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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

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Of lessons learnt & promptly forgotten.

Top stuff Thorny a fascinating tale that fortunately did not end in tragedy - perhaps more to do with the almost bullet-proof DC-9 airframe than anything else.
The DC 9 incident rang the warning bells, very loudly. TAA acted, promptly and correctly, but the regulator's official slipped away unscathed.
Heard whispers around the traps that one of the major suspected causal factors for the AirNorth Brasilia accident was just such an overzealous FOI - who strongly encouraged (enforced) Check & Trainers conduct instantaneous (chopped power lever) for all V1 cuts & EFATO. Now it may be just whispers but interestingly enough this FOI at the time - after apparently some higher profile operators complaints - was subsequently dispatched to some pencil pushing slot somewhere down near YMML only to re-emerge as a regular caricature in the Bankstown chronicles...all rumour & innuendo mind..

On a less serious tale I remember that many moons ago another overzealous FF official - while conducting a CP review in CM's (Alligator Airways) beloved Beaver floatplane - BASR wanted to conduct a x-wind landing on Lake Kununurra...WTF Subsequently the Beaver ended up upside down - oh how embarrassing... Hmm...wonder where that bloke ended up??
Soteria - Well done Terry!! Only 4 years AFTER the PelAir clusterf#ck
Yep absolutely disgusting... Especially considering that by August 2010 the white hats had already drafted a version of that amendment and ironically it had already been drafted ready to sign by McComic.. See here - Part One- The inconvenience of facts & timelines??

On a more positive note M&M's department have finally deigned to publish the IOS responses to the original Forsyth report - you know the one we were all asked to contribute to by the end of June '14...:
Public and Industry Comments on the Aviation Safety Regulation Review Report

Listen to this page


Public and Industry comments made on the Aviation Safety Regulation Review Report are set out below, except for comments that were submitted to the Department as confidential comments, and comments that the Department has elected to withhold on the basis that they contain significant personal, sensitive, and/or potentially defamatory information. Published comments have been redacted in some cases to remove personal or sensitive information (such as personal addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, licence or membership numbers, and scanned signatures).
The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development is not responsible for the content of these comments, which remains the responsibility of the original authors, and comments do not represent the views of the Department. To the extent permitted by law, the Commonwealth disclaims liability to any person or organisation in respect of anything done, or omitted to be done, in reliance upon information contained in any of the comments.
The Government received 21 confidential comments.

Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia LTD (AAAA)PDF: 895 KB / Aero Enterprise Australia Pty LtdPDF: 89 KB / Air Sport Australia ConfederationPDF: 90 KB / Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia (AOPA)PDF: 2014 KB / Alan Baskett PDF: 60 KB / Archerfield Airport Chamber of Commerce Inc PDF: 25 KB / Arkaroola Air Services PDF: 177 KB / Australasian Society of Aerospace MedicinePDF: 189 KB/ Australian Airports Association (AAA)PDF: 238 KB / Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA)PDF: 301 KB / Australian Aviation Business Association Inc (AABA)PDF: 14 KB / Australian Certified UAV Operators INC (ACUO)PDF: 1011 KB / Australian Federation of Air PilotsPDF: 190 KB / Australian Mooney Pilots Association LtdPDF: 125 KB / Australian Sport Rotorcraft AssociationPDF: 67 KB / Australian Warbirds Association LtdPDF: 187 KB / Aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Business Association Inc (AMROBA)PDF: 245 KB / Avlaw Pty LtdPDF: 174 KB / Bob WarnPDF: 19 KB / Bock ConsultingPDF: 93 KB/ Borgelt InstrumentsPDF: 14 KB / Chris ReillyPDF: 14 KB / Dan TylerPDF: 271 KB / David KleinPDF: 13 KB / Douglas Aircraft Sales Pty LtdPDF: 26 KB / Douglas StottPDF: 10 KB / Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome Committee IncPDF: 110 KB / Execujet Australia Pty LtdPDF: 24 KB / Jim McDowellPDF: 34 KB / Karen CaseyPDF: 59 KB / Michael WatsonPDF: 28 KB / National Business Aviation AssociationPDF: 72 KB / Neil KellerPDF: 44 KB / Neill RearPDF: 27 KB / Owen BrayPDF: 26 KB / ProAviationPDF: 108 KB / Professional Aviators Investigative NetworkPDF: 111 KB / Recreational Aviation Australia IncPDF: 1192 KB / Regional Aviation Association of AustraliaPDF: 396 KB / Regional Express Group (Rex)PDF: 291 KB / Richard GreenPDF: 24 KB / Riverina Air Motive Pty LtdPDF: 224 KB / Royal Federation of Aero Clubs of AustraliaPDF: 147 KB / Royal Victorian Aero ClubPDF: 143 KB / Sydney Airport Corporation LimitedPDF: 2819 KB / The Gliding Federation of Australia IncPDF: 129 KB / UAS InternationalPDF: 172 KB / William HamiltonPDF: 247 KB
WOW a veritable list of 'who's who' in Australian aviation circles... Take a bow IOS but remember the jobs not done yet...

