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The grimm adventures of Truejet

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The grimm adventures of Truejet

Old 6th Apr 2017, 13:33
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Originally Posted by Toolman101 View Post
This is almost as good as game of thrones!
Much less rogering going on. Oh wait 🤔
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Old 31st Aug 2017, 05:08
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The Grimm Adventures of Truejet part 3

The rain never came and the dust storm enveloped the whole operation; Truejet’s arrogance had guaranteed the onset of the disaster. While the storm raged, they hid in their lavish surroundings. All the while complaining amongst themselves that no one was coming to their rescue, no one was willing to sacrifice themselves to help. They became more and more bitter, more and more angry, but they couldn’t see that it was their fault. An eternity later, the storm ceased and the dust began to settle. So much dust had fallen that the interior of the fortress had become full. It was so hard to walk around that the Overlords rostered workers to dig them out. Unfortunately the workers were suffering random and sporadic illnesses due to the lack of protection during the dust storm so the digging was left to the Overlords. As they dug the soil, throwing it over the walls, they complained and as they complained, they dug. Months of digging produced so much soil that it began piling up outside the walls. Soon the workers could climb up the piles of soil and peer over the walls and into the heart of the Fortress. The overlords looked up from their digging to see what appeared to be millions of eyes angrily staring at them. “Look what you’ve made us do! We have to dig our own way out. We’ve had to work!” The workers just stood and stared, their weary eyes fixed, their anger and their fatigue had rendered them zombie like creatures who knew only one thing: hatred. They were happy to see the Overlords suffer as they were suffering themselves. The Southern Fortress no longer offered the Overlords protection and a silent siege ensued. Everything the Overlords did was observed and noted. The information was placed in baskets and passed around, no one was left uninformed.

The PTW had now become more worthless than before; so much that it required a full replacement. Meetings were called and quickly unattended, presumable because the hair was fine, but nobody knew for sure. Those that were attended, became a game of NO. NO more this, NO more that, NO way we can afford this, No way we can afford that. All the while money was flowing quite freely in a land called “Upover”. This land was approximately as far away as you could get, their money was both available and unavailable, and it was measured in “imperials”. If you were subject to a disappearing in Upover, you were paid lavishly for your inability and then paid lavishly again to go away. Then the masses were asked to provide 500 imperials to help with the inability, a perfect system one might say. While stressing their inability to provide the workers with a reason to work, the Overlords complained to the Workers Federation that winter had indeed come and that things had frozen already. The Workers Federation could see no evidence of this and ignored the forecast. More and more meetings were held, but every time, the Overlords said NO! Claiming the workers were not actually what they were and that Oldjet couldn’t see past the “PTO” or Promise To Oldjet. In short, the workers were imposters despite the passengers being led to believe otherwise. Eventually the Ochre Wolf decided to attend the meetings and after taking off the Golden Fleece revealing him to be a wolf in wolfs clothing, he offered things the workers were already about to have. His attempts to fool the Workers Federation were immediately apparent for they knew what gifts the new rules were to provide. This was still a clever ruse as the wolfs other paw was surreptitiously manoeuvring around behind the Workers so as to steal away the rest of the lifestyle they had begun to stop enjoying. Sadly the only solution the workers could apply to the wounds they were anticipating came in bottles and cans; the use of this medication was becoming rife.

Even though it was the duty of the Spanish House, and it did indeed have work to do, it decided it preferred to post-react to the inevitable workload instead. It had changed its core objective so as to allow for post event ruminations, furrowed brows, self important finger pointing and reprisals, rather than applying its own rules before the less unlikely events. This was a tactic known as “Ostriching” whereby inevitable events were denied a level of likelihood so as to keep all parties happy until the Czech cleared. After that, the victims could then suffer having offered those who benefit impunity. As morale plunged, Truejet denied the existence of an increase in the unlikely event happening and that was that, the Spanish House was not worried either.

Further away, in a land free from dust, experiments were being conducted because it was cost effective to do so. A new gas chamber was being trialled in which a special gas called “auxiliary” was tested. It wasn’t designed to kill, but just to harm, and only in the future. The investigators found that it was the best money could buy, provided it was cheap. Corporate safety was ensured and the cost was deemed to be bonusworthy. Also proving a success were the glowing striple pins. It was “autodecided” that these were exempt from manufacturers requirements whenever the Southern Fortress said so. They ignored the Eff COMic, and fabricated papers. Highly Operational Fortress Ops pardons were then produced whenever required to make anything appear forgivable.

Meanwhile, Oldjet continued as if nothing was happening, Ostriching was a condition best caught while sleeping after all. It had put in place safeguards that were plain as day, but overlooked by the overzealous when it was time to sign. They were unaware of and uninterested in the hardships being enjoyed by the now besieged Southern Fortress. Oldjets rainbow serpent continued to dream her dreams, waking up each day with fabulously new ways of reverse engineering the truth into “invested reality”. “Operation Fudge Cake” was a screaming success. A success built on pure irony with a hint of deferred reality and a slight whiff of corporate undersight.

Truejet was now fully besieged both by its workers and by Oldjet. A potent cocktail of the deal with the Rainbow Serpent and years of deceitful treatment of the workers meant they were trapped in the Fortress with nothing. Gemflation, betrayed Monosels, highly effective Varianations and angry workers with nothing left to give, and certainly nothing left to lose all conspired against the Overlords. They had squandered everything in pursuit of maximum returns, cheered on all the time by those who excel. But as Protection days loomed like another terrible storm and as the workers said what could be their last regretful goodbye to their estranged lives, families, husbands, wives and friends, the passengers lined up to board what they truly believed was the advertised service. The croupier then appeared.
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I was hoping part 3 would make more sense to me than parts 1 & 2. But that hope faded long before I got to the last paragraph.
I think this is going to end up the PPRuNe equivalent of Gone with the Wind.
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Old 1st Sep 2017, 23:33
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Sounds like Ansett to me!
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That sounds ominous but highly feasible.
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Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Protection daze.
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Originally Posted by Blitzkrieger View Post
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Protection daze.
As the protection daze grows longer... are they running out of deck chairs?
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When you live it 24/7 WTF would you want to read about it.
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