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VH OJA off to a museum

Old 8th Mar 2015, 06:34
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Great photos & video, crew spent 25 hours in the Flight Sim preparing for the landing
(reported on ABC news)
Regards RW
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Old 8th Mar 2015, 07:19
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Just incredible stuff guys. Spending 25 nail biting hours in the Sim and then pull that off with such grace and precision was worth watching from half a world away. Magnificent display of skill on getting each nose wheel either side of the centreline of a 30 mt wide strip is a credit to you all. Only 4 (or was it 5?) senior QF Capt’s in one cockpit could have averted disaster with this.

You really do make us all very proud to be Australian aviators. Thank you.

Just one question thou. Was there any senior First Officer or two given the ‘once in a career opportunity’ to participate in this or were they considered generally too inexperienced and an embarrassment to have three bars in attendance?
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Old 8th Mar 2015, 07:25
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As I understand it. There was a Captain, F/O and S/O supported by a Check Captain.
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Old 8th Mar 2015, 07:45
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Couldn't agree more Madame Bandit...I was riveted to the you tube clip as well watching such an awesome display of airmanship after a measly 25 hours practice. This truly is a credit to the systems in place at that fine airline. I seriously doubt this could have been pulled off anywhere else in the world, or by any other airline in the world, with such precision. Truly inspirational stuff.

With a bit of luck one of the captains on board will write a book about these amazing feats of airmanship and how the subtleties and nuances of such an operation were overcome with only 4 pilots on board and with no obvious clues to Joe Sixpack out there, fat dumb and happy with their Nikon, taking happy snaps as it all unfolded as if it were just landing an aircraft on a runway.

This is one happy camper hoping it will be so.
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Old 8th Mar 2015, 08:33
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Classic Madame and particularly Gas Bags....
I've had to drag the laptop by it's chord down to the floor I'm laughing so much. To quote Madame....."Thank you"
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Old 8th Mar 2015, 08:42
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Some of you people really are sad ...
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Old 8th Mar 2015, 08:57
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It wouldn't be so funny if it wasn't so true

A good thing about Aussies is we can take the piss out of ourselves as much as we can everyone else.
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Old 8th Mar 2015, 09:05
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Only in Australia???

Gas Bags, please!!! The landing of VH-OJA today was certainly done with precision, but to suggest it could not have been done in any other part of the world or by any other airline is a big call. The crew had prepared themselves very well. The aircraft was as light as possible with minimum fuel and the weather was ideal. Aviation is littered with amazing achievements. Back in 1963 the U.S. Navy conducted C130 Hercules landings and take-offs to and from the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal, all with out the aid of RATO, arrestor hooks or catapaults. That was skilful.

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Old 8th Mar 2015, 09:08
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Someone missed the sarcasm memo.
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Old 8th Mar 2015, 09:33
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I reckon Harmon Rabb Junior could have done just as good a job.

And pretty sure he wouldn't have needed 25 hrs in the trembling cave to do it either!

25 hrs - that's nearly a full endorsement!
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Old 8th Mar 2015, 10:16
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pffft all this talk over a non event

let me know when they get an A380 into Camden, maybe then I'll wake up at 6am on a Sunday

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Old 8th Mar 2015, 10:16
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Sunday lunchtime with half a dozen Aussies at the Hofbräuhaus München looking at PPRuNe and wishing our 744 was white with a red tail.

None of us are looking sad Shark Patrol!
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Old 8th Mar 2015, 11:19
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and I guess she watches a lot of American TV programs, too.
We were in the same area but thankfully out of earshot of that woman.

It was, actually, quite a moving event, historically speaking.
I've watched OJA's first landing in OZ - and its last.
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Old 8th Mar 2015, 19:56
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The SAA 747 at Rand airport landing on a 15m width Runway certainly beats this QF retirement.

However good to see this 747 going to a good home.
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Old 8th Mar 2015, 22:39
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Oh my god is just the allahu akbar of the western world.
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Old 9th Mar 2015, 00:54
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Don't know about that OxfordGold. Wooly is double the width at 30mt, but there were no precautionary go-arounds. First approach straight in.

These QF guys are good Ox, really really good.
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Old 9th Mar 2015, 01:15
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Is there any particular reason why OJA outlived some of the other 747-400's at QF?
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Old 9th Mar 2015, 01:22
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Nunc est bibendum
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Maintenance scheduling issues. It was the same reason that many of the newer 767s were retired before many of the older ones. As they came up to a major check at different times, they were just pensioned off.
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Old 9th Mar 2015, 01:44
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Lucky there is a flange at the end of it otherwise your hands would be slipping off.

Ha, anyone actually belive they spent 25 hours in the sim? Doing what exactly. Practising a landing the aircraft is certified and capable of doing?

Its good PR spin for the schmuck on the street to think QF are better than anyone else.

Good grief.
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Old 9th Mar 2015, 01:50
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Seriously Madame,

I don't mean to down play the flying skills displayed (which were excellent BTW), but I reckon that 80% of line pilots for most airlines would be capable of doing what the guys did. 9m left or right of centreline is along way for any pilot let alone most of them.
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