I'll be back...

Ps My nomination for the IOS award for excellence (which has a 1st prize of a year's supply of Tim Tams..) in response to the Reverend Forsyth's report has to go to Nathan Safe & crew at AIPA- TOP STUFF!

From cover letter:


The Australian and International Pilots’ Association (AIPA) is grateful for the opportunity to supplement our submission to the Aviation Safety Regulation Review (ASRR) by commenting on the recommendations of the Panel. We congratulate them on achieving what was a difficult and complex task.

From the outset, AIPA is most concerned that there may be a number of senior members of the Executive who consider the ASRR process to be an irrelevant political process that has little or no import for how aviation safety is managed in Australia. The recent actions taken by CASA to unwind Australia’s Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD) policy position, one of the most enlightened in world aviation in regard to permitting pilots to fly in commercial service despite having an identified CVD, indicate a serious disregard not only for their relationship with the industry at large but also for the concept of evidence-based safety.

As the largest Association of professional airline pilots in Australia representing over 2,300 professional airline transport category flight crew and as a key member of the International Federation of Airline Pilot Associations (IFALPA) which represents over 100,000 pilots in 100 countries, AIPA wishes to make it very clear to you that the achievement of continuing high levels of aviation safety in Australia will only come about when the relevant government agencies act credibly and with integrity in all of their activities. They must "walk their own talk" and be model aviation citizens – they must lead by example rather than rule by coercion.

Our membership places a very strong expectation of rational, risk and evidence-based safety behaviour on our government agencies and we are all looking to you to affect serious change in the administration of aviation safety in Australia.

We therefore offer the following commentary on the Recommendations made by the ASRR Panel in the interests of furthering those expectations.

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The Full Bickie..

A packet of Chocolate Wheaten (tm) for Kharon..
...".but the real grass roots embuggerance continues without let or hinderance"

Oh How right you are!! One has to wonder what Regional Office "managers" actually manage, when those in the office are out and about causing grief and mayhem, wasting $$s and time for NO "safety" benefit.

For example, J. Retski of the Townsville office now promoted to "team leader" (sic...very sick), was a star player with false testimony and conspiracy in the Wilga Tail Affair costing the poor taxpayer some $350K. Result for any aviation "safety" benefit....nix, nought, SFA.
A prime example of CAsA leadersh*t..!

The Industry NCN ...Great idea. There are others at it already, and I have a batch of names/incidents for Skidmore to go. Swamp the new DAS and he may get the message.
Be concise, no discrepancies in your wording tho...or
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A complaints register was begun some years back, (1992 I think), after a Hervey Bay operator, (BR), was subjected to attack and subsequent life of poverty when he failed a student on a commercial training navex. Overloading an aircraft by a dangerous margin. The student was a relative of a CAsA, (CAA), stormtrooper.

One can only imagine that perhaps that failed pilot is still with us today, maybe even contributing to this forum, and only because of cronyism and corruption that got him a pass but, at the expense of a family, a home, a business, and a viable taxation contributor to the Australian economy. Not to mention emotional and psychological damage which can never be repaired.

