro's is pretty good too, runway aligned, no decent approach lighting though.
I guess the point is, it is a difficult environment to fly in, "local factors" , weather high terrain, poor infrastructure ect etc etc. Pilots with experience should be valued not shafted.
Socks first
Midvale school for the gifted class of 74.

Killer Loop 7th Feb 2015 01:05


I think Maisk Rotum understood the irony of the post perfectly, hence his tongue in cheek reply.

geeup 7th Feb 2015 11:14

Why would LinkPNG be unaffected?

NCD 7th Feb 2015 14:44

Why would LinkPNG be unaffected?
Link has a different management team to PX, not too sure about being unaffected though.

Unusual-Attitude 7th Feb 2015 19:54

Link is certainly not unaffected, as link crews are being utilised to cover uncrewed F100 and Q400 flights. Net effect...everyone out of hours. :D

olderairhead 12th Feb 2015 04:56

Looks like it is getting a bit political up there at the moment.

East Sepik Governor Sir Michael Somare is calling on Air Niugini to ground all its flights and immediately sort out the pilots’ salary crisis.

The founding prime minister is still not satisfied with State Enterprise Minister Ben Micah ‘ s explanation in parliament this week.

He says Minister Micah has lied to parliament and the people of Papua New Guinea.

Grand Chief Somare is concerned saying he has learnt that Air Niugini lied to the International Civil Aviation Organization who are responsible for air traffic control and flight path clearance.

He further said that on the 7th of February ANG submitted to ICAO a flight plan for the Narita and Lae route and actually the flight landed in Port Moresby.

Sir Michael is also calling on the Civil Aviation Authority to step in as the matter regarding shortage of pilots is not only a domestic issue but also an international safety issue.

He says since the resignation of over 40 pilots, domestic flights have been cancelled or reschedule due to pilot and crew issues.

Sir Michael claims flight PX011 from Manila on Monday required pilots to sign on for work at 10:25pm PNG time and arrive at 5:00am PNG time and then rest for 10 hours and are expected to fly to Cebu at 5:30pm Tuesday afternoon.

“Pilots may meet the rules and requirements” but what about fatigue and tiredness? What would be the pilots’ level of concentration in an emergency situation? Is that not a safety issue?” He questioned.

- See more at: Micah tells lies on Air Niugini: Somare | PNG Loop | PNG online news and classifieds

Sleeper88 12th Feb 2015 06:55

Anyone have any idea why there was a Qantas 738 at jacksons intl today?

mauswara 12th Feb 2015 07:12

QF B738 Charter most likely pre-planned to cover PX B738 PXC in China for sched. maint.No conspiracy theories just yet!

balusnomore 13th Feb 2015 12:27

...most likely pre-planned...
ROTFLMAO at that one :)

Mate, Pixie are cancelling Domestic flights now because they can't even organise their crew buses to pick up crew.

Pre-planned, haha, good one!!!!

Fujiroll76 14th Feb 2015 00:23

Employment contact
Without the negative comments. Does anyone have a contact where you can send your CV? or is the website the only way?

geeup 14th Feb 2015 10:25

Now this should get interesting :}:}
Pass the fantales :E:E

Boney 14th Feb 2015 21:23


The drivers that are still there are dealing with major issues. Those issues may be resolved sooner rather than later if there is little or no interest in the new pay deal from wannabes.

Any new hire that takes up the new fantastic terms and conditions would be about as popular as Cancer, me thinks. Of course, you could be honourable and ask to stay on the substandard conditions if a fair deal was negotiated 6 months after you joined?

Good luck but I would check your coffee for an oyster when it turns up if I were you!

Unusual-Attitude 15th Feb 2015 00:23

B scalers won't be welcome, or accepted into the png pilots association...so I'm told.

NCD 15th Feb 2015 10:40


in the event that you are not taking the piss,.. and are just simply too lazy to use the search function of this wonderful BB, hereunder is a link that will take you to a thread that provides not only the website, a phone number, but also an email address for the EMFO for your resume submission.


Can I say though, that unlike Sharpe Aviation (as per your previous posted enquires), Pixie does not yet have self sponsored cadetships.

However, perhaps you could forward PX a business plan with the self sponsored concept, and if you do put one together for them, can I suggest you also forward it to APNG (actually APNG have been down that track before, only under another name) and also to Hevilift.

Would seem that the "Holy Trinity" is not just a biblical expression.

Good Luck in your endeavours, however I suggest that you read the main part of the post by Boney...maybe disregard the oyster part for now, as at this POINT IN TIME there is no picket line for any of the three airlines. :)

truthteler 16th Feb 2015 09:16

PX management continue their blindingly astute appreciation of the circumstance they find themselves in and resolve to fix it in a way only possible in PNG....:ugh:

With over 50 pilots having moved on, they now find difficulty in crewing scheduled flights. Instead of saying"hmm... perhaps we miscalculated a wee bit", what is their response? - Publish an entirely new flight schedule, removing over FIFTY FLIGHTS per week. Don't worry though (they tell themselves), no one will notice, certainly not tourists stuck in the gateway because their flights have been cancelled...As long as they are meeting "on time" departures on the new and improved schedule everything must be ok...surely...

How to snatch defeat from the jaws of - well, not victory, but you get the idea...

Wait for the next instalment as the numbers leaving continue to grow...

olderairhead 17th Feb 2015 01:19

I heard the number is up to 62.

NCD 17th Feb 2015 09:16

62 experienced guys gone, and all the new guys put on the list in the last 12 + months are 200 hour cadets!!!

Is it any wonder APNG is reported to have SO many ATR orders!!

But wait, I hear rumbles of APNG possibly "Downsizing" T & C's as well....maybe they should be looking at the carnage going on just a little way up the hill :ugh:

Speed Is Life 17th Feb 2015 12:21

Has something changed recently in "PNG aviation management school" specifically with how to look after you most valuable asset - your people?

Obviously aviation and living in PNG is unique - inclement weather, LSALT above 16,000', lack of ground based aids and radar services and the lack of law and order to name a few.

In order to attract and retain quality aviation professionals in this environment, you have to pay a margin above comparable roles elsewhere - this is the cost of doing business!

Living and working in PNG is dangerous. This was clearly not factored when reviewing salaries (and l include APNG in that statement)!

It might be high time for pilots from all the bigger operators (PX, APNG and HL) to band together on an united front to negotiate reasonable terms and conditions with one voice one association.

Conditions that attract and more importantly retain a stable and professional workforce.

Unusual-Attitude 17th Feb 2015 12:48

Too late...at least for Px. Damage well and truly done. I believe 63 have now gone one way or another since 1/1/14, without replacement. A few cadets have come...but yeah...it's pretty f:mad:ked.

Good will and trust has long since left the haus...so I'm told. ;)

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