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olderairhead 18th Feb 2015 07:05

An extract from PNG Blog sums up the mess.

AIR NIUGINI LTDThe 2013 audited accounts are not available on the company web site for 2013. The IPBC web site shows Air Niugini’s last completed audit was 2012.

The company is in breach of its own Act, the IPBC Act, the Companies Act, the Tax Act/Regulations, and the Audit Act.

The company’s directors are:
• Frederick Reiher, chairman
• James Tjoeng, deputy chairman
• Noel Levi
• Luke Minjikuli
• Leslie Hayward
• Ken Harvey
• Gary Tunstall
• Ian Tarutia
• Evangaline Taunao, alternate director/IPBC representative
They should resign/be sacked and criminal and civil investigations should be undertaken at Air Niugini. Sir Fredrick Reiher is a crony of the Prime Minister, and a political appointee to the board and as chairman. He was involved with the Prime Minster in the public housing scam, and has a long history of dishonesty and corruption. He has been placed at Air Niugini to serve the interests of the Prime Minister and Minister Micah. It is unclear what the other directors and the senior management do to earn their money. And what is Ms Evangeline Taunao doing on the board? She is supposed to be an independent watchdog on behalf of the airline’s owner IPBC rather than be taking part in Air Niugini board decisions. She has a conflict of interest.

It is clear from the latest panic cuts to pilot pay that Air Niugini is heading for bankruptcy just like PPL.
Other publicly available information highlights the failure of the board and management.
The airline is operating at a loss of K37.8 million, or K8 million worse than in 2013. Revenue is down and costs are up and the company underspent its quarterly capital budget of K32 million by K7 million.

This is a crash waiting to happen.

Full link here Papua New Guinea Blogs: PNG SOEs teetering and are on the brink of crashing

TBM-Legend 18th Feb 2015 11:55

How's the Eramus show going then? Travel Air F-50's must be hard to keep on the road up there...

Jobear 21st Feb 2015 18:19

Sorry to say I saw the writing on the wall earlier last summer and promptly hit the silks.

ANG Management from the top to the bottom are all liars. I am sad to see and hear of the great team that was at ANG bailing out but I can not blame them at all. I was shocked to see the T&C's deplorable! As challenging as it was flying there to have the EMFO or Danny not stepping up and stopping this from occurring is worse.

Enjoy the Nationalization guys!

Killer Loop 21st Feb 2015 21:07

I would say the National crews are being effected just as badly Jobear.

saabsforever 21st Feb 2015 23:18

Legend- The old 50s seem to be steaming around just fine and TA seems to be just doing its thing mainly on the north coast, but they do get about for a small fleet. Much better shows in town at the moment if you like a good soap opera. I guess they are just consolidating and may well be a rising star they do need to be very bright to shine up there right now.
Link PNG may be just fine too if ANG lets them actually run an Airline, and they are at least trying.
Airlines and ANG seem to be having a competition to see how little crews can be paid and still turn up. This may not end well and could end up looking like fleets of Fokkers, Q400s and new ATRs with no crews.
The upcoming south pacific games will be in interesting time watch this space!

Eddie Dean 21st Feb 2015 23:43

Seems to be an epidemic of problems in PNG aviation.
HNG engineering being run by Fiji Indians, offered engineers 95 thousand Kina as salary against previous 120 thousand AU$

olderairhead 27th Feb 2015 23:07

The troops have just been given 1 days notice that they will be relocating from the Hateway to the Ela Vista, self serviced, no food, hot bed apartments. Methinks there might be a few more resignations very very soon!

paulsalem 28th Feb 2015 02:32

It's a newer apartment complex near Ela Beach (map). It's actually fairly nice, and secure. However it's accessed off a side road and has no restaurants inside the facility, and no maid service. It's a standalone apartment complex, not associated with a hotel.

Kiwiconehead 28th Feb 2015 04:46

It's a standalone apartment complex, not associated with a hotel.
What transport is provided?

And probably about the farthest from the airport you can get in Moresby

splat72 28th Feb 2015 19:21

Resignations are now becoming a thing of the past at ANG now as crew are now just hopping on planes and just "walking out"!

Jobear 5th Mar 2015 23:46

I doubt the National crews moved from the other side of the planet for a promised salary and contract term then had it yanked out from under them?
In any other aviation job a contract is for the term of the contract not the the whim of FOOls. I also know that the National pilots are basically indentured servants to the company for a fixed period, and the company holds them to it but it seems no other contract matters. Did the Fijians leave as well?

Good luck to ALL ANG pilots and please be safe

olderairhead 17th Mar 2015 07:52

Just been told that PX has been ordered by the court to go back to mediation and as one would expect they have appealed the decision. Apparently it was a case started by a pilot who was terminated and the Judge quickly realised it involved all pilots so PX were told to deal with both pilot gruops, expats and nationals. Should prove interesting.

And I was told there is a revolt on the housing front, pilots are refusing to share. Some in the Ela Vista and some in the Gateway.

Rocky road ahead.

flyingsaint 17th Mar 2015 21:11

:mad: ........ok read enuff , ANG apng hevilift.............just a question some one with 4500 hours command on the dhc6 2700 pic otter 300 training CPL'S WITH IR............trying my best to get an atpl wud prefer an aussie one , got to find time to get there.........to sit and study..........qu=uestions remains?.......im looking for a job there? chances?:ok:

Mach E Avelli 18th Mar 2015 00:38

If you apply the same diligence and attention to your flying as you do to the way you research the background and then write a post here, I would say your chances are three eights of five eights of......all.
Good luck with the Aussie ATPL, too.

NCD 18th Mar 2015 06:38

You really have to wonder about those that read a thread which is mostly about industrial turmoil, action and ongoing court proceedings, and then ask about a job on it!! :ugh:

Why not try the wannabe section, or do what many have done..get on a flight and go and find out first hand.?

olderairhead 18th Mar 2015 10:55

Back on track, PX lost the appeal using an Oz QC.

Mediation commences tomorrow.

balusnomore 18th Mar 2015 13:26

So....new hires, if you have been offered a contract it might pay to hold off on the signing!!

The Court case mediation might make the offer much, much, (& much, much, much) better than that "B" scale on offer.

Sausage Stuffer 21st Mar 2015 05:49

Was told this morning that
Mediation unsuccessful .
Pilots (national and expats together) left an offer on table open until end of April.They sounded like a single committed pilot group to me.
If true and the Pixie management past behavior of refusing to negotiate is any guide then new history is being written by the managers methinks.
new hires should avoid it until there is an outcome you will not enjoy it otherwise to put it politely. Whatever happens up there the expat pilot career in PX is pretty much over IMHO because expat phase out is now a policy stated by the company

olderairhead 26th Mar 2015 11:35

Hell of a Bitch apartments are sounding good!

Apartments not cleaned, raw food left in ovens, sewage smell, no power (electricity) PX only provide K400 per month, barking dogs, paper thin walls, jugs don't work etc etc.

All sounds like paradise.

Wish I was there.....................NOT!!!!!!!

And have not mentioned the mediation. Oh dear! :sad:

flyingsaint 27th Mar 2015 01:10

cheers mate thanks for the advice...............and who are you to talk about my flying.

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