The Wilga is another chapter that will add infamy to the years of aviation wilderness. I don't know where that register went, but I know Paul Phelan had much copy which should be catalogued and presented to Mr Skidmore for at least an apology for past wrongs.

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The IOS speak.

You know, despite being dubbed as 'mutterers', tendentious bloggers, the barking minority and other choice, albeit unsavoury labels; the quality of response to the Rev. Forsyth's ASRR is impressive. You'd be hard pushed to find better, the thing I like best is the willingness to voluntarily help, to be part of the reform process. Sure, all have vested interests and a particular bias toward their own area, that's natural and reasonable; AIPA would struggle to understand the intricate needs of the AAAA or the RFACA; but in essence, general agreement is writ large and clear across the responses.

If for no other reason than the unstinting effort, thought, discussion and expertise offered, the contributors to the ASRR and their response to the recommendations should be applauded. The comments, advice and the logic supporting the constructs are all worthy of serious consideration by the Minister as they provide a clear, considered, expert, industry supported pathway toward financially viable, operationally sound, legally compliant growth of a ham-strung industry working with a respected regulatory authority.

One thing is clear, we can no longer continue with the existing system, not if we intend to survive. Compare any of the following with CAIR 09/03 or the Chambers report and then decide which direction the industry should take. I know where my vote would go.

Time prevents in depth reading of all the respondents, however the following (IMO) summarise, very well, some of the published issues, not the unspoken ones, but within the constraints of the ToR and good manners, the message is clear enough. Choc frogs awarded to:-






Find the time, if you can and see what the mandarins will be trying to prevent. They are good at it and, it's been done so many times before; 2008 anyone.
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the power of POWER....

I am convinced some? of these CAsA tossers are drug addicts...they get off snorting the powder of unfettered, unaccountable power and abuse it to make their point..What I say goes, even it it causes a prang. By whatever it takes, criminally, immorally or otherwise.

You only have to know of the trauma caused to JQ, financially and mentally to wonder what the destruction of this individual has done to benefit "safety"in this country. As usual, nix nought Sweet FA All leavened with a bucket load of taxpayers dollars and costly time. The loony wasters!

And the most galling part is the smiling assassins just take a walk, unaccountable, unpunished and un-bothered by CAsAs up top that couldnt give a rats.

As on the painted wagon... CAsA is seriously corrupt and morally bankrupt.

Which proves that the current "code" is a sick, joke document.

Skidmore..take note and make your mark.
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IOS letter of the year 2014 - 'Dear Miniscule'

Time prevents in depth reading of all the respondents, however the following (IMO) summarise, very well, some of the published issues, not the unspoken ones, but within the constraints of the ToR and good manners, the message is clear enough. Choc frogs awarded to:-





In agreement Ferryman some wise old heads have created some top responses in that lot...

For pure unadulterated but controlled fury you simply could not go past Forray Phil's May 21st letter to the Miniscule, which was in response to Hawkey's inflammatory missive...:
Dear Deputy Prime Minister

I recently received a letter from Mr Hawke, the Chairman of the CASA Board, regarding the AAAA submission to the Aviation Safety Regulatory Review that you established. Given the seriousness of the correspondence (which I understand your office also received a copy of), I felt it was appropriate to respond directly to you.

Firstly, I confirm that the media attention Mr Hawke refers to was not solicited by AAAA and appeared without our prior knowledge or participation. Regardless, media interest in the current review should not be a surprise. Neither should light being shed on CASA's poor performance by people and the organisations affected.

The AAAA Board has considered the letter and regards it as an inflammatory attempt to stifle legitimate and evidence-based criticism of CASA's performance. The seeping culture of intimidation and harassment, something you have heard first hand from at least one AAAA member and from many other aviators and maintainers, has become CASA's trademark.

Mr Hawke's letter is extraordinary in its timing and content in that the ASRR is shortly to report. For any government organisation to seek to become a political player while they are under active review takes either a certain amount of bravado or a complete insensitivity to their correct place in the political and democratic process.

