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Fabio 14th Oct 2014 21:43

Skytrans TMR Contracts
So Skytrans has lost the TMR contracts.... Sad day for all the good guys and gals in the company!!! Interesting times ahead :{

onehitwonder 14th Oct 2014 22:42

Cactusjack? What's the goss

Fabio 14th Oct 2014 22:42

It has only just happened. I believe REX has got them all...

Going Nowhere 14th Oct 2014 22:46

QLink has retained BNE-BCI/BKQ-LRE and BNE-RMA-CTL. With all LRE and RMA sectors to be on the Q400.

Fabio 14th Oct 2014 22:49

In saying REX has them all I mean all of the ones Skytrans had...

falconx 14th Oct 2014 23:05

Is this the end of skytrans?

Fabio 14th Oct 2014 23:07

Not sure.... Management is having a crisis meeting today.

falconx 14th Oct 2014 23:08

What's left Rio charters? Ad hoc?

drunk_pilot 14th Oct 2014 23:30

Skytrans TMR Contracts
Can someone please fill me in as to what 'TMR' is?

onehitwonder 14th Oct 2014 23:41

DTMR - Department of Transport & Main Road, in otherwords qld government

Dot Dot Dash 14th Oct 2014 23:41

Skytrans TMR Contracts
Transport and Main Roads - regional Government runs. Without those subsidised routes, Skytrans will find it almost impossible to survive. Sad for the hard working staff but inevitable due mainly to the ineffective and egotistical 'leadership' over the past few years which has brought them to this conclusion.

Thinee 15th Oct 2014 00:01

Sad indeed
The link attached

For those not aware Sir John Wild passed away late yesterday, in the grand scheme of things made a wonderful contribution to aviation among many other things in PNG. The family will obviously be grieving, How about you all stop putting the boot in for the time being?

TBM-Legend 15th Oct 2014 01:34

and the winners are:

Chadzat 15th Oct 2014 05:20

What a farce that RMA isnt deregulated. Campbell Newman is in QFs pocket....

TBM-Legend 15th Oct 2014 05:36

It's the Roma Council that wants QF. Cando Campbell has nothing to do with it....

HighFlyer55 15th Oct 2014 05:46

Agreed Chazdat. What a joke! :rolleyes: TBM I think you'll find Campbell had just as much to do with it as the council did.

puff 15th Oct 2014 06:05

Be very interesting to see how many the RMA council members have been 'gifted' QF Platinum/Chairmans Lounge access.

Great that we have opened up that busy route of TSV-CNJ-ISA to deregulation, but the poor folks at RMA can enjoy greater frequency than SYD gets at times, but airfares that would get you to Perth.

We get the government we deserve they say...this moab looks Sir Joh look squeaky clean!

Chocks Away 15th Oct 2014 06:57

Vale Sir John Wild.
A good man!

TBM-Legend 15th Oct 2014 07:39

Who wants to go to Roma anyway? The previous mob instigated those routes...

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