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Chadzat 10th Apr 2011 12:25

Australian Airline wages compilation
Continuation from VB Pilot Recruitment thread-

Maybe a good idea to have a thread where the base salaries (therefore not the average "remuneration package" and hopefully avoiding any potential legal issues surrounding publicly available information) are collated into the one thread. This information would be hugely valuable to those contemplating a change of employer or indeed for the benefit of those having to negotiate fairer agreements.

If any of these figures are incorrect please let us know! Also would be great to find out either anonymously or through a post those with agreements that arent on FWA website

1st Year Base Salary Rates-


767 Captain - $227,760

737 F/O - $114,000

Virgin Blue
A330 Captain - $193,000
A330 F/O - $126,000

737 Captain - $190,334
737 F/O - $104,684

E-jet Captain - $152,267
E-jet F/O - $83,747

V Australia
B777 Captain - $207,934
B777 F/O - $120,924
B777 S/O - $61,285

A330 Captain - $180,871
A330 F/O - $99,480

A320 Captain - $158,659
A320 F/O- $87,626

A320 Captain - $122,120
A320 F/O - $81,800

A330 Captain
A330 F/O

A320 Captain
A320 F/O - $113,000

B717 Captain - $144,000
B717 F/O - $78,288

BAe 146 Captain - $144,000
BAe 146 F/O - $78,288

DHC-8 Captain - $78,255
DHC-8 F/O - $46,940

Coastwatch DHC-8 Captain - $109,902
Coastwatch DHC-8 F/O - $65,941


F100 Captain - $122,675
F100 F/O - $82,819

F50 Captain
F50 F/O


A320 Captain - $165,000
A320 F/O - $107,250

F100 Captain - $128,848
F100 F/O - $83,751

F50 Captain - $97,244
F50 F/O - $63,209

Q400 Captain - $92,863
Q400 F/O - $60,361

Q300/Q200 Captain - $86,789
Q300/Q200 F/O - $56,466

Regional Express
SF340 Captain - $76,322
SF340 F/O - $46,337

BAe32 Captain - $64,862
BAe32 F/O - $46,559

B200, PC12, C208 Line pilot - Tier 1 $93784 Tier 2 $104817


DHC-8 Captain -$89,168
DHC-8 F/O - $50,253

E120 Captain - $88,816
E120 F/O - $50,253

SA227 Captain - $70,855
SA227 F/O - $42,537

J41 Captain - $69,000
J41 F/O - $46,000

Metro Captain - $57,000
Metro F/O - $38,000

Express Freighters Australia
B737 Captain - $120,000
B737 F/O - $75,000

B767 Captain - $170,000
B767 F/O - $110,000

Air North
E170 Captain -
E170 F/O -

E120 Captain -
E120 F/O -

SA227 Captain -
SA227 F/O -

DHC-8 Captain -
DHC-8 F/O -

F100 Captain - $140,000
F100 F/O - $85,000

E120 Captain - $85,000
E120 F/O - $55,000

Hardy Aviation

Metro Captain - $75,000
Metro F/O - $52,000

C441 Captain - $70,000

I will endeavor to update this 'front' post.

GAFA 10th Apr 2011 12:28

Alliance figures from 4- 5 years ago, FO $65000 and Captain $105000.

Might want to add Skywest ATR72 to the list.

Hoofharted 10th Apr 2011 12:47

Strategic 320 F/O - 113

Sonny Hammond 10th Apr 2011 13:49

Where are QF mainline figures? I figure it is a 'main' rpt operator.

Oh yeah, thats right!:} that salary is dead in the water and not worth adding to the list. In 3-5 years no-one will be earning that anyway.

Lets put in Emirates as it will be the other 'main' rpt operator in oz.

And lets be fair, apples to apples and all that.

Lets compare 'packages'. After all, the girls are only interested in our 'packages'......:ok:

That is a BIG thumb!

Warped Wings 10th Apr 2011 14:50

Don't those V Australia salaries include superannuation?

Not Plussed 10th Apr 2011 15:15

Virgin Tech B1 Lame - single rating.

$136,000 p.a. no shift penalties or further payments

6 weeks leave

+ super + staff travel

Skynews 10th Apr 2011 21:10

Not sure as to the accuracy of these figures. Cobham 717 and 146 Captain are $144,000 until June 2011 Not $105,000.

I like the concept, however apples to apples is important.
As a suggestion to the thread starter, what do you think about breaking the table down into half a dozen columns of the most important issues, such as
Base salary without super
Level at which "overtime" cuts in and the hourly rate
Callout allowance if work on RDO as examples.

fmcinop 10th Apr 2011 21:22

V Australia "offer" does include super and 3% 1st July rise. Equates to only a $5000 rise on current salary.