I believe Mr Hawke's intervention- this being his first formal direct correspondence with AAAA since his appointment and the first contact of any type for over four years - is illuminating in many ways. It should be very useful in providing an insight into the very problems AAAA identified in its submissions to the ASRR regarding CASA"s culture.

The 'facts' presented by Mt Hawke as to how CASA has been so helpful to the industry and AAAA in particular, are as problematical as they are wrong. For example, the following corrections are warranted:

• The risk sector approach is simply a copy of what NZ has already done and AAAA was only advised of its existence in the last two months. AAAA has sought to work cooperatively with the concept and is several years advanced on CASA's position.
• The single point of entry is the GA Taskforce – i.e. there is no Aerial Agricultural Unit and the problems of inconsistent decisions continue due to the ongoing emasculation of the GA 'Taskforce'.
• There has been noformal contact by CASA with AAAA on fixing CAO 48 1.
• The revised AAAA Standard Ops Manual is still with CASA awaiting approval - it has not been approved or 'republished'. The CASA insistence on rewriting the manual at this time for petty changes was opposed by AAAA given the significant upcoming rewrite necessary to accommodate Part 61, Part 137 (revised) and CAO 48.1. CASA has never been involved with its publishing, which demonstrates Mr Hawke's advisers' poor grasp of the standard manual process.

The CASA failure to renew a night recency exemption for agricultural ops until after the last night season, the ongoing problems around unnecessary HAAMC appointments, the unwarranted and heavy handed actions regarding aircraft groundings for petty issues in south east Queensland, the attempted bullying and harassment of operators, the unique Australian costs of operating agricultural aircraft, and the wide range of other practical problems highlighted in submissions to the ASRR are conveniently ignored.

Mr Hawke's letter simply highlights the ongoing disconnect between how the CASA hierarchy view their contribution and performance, compared to what industry actually experiences - and documents - at the coal face.

Mr Hawke’s claims regarding the offer of a joint Board meeting simply do not reconcile with my recollection. Regardless of events in 2009/10, there has been no contact regarding the CASA Board since that time.

Mr Hawke's letter seems to infer that I do not keep the AAAA Board appraised of our relationship or correspondence with CASA. This would be a grave misjudgement.

The AAAA Board views Mr Hawke's correspondence as emblematic of the issues identified in the AAAA ASRR submissions The AAAA Board at this time feels it has no option other than to express noconfidence in Mr Hawke as Chairman of the CASA Board or the other current members of the CASA Board. AAAA is particularly concerned with any role for Mr Hawke and other current Board members in the selection of a new CASA CEO.

The AAAA Board respectfully requests that as a consequence, you immediately terminate the current CASA Board under Section 60 (3) of the Civil Aviation Act 1988 and use this significant action to reset the relationship between CASA and industry so that we can all focus on cooperating to make aviation safer, stronger and an even greater contributor to the Australian commonwealth.

Yours faithfully

Phil Hurst
Hmm..no comment required...

I'll be back...
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In my opinion, after the next major accident occurs, there is enough gunpowder stored in this PPRuNe Thread to blow CASA, the ATSB, the Department and the Minister to kingdom come.

How is it that CASA is allowed to get away with what it continues to do?
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Speaking of farts in hurricanes.

"[but within the constraints of the ToR and good manners, the message is clear enough.]"
The 'Phil Buster' letter is a classic example of how to get the message though without tipping the baby out with the bathwater. Coming from a sanguine, competent man who may rightly be adjudged every bit qualified to be operating in the 'diplomatic' atmosphere of matters which involve 'government', it qualifies as ordinance. But what calibre, what has it hit, who heard it and who cared? - all valid questions. Not the Iron Ring, that's for certain; like cockroaches the IR will survive the next holocaust and continue to intimidate the new bored and work within the established protocols .

Every fool in the market place knows that that the trough is a Cornucopia; deeply hidden and well protected by layer upon layer of every conceivable device to keep it that way. The many generations of 'public service' families have worked tirelessly, while we paid them, to make absolutely sure that nothing penetrates the fortress curtain wall very deeply. Not even the recent tragic events involving our neighbours to the North, not the fall out, or the blowback from the result of a major accident. Why?, well we do have a world class, publicly funded system for protecting those grazing in the Elysian fields and dining from the comu copiae; that's why.

