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seafury45 9th May 2017 01:28

Cream pie
Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has copped a pie in the face while speaking at a business breakfast in Perth.

Mr Joyce was three minutes into his speech when an elderly man appeared from behind him with a cream pie.

The attacker, aged in his late 60s or early 70s, grabbed Mr Joyce and pushed the dessert into the chief executives face, the West Australian reported.

Security staff quickly grabbed the man off stage. It remains unclear why Mr Joyce was targeted

Read more at Qantas CEO Alan Joyce attacked with cream pie at business breakfast - 9news.com.au

Rodney Rotorslap 9th May 2017 01:38

Please lips don't unpurse.

downdata 9th May 2017 01:45

Probably a VA shareholder

Icarus2001 9th May 2017 01:51


Atlas Shrugged 9th May 2017 02:12

I'm confused...... Creampie or Facial?


john_tullamarine 9th May 2017 02:19

.. small cake fork and spoon would have done the clean up trick quite nicely, one thinks.

Reminds me of a DCA operational desk audit years ago with a freight carrier. The CP was asked how he would approach the "carriage of weapons with dangerous animals" requirement for a load of crayfish ..

Keith, in his rather laconic manner, replied along the lines that "oh, I think we will manage quite well with our safety provisions of plates, forks, and worstershire sauce .."

Matt48 9th May 2017 02:32

Originally Posted by Atlas Shrugged (Post 9765115)
I'm confused...... Creampie or Facial?


The bent little leprechaun copped a lemon meringue to the fizzog, serves him right.

Matt48 9th May 2017 02:33

Originally Posted by downdata (Post 9765099)
Probably a VA shareholder

Someone not happy, that's for sure.

desmotronic 9th May 2017 03:48

He was taken into custardy

The Green Goblin 9th May 2017 03:52

On a side note and despite the humour, it could have been more sinister. Where's his security? If you can get up and whack him with a pie, what's stopping someone from using something with a bit more bang?

Despite what some may think, he's just a bloke doing a job the way he thinks is the best way. He's making plenty of cash compared to the competition. I think he will probably remembered as reasonable CEO that upset a lot of people but righted the ship and grew it.

The Green Goblin 9th May 2017 03:59

Yes before someone does say it, he is making plenty of cash!

troppo 9th May 2017 04:04

Thread title of the year (without getting banned) goes to seafury :D

IFEZ 9th May 2017 04:21

Hahaha, closely followed by Atlas Shrugged who also pushed the boundaries :D :D

GG has a point re the security. The little fella is going to chuck a massive hissy fit behind the scenes, being publicly embarrassed like that. Some one is going to get 'reamed' for that http://cdn.pprune.org/images/smilies/evil.gif.

The name is Porter 9th May 2017 04:27

I dunno whether any of the mods would know what a 'cream pie' is? :E

deanm 9th May 2017 04:38

Qantas CEO cops cream pie in face!
Qantas chief Alan Joyce gets pie in face at Perth business breakfast - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Jeps 9th May 2017 04:38

Well you see atlas shrugged raises a good question. From some of the movies I have seen it can be both.

Tuck Mach 9th May 2017 04:39

Double entendre's abound seriously funny on so many levels..

Cream pies...

It is not that long ago that Joyce decided 80,000 passengers didn't matter...
Some people remember.

What is striking is that presumably this person paid to attend. It was not a university student, rather according to media reports a 60 odd year old man, who presumably had not come to the notice of authorities previously...

Wonder if Joyce still has the hastily abandoned 'death threat' statement BS from 2011. Establishing a nexus might be difficult Alan...:E

Airbubba 9th May 2017 04:48

Big news in Oz I suppose...


Ex FSO GRIFFO 9th May 2017 05:11

Looks like a blown seal to moi.........

cheerrsss :}

Icarus2001 9th May 2017 05:30

If you can get up and whack him with a pie, what's stopping someone from using something with a bit more bang?
The answer to your question is NOTHING.

What do you expect, they have shot two US presidents and a pope, little chance for anyone from a determined assailant. It is just like airport security, mostly feel good theatre for the masses.

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