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Skytrans TMR Contracts

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TBM, Romanians?
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It's never good when an airline "reassures" its staff....
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TMR would have been diligent with the assessment process. In doing so would have discovered a lip service approach to safety, a complete lack of industry experience within the senior management team and grave concerns over the ability to articulate their pricing model. TMR did not determine the outcome on price were this the case status quo would have remained. TMR based on the data gleaned through the assessment process would have been justifiably concerned about the sustainability of Skytrans.
Once upon a time this business had competent senior management across the key departments, during the negotiation stages with TMR this team would have drawn TMRs attention to the equipment differences. SAAB developed for the northern hemisphere are great cold weather aeroplane for 5 months the summer temperatures in the areas of operation will preclude the SAAB from operating with greater than 26 pax with normal baggage, the lack of APU and therefore airconditioner's on turns present a major HSE exposure for pax, the 35-40 minute sector lengths will create battery temp and therefore start issues. This on the 8 sector western runs will cause delays pushing duty to point of ports being overflown. None of this is fantasy, rather fact based on Macair history. The Dh8 has demonstrated outstanding reliability for 5 plus years and in the gulf doubled the patronage based on it's better hot and high performance. The current class of Skytrans managers will gain this knowledge from reading this post.
In a two horse race Skytrans lost this job and REX secured it by default. The management need to accept this rather than push the poor me, government don't buy local emotional tripe.
Move on and address the problems they have created for themselves and either pack up or engage a team that is capable of turning the business around.
For it's part The government needs to start grooming an operator for the cape in the event the encumbent continues with the behaviours of the recent past.
Good to see REX have already engaged some of the competent team that HR masters degree holder let go in order to assemble the current crack commercial squad at Slytrans!
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I feel for David and Sue Barnard who built up the Skytrans name from a couple of choppers and a Seneca. Once the pinnacle of GA in Australia and now just another failed wannabe airline. Very sad.
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REX have approval for single engine turn arounds, so no need for APU's. The QLD government is trying to save money (about to lease out assets) and the Saab 340 is far cheaper to operate than a Dash 8 and therefore less money the government has to fork out.
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Tender documents provided the load data for all routes, gulf service is over 22k per annum if you do the math it becomes evident that seats in summer will be compromised.

Hot turns don't work at remote fuel stops of which there are many, as per yhe Macair days, starter generators, many more HSI and engine over temps will increase as they will find out in time. Can mitigate to a point with GPU's in all ports, will still have cabin temp issues.

The tender info will eventually become available under FOI protocols, fairly confident it will confirm price was not the basis for the result.
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Skytrans TMR Contracts

TMR would have done their due diligence and based their decision on a number of factors including safety and sustainability. Skytrans would not have been strong in either respect and renewing their contact would have been akin to engaging another MacAir - we all know what happened there.

I agree with Justadash, the 'poor me' approach is simply their way of hiding the truth, that they simply weren't the best airline for the job. Once upon a time, they would have been but company instability, a decrease in OTP and a poor financial situation has changed things. It's as simple as that.
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Old 19th Oct 2014, 10:27
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Macair went belly up, when sold to a real estate developer who tried to take on the big red rat & lost !!!
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...and further more (to Deafstar) David and Sue Barnard sold the Skytrans name and ops very nicely with big smiles and hand shakes all'round. They did very well just quietly. It was the merge of QRA into Inland Pacific and Skytrans operations thereafter that was a "dogs breakfast", that made people cringe.
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therefore less money the government has to fork out
word is Rex tendered a big fat zero to do the runs. therefore buying the work. comments about the aircraft not being up to the task are spot on. Great job TMR!

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Rex have been operating 340B(WT) in North Queensland for 5 years with no issues. They operate them in other parts of Aus that are a little hot as well. These aircraft are nothing like the earlier models which definitely had WAT issues. Also; unlike Macair they invest heavily in GSE to support their aircraft and will probably have more supporting one run that Macair had across their network.

This is a poor result for Skytrans but guess what....contracts aren't signed for life and anyone who expects them to go forever shouldn't be in business. I am sure Skytrans always factored this possibility.

Copythis; you can always do a FOI and find out. I wouldn't be following the party line that they bought the contracts. Rex are considerably more efficient and cheaper than other SAAB operators let alone Dash 8 operators, I'd start there.
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Cactus - what's the latest?

101 potential job losses I read today
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Cactusjack appears to have disappeared off PPRuNe....there has been no updates on his skytrans for a while
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Maybe the reality of 100+ jobs being lost shut the idiot up!
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Maybe the reality of 100+ jobs being lost shut the idiot up!
He predicted what has happened, he didn't cause it, and from the post's I read (my interest is due to friends up there) I can't see that he would enjoy the result.

Sadly it seems that those 2/3rd level airlines eventually go down that track.
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Fair comment square bear, CJ was just the messenger! Interesting the cairns post article suggested the 101 jobs would go before Xmas but the ""contract loss" that caused this downsizing doesn't cease until the new year. It also quotes MD advising that the difference in price is $300k not sure in favour of which operator but regardless the govt would not change on basis of $300K price difference. Something missing from the story, perhaps?
Apparently they will be scaling back to old days of charter ops only. Makes sense as this was where they were well regarded. Rex or maybe westwing with 1900's will likely look to assume the NPA/cape work.
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Well priced aircraft for sale, this maybe the last bit of silver.

DHC-8-102 FOR SALE OR LEASE - C&L Aviation Group
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Simon's perspective on the matter.
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maybe the new Bankstown to Melbourne operation might come to Skytrans partial rescue ?

Noticed photo of Skytrans Dash 8 in Bankstown story.

Can a dash 8-300 get in & out of Bankstown ?
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Can a dash 8-300 get in & out of Bankstown ?
Yes, I diverted in there one night with about 45 pax.

You would need to check the RTOW's regarding uplift OUT, however Particularly with fuel uplift required BK-ML.
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