You need to look no further than McComic or Dolan to see the 'system' working; despite everything that has transpired, evidence by the cartload, condemnation and censure from Senators, the Minister and peers, not even a mild flogging with Creamies wet lettuce leaf. Hundreds of pages, thousands of words, millions of dollars and the return on that investment? a snotty letter from Hawke which infuriated a gentleman like Phil Hurst. Phil's fury finished up where? Oh yes I remember, from the minion sweeping up the post, to the filter which directs traffic, to the Machiavellian in tray before beginning it's long journey to the minuscles's desk, via the property developers filter and steam by-pass valves.

What a wondrous system, shame Phil's little tirade has marked him for future, subtle but non the less lethal attention. For speaking one's mind against the 'system', even mildly carries dire consequences. Welcome to the IOS chapter supporting the 'mutterers and mumblers' Phil. Unfortunately, we cannot offer full IOS status against this one effort, but pull up a chair anyway, you can at least watch the train smash from here.

Is it bloody disgraceful?, you bet.

Ala Sunny - Put it another way - Johnson was fired from the ministry for denigrating the boat building fraternity. Hawke gets a government issue chocolate frog (rum flavoured).

The cornucopia (from Latin cornu copiae) or horn of plenty is a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with produce, flowers or nuts

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Anymore on this??

M&M has sure kept this quiet...
Truss Approves Bankstown Master Plan
07 Jan 2015

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss today approved the Bankstown Airport 2014 Master Plan.

Bankstown Airport submitted its Plan in October 2014, to replace the 2005 Master Plan.

“The Master Plan sets out Bankstown Airport's strategic direction for the next 20 years and provides information for the community about site operations and future development,” Mr Truss said.

“The Plan proposes a range of aviation developments including runway lighting upgrades and runway, taxiway and apron pavement strengthening.”

According to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, the plan seeks to support the long-term sustainability of the aviation industry in the Sydney region "consistent with the Australian government's strategic planning for Sydney region aviation—including the recent announcement of Badgerys Creek as the location for a Western Sydney airport."

While Bankstown Airport has been experiencing declining aircraft movements for some time, over the next 20 years aircraft movements are predicted to increase from around 220,000 movements in 2013 to around 298,000 in 2034.

No increase to the current provision for Regular Passenger Transport links has been proposed, and although the plan has been approved, individual developments contained within the plan still need to be signed-off by the Department.

Bankstown Airport is now required to publish the master plan within 50 working days.
This comment from Beryl is spot on...:
Beryl Lester. • a day ago
They kept their cards (plans) close to their chest. Looks like with stealth they will win. Those famous last words Bankstown will never become a busy Airport.
Passing strange is that the presser for this announcement was only released yesterday but apparently the Miniscule signed the Master Plan on Monday...: Approval granted for Bankstown Airport Master Plan

For those interested here is what Truss has signed off on - 2014 Preliminary Draft Master Plan

I guess the issues with the McBank & Floodplains have all been addressed..or have they??

If nothing else I guess that means the miniscule is back at work; although after that decision I'm not exactly sure in what capacity...

Maybe I'll be back...
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It's all in the timing.

The minuscule is only required to turn up Mondays, before 1000 and unlock the rubber stamp box; the Murky Machiavellian crew then have free access to the rubber stamp until Friday 1700, when the minuscule wanders in (looking windswept and interesting) to lock it up again.

The smooth untroubled waters of government are rarely ruffled by interfering politicians, perish the thought and wash your mouth out. Shame on you Sarcs....

Toot toot....

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reply to Sunfish

There was a crooked man
Who walked a crooked mile

This man he worked for CASA
And so he couldn't smile

He bought a crooked cop
That caught a crooked clerk

And they all lived together
In a little crooked Ark.
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CAsA are comedians playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.
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A quiet death.

M&M has sure kept this quiet..