Mr. Hat 10th Apr 2011 23:15

I would like to have columns but I only have so many hours in the day! I removed V Aus as the offer is for current employees only and none of it is in concrete so its outside the criteria.

The basis of the numbers is:

EBA document
1st year (so/fo/capt)
No super
June 11 there abouts.

It started as an apples with apples comparison for a wanabee on another thread. Anyway this is Chadzats baby I can only amend my post not the top one.

Skynews would that be for a first year captain?

GAFA 10th Apr 2011 23:41

It's not my baby, I just provided a few numbers.

The Green Goblin 11th Apr 2011 00:08

Pay your AFAP membership fees and you will have access to all these EBAS.

Conditions are much more than the raw dollar figure. The small print in the EBAs determine your quality of life.

I'd also suggest with flying pay, tigers salaries are higher than posted. they are certainly better than onestar.

GAFA 11th Apr 2011 01:01

I think it's best to stick to base figures, as each persons personal choices such as working on day's off, number of overnights will change depending on bases and bids etc. Some are happy to work on days off and are chasing the money, while others want to be home. Some (in the case of DJ) bid for multi-day trip, while others bid for day trips. If it's kept at base figures then it's apples with apples. The base figures are fixed whereas the extraís such as flight pay, overnight allowances, overtime are all variable and are subject to change by the individual or company (rostering etc).

I think one of the purposes of this thread is to compare wages between the airlines (and large GA companies) operating similar size aircraft and I think already we have seen some big differences and in some cases some very low wages for the size of the aircraft. Itís not about who took home the most.


Not all EBA's or the full EBA is available via the AFAP, Network for example has the EBA, but the pay figures have been removed.

Chadzat 11th Apr 2011 01:14

Thanks to those that have replied with updated figures.

Mr Hat- I hope Im not stealing your thunder here, its no-ones baby really, I just thought it might be a good idea to see all the baseline salaries in our industry at the moment in one post.

Skynews- Excellent idea. I'll see how the thread goes for a few days and if we can fill all the current salary gaps, then the main "features" of each agreement will probably be added to that the reader can work out a representative total package.

stainedpantystealer- I seem to recall from another thread it can get dangerous when actual total packages are posted on here, in particular it might have been a divorce settlement where the figures could be used as evidence against a pilot. I might be completely off the track with that one though.

As i said, it is very much apples with apples at the moment in terms of this is the MINIMUM salary you could be paid over 12 months.

Original post updated.

fender 11th Apr 2011 01:32

What about retention bonus? That's guaranteed if you stayed on at J* 6% p.a.

Mr. Hat 11th Apr 2011 01:32

As Chadzat says its not anyones 'baby' and the idea is those with the info can copy the latest then update hopefully keeping the formatting for easy reading. The idea being that eventually all the gaps will be filled giving an apples with apples comparison for those that are interested. If you have figures chuck em in. I think for simplicity if overseas companies are to be included just put it in local currency.

As I've said and GG reiterated conditions are much more than base salary.

In my last updated post I also provided the link to the document where the info was sourced (FWA) that is freely available to all members of the public.

stainedpantystealer, under the Vb one I added a few small extras which give an idea of the whole package. I think it important to keep it as accurate, minimalist and easy to read as possible. Its not a mines bigger than yours or a 'they are bastards' thread. Just facts.

Chadzat 11th Apr 2011 01:48

Also if someone can provide a reasonably accurate base salary for Qantas mainline ops, please do. Its my understanding from reading the EBA that an "outsider" trying to work out a rough salary has no hope as things such as hours and allowances make up a large proportion of what is earned. Hence the reason why I havent put up the QF fleets.

breakfastburrito 11th Apr 2011 02:31

Perhaps a better way of presenting the information is as a range, ie
65/80/95 stick hours per months. This gives a more realistic comparison of income.

This is quite easy to set up in a google doc spreadsheet with open read only access. Things such as retention bonus & super could also be included.

WannaBeBiggles 11th Apr 2011 02:45

If there is enough demand for it, I'll publish all these on a website I'm setting up.

I was thinking about doing something like this already, so would be a welcome addition.


breakfastburrito 11th Apr 2011 02:52

Wannabe, that would be great, we all contribute in the ways that we can around here. Do you have all the EBA's? It would be ideal to include the 2010 Air Pilots award as the base figures.

Cravenmorehead 11th Apr 2011 02:54

Good idea wanna be.
What an excellent and enlightening post.

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