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Cream pie

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le pingouin

I am confused. Who is Keg defending ?
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Not his choice to make. It's actually the call of the police as to whether someone gets charged though. .
"Generally the police will lay charges dependant on the wishes of the victim ....." - Government of WA.

The Police have charged Overheu with providing false details.

Joyce has said he intends to press assault charges. Not the Police - but Joyce.
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Originally Posted by Keg View Post
Like the threats of violence endured by people trying to attend the ACL meeting? It's not illegal to be Christian but it is illegal to threaten violence against them. Sadly the coppers are more likely to take action against the lone Nutter than the groups that threaten violence against those attending the ACL meeting.
I assume you're referring to what happened at the Arrow hotel in Melbourne yesterday? After reading the only two articles published about that (which came from News Ltd sources so reading through the obvious bias) the difference was that the protestors at the ACL meeting were rallying outside the meeting with the police in attendance to ensure safe passage for people going in and out of the hotel. There were no reports of arrests so I assume that the police were satisfied the behaviour of the protestors didn't constitute a crime.

The supposed "threats" were comments on the hotel's social media page from people saying they would boycott the hotel for hosting this event. That is a legitimate form of protest. Not what the pie thrower did, when he committed a clear public act of assault.
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Old 10th May 2017, 18:41
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Originally Posted by le Pingouin View Post
Keg, why are you defending what is basically a hate group?
Calling the Australian Christian Lobby a "hate group" is a bit of a stretch don't you think?

Not that I have any skin in that game as an atheist.

Your statement does, however, highlight how the LBGTIQABCDEFG brigade just live to preach tolerance of their opinions on one hand, while demonstrating a complete lack of it themselves for anyone with a differing view.

It's pathetic really.
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All this twisted logic reminds me of a time in history when people in brown shirts stood out the front of Jewish businesses in a legitimate form of protest. If anything history shows that it went well for them, in fact if blocking access and threats of death don't work against these hate groups then perhaps the final solution might be ghettos and camps. Just an idea.
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Originally Posted by IsDon View Post
Calling the Australian Christian Lobby a "hate group" is a bit of a stretch don't you think?

Not that I have any skin in that game as an atheist.

Your statement does, however, highlight how the LBGTIQABCDEFG brigade just live to preach tolerance of their opinions on one hand, while demonstrating a complete lack of it themselves for anyone with a differing view.

It's pathetic really.
Ahh that old chestnut. Trying to draw equivalence between christian groups who actually campaign against equal rights for a particular group of people, who stigmatise them, who publically call them evil/sinful, and gay rights groups who are merely asking for tolerance of their right to be who they are is quite ridiculous. It's a common tactic in this debate and really not as clever as you no doubt think it is. It fails any test of logic.

If I call the klu-klux-klan a hate group am I being intolerant? I'm afraid not all opinions are worth of tolerance. And bigotry against an entire group of people for perfectly natural behaviour, for merely loving other people, I'm afraid that doesn't qualify as something we have to be tolerant of. When people try to deny others, who are harming no-one, rights, for religious reasons, well I'm afraid we're secular mate, keep your god out of our lives. People can believe what someone high on hallucenagenic cactii in the bronze age wrote if they want, but I'm afraid it is irrelevant to 21st century society.

Playing the religion card is so tiresome. I feel the same way about christians speaking special protections as I do about any other relgious group who want to bring pre-enlightenment nonsense into society. I imagine you don't think much of sharia law? So why is christian nonsense any different? Maybe I should claim special protections on the basis of my belief in Zeus? The ancient greeks were of course pretty flexible about sexuality, ahead of their time in so many ways.

Sorry guys, the world is leaving you behind, your views will soon be as outdated as a racists. So you better ask yourselves why this is different to you, and frankly, why do you care? I guess it does give you some hilarious jokes. 'bent little leprechaun'. oh my sides. The wit!
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Well, that escalated quickly...
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Using a company and its resource base when you are one of the most over compensated airline executives is a little crass.

Perhaps instead of spending time and money, which will likely be the shareholder's also, perhaps Alan could be magnanimous and demonstrate he is the 'bigger' man and help these two unfortunate people.

Indonesian prosecutors demand gay couple be caned after pleading guilty in sharia court - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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Hate groups. Klu klux Klan. Bigots.

You guys are hilarious when you label or compare a group like the ACL like that. I think you should also look up the definition of bigotry.

Dr dre, I was referring specifically to the MEL example from a couple of days back as it was the same day as Joyce getting pied in PER. However there are multiple recent thr acts against other establishments that dared to host people who had a differing view of the SSM debate.

Let's not forget the fire bombing of the ACL HQ by a nutter who had previously made threats against them. Initially dismissed as not being a targeted attack it was shown to actually be one. But hey, bigotry and all that.
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I say good on you Alan. You are a brave man. Clearly many who work for Qantas have issues with the CEO being openly gay. Many it seem will even hide their homophobia behind certain focus groups.
You are a great person, hopefully one day the dinasours in society will accept diversity.
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Yes, it did escalate very quickly.

What started off as a little bit of fun and banter has now degraded into a lifestyle argument that has no place on PPRuNe.
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