There's barely enough horsepower at BK to keep the candles burning; those left behind must creep about like mice on eggshells lest the cat spot them and feeling peckish, snaffle them for a mid morning snack.

I expect the 'stealth' release of the 'master plan' has more to do with economic expediency and establishing a 'legal' position which will be expensive to beat, due to a degree of paranoia stemming from the doughty, robust defence the crew at Archerfield have put up.

I notice this subject popped up on the GA pages, the response was pitiful; seems getting a taxi is the only major problem........ I can just picture one lone figure, swathed in rags and a long coat sitting on a discarded aircraft tyre, waving a hand written sign – bulldozers GO HOME as the developers march in. Ayup, that'll stop 'em all right – provided the three lines in the Torch don't put the feral gummint into a tail spin first.

Archerfield may survive to fight another day due to the sterling efforts of a few with the support of many; Jandakot seem safe enough for the while due to some 'plane' talking and early action; Parafield appears safe enough. But Bankstown is where the big property dollars are and the fight is dirtiest. And they worry about taxi's; wait till there's a bus depot outside Westfield, no transport problems then.

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Of course he's kept it quiet boatman!!!

What do you think will be his reward?

An ex state Pollie and ex federal minister gets a few years directorship, on massive remuneration to top up his already exorbitant parliamentary super, but also a wonderful farm in New Zealand, courtesy of a certain bank, and he was only in at the start.

Imagine what an M&M is punting for??

Remember BK, as real estate is worth billions, people get murdered for less than a few thousand.

Corrupting a mandarin or two, or sorting out the retirement plans for one or two iron ring members is chicken sh..t, in the overall Scheme of things.
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What do you think will be his reward?
If recent NSW ICAC 'results' are anything to go by TB, hopefully an invitation to a giant arse-kicking party, a very public DCM, and perhaps some time in the 'big house'.

But, dreams aside, probably a nice golden handshake and a politically (Truss) supported high-level gig to ICAO, if past results are anything to go by.
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Saw him on the news the other night, campaigning. To be honest, Truss looked worse than normal, he looked like complete shit. Has somebody taken the trough away from him, looks like he has lost weight? And his skin looked like it had been napalmed!! Perhaps he won't get to stick around long enough to enjoy the fruits of his less than average labor??
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Truss YSBK MP signing & Labor's RPT paranoia.

Other than Thorny there has not been much commentary on the miniscule signing off on the BK Master Plan... Not sure if this is typical apathy; or resignation; or maybe it is seen as a good thing by some??

Anyway in the course of doing some internet trolling on the subject, I came across a document off M&Ms website that was of interest... This document was titled - Bankstown Airport draft Master Plan 2010 - Reasons for Decision

Basically the 13 pages contained within summarised why Albo had formally rejected the BAL dMP from March 2010:

Findings on material questions of fact and reasons for decision

18. The Minister decided not to approve the draft master plan because he was not satisfied that the draft master plan adequately achieved the purposes of a final master plan. The Minister further concluded that the consultations carried out by BAL in relation to the draft master plan were not adequate. The Minister also considered that the outcome of those consultations had not been satisfactory addressed.

19. The Minister also found that: carrying out the dMP would adequately meet the present and future requirements of civil aviation users; the dMP specified the matters prescribed in subsection 71(2); and BAL has complied with section 72 of the Act.

20. The Minister also found that the introduction of RPT services at Bankstown could raise issues relating to airspace management in the Sydney basin. The Minister noted that the 2003 Airservices Report into the operational capability of Bankstown Airport raised airspace concerns surrounding the introduction of RPT at BAL. The Airservices submission in the dMP process also refers to new air traffic arrangements and identifies the need for new arrangements to fit with Sydney Airport procedures...
Blah...blah...blah...however I do wonder if the former miniscule's real concerns with the dMP were not contained in paragraphs 33-36:
33. ...The Minister was also concerned that the dMP lacked sufficient information about the consequences, particularly in terms of aircraft noise, of the proposed use, and about mitigation strategies...

