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Qantas Seeks Details on ‘Disturbing’ Criminal Gang Report

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Qantas Seeks Details on ‘Disturbing’ Criminal Gang Report

Old 7th Jun 2021, 05:09
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Qantas Seeks Details on ‘Disturbing’ Criminal Gang Report

From https://www.bloomberg.com/news/artic...al-gang-report

Qantas Airways Ltd. has asked Australian law-enforcement agencies for details of an intelligence report that is said to suggest the airline has been infiltrated by organized criminal gangs importing drugs.

Qantas wrote to the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, the Federal Police, Border Force and Aviation and Maritime Security after Nine Entertainment Co. publications said an intelligence operation called Project Brunello found potentially 150 employees had links to organized crime.
Among the most concerning is a mid-level Qantas manager at Sydney airport who is affiliated with a motorcycle gang, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, which is part of Nine. Intelligence suggests the man recruited criminals into the airline to help import narcotics, the newspaper said. The suspected wrongdoing represents a very high threat to the Australian border, it said.

Qantas Chief Security Officer Luke Bramah said the claims were “disturbing” and that the company follows all of the government’s vetting procedures. He said Qantas hasn’t been told about any investigations into employees or of the existence of a report suggesting some are linked to crime.

“If concerns are raised regarding any of our employees, we will actively support their investigation and take appropriate action,” Bramah said in a statement. “While Australia does have world-leading aviation security, of course more can be done to help reduce the risk of people working in the industry trying to take advantage of their position to commit crimes such as drug smuggling.”

The Sydney Morning Herald said individuals identified include a Hells Angels-linked figure in the Northern Territory working as a Qantas contractor and a freight contractor in Perth who used his “trusted insider status” to make large drug deliveries
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 09:24
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But...but...they'll have ASICs surely!! Oh, the humanity!!
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 09:48
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If Qantas was involved in organized crime surely they would have outsourced it by now.
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 09:57
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Originally Posted by ruprecht View Post
If Qantas was involved in organized crime surely they would have outsourced it by now.

no, I would think that would be a very profitable area so one to keep in house. Wink wink..
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 10:31
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 11:33
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 21:35
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Originally Posted by ruprecht View Post
If Qantas was involved in organized crime surely they would have outsourced it by now.
They are probably looking at that right now,kpi's for someone.
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 23:11
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Surely John Sharp has an opinion?
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Old 8th Jun 2021, 00:28
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I'm surprised certain unions haven't jumped all over this already stating it's a consequence of outsourcing. Or maybe they leaked it in the first place?
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Old 8th Jun 2021, 05:12
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Originally Posted by Aimpoint View Post
I'm surprised certain unions haven't jumped all over this already stating it's a consequence of outsourcing. Or maybe they leaked it in the first place?
Maybe Union Wharfies are in on it!
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Old 8th Jun 2021, 05:37
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Well the CEO LGA is the biggest crim of them all!
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Old 8th Jun 2021, 06:09
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The only Criminals in Qantas work at Coward St...
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Old 8th Jun 2021, 09:33
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Street garbage should put up or shut up.
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Old 8th Jun 2021, 09:47
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A few people got very very lucky on this one

Street garbage should put up or shut up.
QANTAS may have washed its hands of its role in a price-fixing scandal in the US but one of its former senior managers is still paying the price.

Bruce McCaffrey, 65, the former vice-president of freight for the Americas, will soon begin a six-month jail term for his part in a global air freight cartel among more than 30 airlines. He has already paid a $US20,000 fine after pleading guilty to fixing charges last May.

Although the airline has been hurt financially for its part in the racket - footing fines of more than $100 million in the US and Australia - no other Qantas managers have faced personal fines or time behind bars. A plea agreement reached with the US Department of Justice more than a year ago protected all of Qantas's management from prosecution.

McCaffrey's family and friends believe he has become a Qantas scapegoat. The five other freight employees who were excluded from the plea deal have avoided penalties.

The 26-year Qantas veteran was the first airline executive anywhere to agree to serve jail time for his role in the cartel.

The airlines involved in the cartel, which included British Airways and Korean Air, were first prosecuted in the US, triggering almost identical action worldwide. Qantas's admission of its role has meant that the legal pursuit - apart from class actions - has been concluded in Australia and the US, but settlements in Europe and New Zealand are yet to be reached. European authorities are expected to give Qantas a substantial penalty as early next month.