35. ...BAL further indicated that it would have informed the public about passenger services through a second consultation phase that would include: flight timings and weekly schedules; noise impacts; ground traffic impacts; operational impacts; and the use of flight tracking technology...
36. ...to the Minister would have better informed the public about the intended use of the Airport, by revealing the potential impact of the intended use on issues of concern to the community, such as noise levels at particular times and places or traffic impacts...
What perked my interest however was the reference to the 2003 AirServices report, so I did some further digging and came across some interesting passages of Hansard from a HoR adjournment 5 August 2004

This was part of the 1st instalment - from the former member for Blaxland - on the subject of YSBK & the dMP:
Mr HATTON (10:39 AM) —Bankstown Airport Ltd have just released the preliminary draft master plan for Bankstown Airport, which gives their vision of the way Bankstown Airport should operate in the next 20 years. The reason that Bankstown Airport Ltd have done it, and not the federal government, is that the federal government sold the lease on the airport before it had worked out a plan for how Bankstown is to be used in the future.

The expectation of most people in Bankstown was that this master plan would not dramatically change the way things happen in Bankstown. On the briefings that I got from Bankstown Airport Ltd, I did not expect any major change; I expected that this general aviation airport would continue to operate in the way it had operated in the past. I understood that the one thing they were looking for was an extension of the runway by 200-odd metres in order to send freighters out of Bankstown Airport fully laden. However, here today—as I did in a press release recently—I absolutely condemn the fundamentals of this plan.

The demand for a 220-metre extension to the runway is matched by the consideration that they want to strengthen that runway so that it could regularly take not 20-tonne loads, as it has taken historically, but 50-tonne loads. The thrust of this draft master plan is that regular passenger transport operations should be introduced to Bankstown Airport. When you look at the figurings for the future, you see that that would knock out most of the general aviation operations that are the core of Bankstown Airport's current operation.

This is the biggest business in Bankstown. This is the fundamental heart of our industrial activity. General aviation training and general aviation bring income from all over the world into Australia. It is the very engine of our economy in Bankstown. What the draft master plan would seek to do is to supplant general aviation with regular passenger transport services—jet and turbo-prop. What this plan does not seek to do at all, as the government has never sought to do, is to write out 737s and above using Bankstown Airport for the whole of the future and certainly for the next 20 years...
And the reference to the ASA 2003 study is contained in a further passage of Hansard from the former member for Blaxland here.

All of which got me thinking that maybe there is a lot more to the miniscule's very low key announcement on approving (signing) the BAL October 2014 Master Plan.. (one perhaps for the BRB... )

While on the subject of YSBK I note that Toll has made a significant commitment to a major investment with the airport...: Toll scores aeromedical contract
Australia’s largest provider of transport and logistics, Toll Group, has signed an aeromedical contract with the NSW Health Administration Corporation that is expected to generate revenues of approximately $800 million over 10 years.

The work will see eight new, purpose-built medical helicopters service the southern half of NSW and the ACT from four bases, as well as building and operating an aeromedical training centre of excellence at BankstownAirport, a first in Australia.

Toll Group Managing Director Brian Kruger said Toll will take advantage of its air evacuation and search and rescue expertise to provide an outstanding emergency response service to the people of NSW and the ACT.

"Every year in NSW and ACT there is more than 3,000 flights needed for emergencies such as car accidents, inter-hospital transfers and search and rescue tasks," Mr Kruger said.

"Toll is well known for providing operational excellence in a range of transport services, including helicopter services for the Australian Federal Police in the Solomon Islands and the Australian Defence Force in East Timor, and providing disaster relief management support across the Asia Pacific region on behalf of Australian Government agencies.

"The experience we bring will give confidence to the people of NSW and the ACT that an outstanding helicopter medical rescue service is available."

One of the highlights of Toll’s capabilities is the development of an aeromedical training centre of excellence at Bankstown Airport.

The state-of-the-art training centre will include flight and training simulators, advanced underwater escape training complex, and wet and dry winching practice towers.

Mr Kruger said the centre of excellence at Bankstown will allow Toll to deliver world’s best helicopter emergency retrieval service for NSW Ambulance.

Hmm...wonder if there is a connection...

I'll be back...

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I wonder what Toll paid for that contract Sarcsie?

I always imagined the BK Master plan was to get as much aviation off the airport as possible, to go hat in hand to the Government and complain that Bk was unviable as an airport, but as an industrial site, wow!!!

Think of the contributions we could make to your re-election funds now, and the directors fees we could pay once you leave politics!!

Poor man GA!!..screwed by CAsA from above, screwed by property developers from below.

Read the crap spouted by Mr. Hatton, well I mean, was he serious??

...and it came to pass... Sleezy lay with Mcbanki and beget trussy who lay with Mc bali and beget... ??

Sorry people, the only people who want GA in Australia is GA.
Stick your head out the door and yell WHO WANTS GA..the sound of the crickets will deafen you.
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Dougy & Hitch back from hols.

Thank God Dougy & Hitchen are back I was getting a bit of sick of the likes of resident MSM aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas flooding us with sensationalist bullst in regards to the AirAsia tragedy... From AvBusiness online -Editor's insights 15 January 2015 - it seems that Dougy was in agreement in (re: above) to the 'media frenzy' over the crash of QZ8501 :
Naturally the aviation event that took centre stage over the Christmas season was the loss of that Air Asia flight. At such times a I am always amazed by the eagerness of the general media to provide ‘answers’ even 24 hours after the event, when the aircraft hasn’t even been located let alone retrieved in any sense. I’m also always surprised at the number of aviation insiders who are prepared to feed that media frenzy with speculation too often presented as ‘expert’ analysis, at a time when we just don’t know what happened.

As I write this the black boxes have only just been recovered and when some data from them have been analysed and released then we might be a position to make appropriate comment. I think we do our industry a disservice by rushing to assumptions at an early stage. But maybe I’m the only one who thinks that.
Hitchen's first weekly summary for the New Year was much more topical to the thread - The Last Minute Hitch: 16 January 2015 - so here it is in full:
And so we start the 2015 aviation year with mixed feelings about the future of our industry. For sure there is a lot more optimism around than there was leading into 2014, but it is a reserved optimism that will stay low-key until the Federal Government converts words into actions. Given the history of apathy that has come out of Canberra in the past, we couldn't really expect the industry to backflip from despair to joy based solely on the Forsyth Report. It is only now the real work is beginning; it is only the results that will add bouyancy to the outlook.

As 2015 progresses, there are bound to be some changes going on, and we'd be more than happy to hear what you have to say about it. You can send me a note any time [email protected]

There is some good news in the NSW Government's grant program for regional airports. As I said about the scheme that ran under the previous Victorian government, we'll take money anyway and anyhow we can get it. The back-hander is that it's restricted to only 30 airports from the outset, because the cash is intended to boost tourism into the regions, by air. Consequently, only those airports with RPT, or recently lost RPT, are eligible. If you're not one of those airports, you're out in the cold.

Bankstown's Master Plan has been approved. It will still be some time before we get to have a look at it (7 Jan plus 50 working days), but it appears to contain not a lot of surprises. Most interesting is the prediction that the airport movements will increase by 78,000 per year over the next 20 years. I'd like to hope that's true, but even with an RPT service, it's hard to see where the increase will come from given that movements at BK have been on the decline since the 367,000 of 2008. The 2014-15 year looks like it's headed for a 230,000 year; a decline in movements of 26% if that figure is accurate. Bring on the Master Plan.

Good to see the Outback Air Race is on again! This is a fund-raiser for the Royal Flying Doctor Service that drags pilots all over the outback from Esperance to Hamilton Island. The crews come back with stories of getting lost, getting found, nights in the pub and discovering new mates. It might be all in a good cause, but I don't get the feeling that's why they're doing it!

May your gauges always be in the green,

I'll be back...
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230,000/ 365 makes for 630 movements per day. This would be hard to reconcile with what I saw last year, on a Friday and Saturday combined. I'd say the figure was an improvement. I'm unsure if budgeting for an extra 78,000 means 213 more per day, or 10.6 per day amortized over the 20 years and makes me think the movements are "enthusiastically elasticized" or purposefully "fuzzy".
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