McCaffrey was due to begin his US jail term last month, but his New York lawyer told the Herald a date was still to be finalised.

His jail term had originally been set to begin in September but it was delayed because he needed a kidney transplant. McCaffrey also suffers from the after-effects of stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension and an injured knee and broken hip.

His sister, Karen McCaffrey, wrote in a character reference that his family and friends were "devastated, knowing he was the one taking the brunt of the blame for this crime".

"It seems that Qantas could care less about Bruce; he is no longer an employee, so they pinned him in a corner, and now they are hanging their loyal messenger. They apparently don't care what happens to Bruce, as long as their Australian management are not fined or sentenced."
As a middle manager, four tiers below the chief executive, McCaffrey reported to supervisors in Sydney. But his superiors will not face criminal punishment. They cannot be extradited to the US to face charges because price-fixing conduct is not a criminal offence in Australia.

"Why is it that senior management, the ones making all the decisions, are not forced to face these charges?" Ms McCaffrey said. "They refuse to be extradited back to this country to testify, for they know they are the guilty parties."

His lawyers have argued that the plan to engage in price-fixing came from Sydney hierarchy. "At Qantas, the plan to engage in price-fixing emanated from Sydney, which gave direction to Qantas managers around the world, including Mr McCaffrey, to co-ordinate certain aspects of pricing with their colleagues at other airlines," the lawyers told the judge.

Carl Fiel, a former Qantas executive in the US, also wrote in a reference that he was appalled by "the very unfair treatment" his former workmate received from the airline. Qantas declined to comment on claims that McCaffrey had been a scapegoat.

The executive, based in Los Angeles, was the first individual to co-operate with US investigators and plead guilty. The investigation has resulted in fines for airlines including Qantas, British Airways and Japan Airlines totalling more than $US1 billion. Last week a former freight boss for the Dutch airline Martinair agreed to serve eight months' jail and pay a $US20,000 fine, taking to four the number of executives who have pleaded guilty in the US.

The pursuit of airlines involved in the cartel has led to regulators - especially those in Europe and the US - taking a harder look at arrangements between carriers. Two weeks ago the European Commission began two separate investigations into seven airlines that have co-operated on trans-Atlantic routes. The European authorities are targeting airlines, including BA and American Airlines, which operate under the Oneworld banner for flights between the US and Europe and the Star Alliance.

The commission believes the level of co-operation, such as joint management of schedules, capacity and pricing, is "far more extensive than the general co-operation between these airlines and other airlines which are part of the Star and Oneworld alliances".

The Australian investigation into the cartel is now in its final phase. So far Qantas is the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's biggest scalp in a two-year inquiry that has been the largest and most expensive in its history.

Singapore Airlines is the first carrier to fight the Australian regulator's claims that it broke the law by colluding with rivals to set high freight and security surcharges. The case against the Asian carrier was back in the Federal Court in Sydney last month, and Singapore Airline's lawyers contested the commission's definition of a market. Last Thursday Cathay Pacific also began fighting claims it had colluded with rivals after the Australian regulator began legal action.

Qantas, on the other hand, has largely avoided a public fight. It is banking on its assistance in investigations in Europe and New Zealand leading to lighter penalties. But for McCaffrey the real fight has only just begun.
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Old 8th Jun 2021, 10:00
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Quantas crime

Could be something to do with this?

I can't post a link, but search the BBC news website for a story this morning about the FBI's "ANOM" sting operation.
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Old 8th Jun 2021, 10:27
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I thought it typical of Qantas executives to pass the blame onto the outsourced services of the vetting agents. The vetting agents don't do Qantas's business, they just screen people, and anyone who has been through such a process would know that the younger you are the easier it is to get a clearance, unless you have been living under a rock all your life.

I wonder if these criminals used AN0M to conduct their nefarious business, perhaps there was no need and it's all there on the internal QF communications forums because of the convenience and the lax controls.

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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Could be something to do with this?

I can't post a link, but search the BBC news website for a story this morning about the FBI's "ANOM" sting operation.
Thought the same thing. The timing of release of info to the media about some high profile characters being nabbed this past couple of days would fit with it.
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Originally Posted by Ken Borough View Post
Street garbage should put up or shut up.
Might have been referring to this perhaps ??

Mr Gregg, who has also held senior roles at Qantas and Primary Health, was charged after an investigation by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission
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I think you’ll find that Gregg was acquitted on appeal. Ipso facto, he's not a criminal.
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