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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

Old 14th May 2014, 09:03
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And the winning numbers are; 89,9, mi mi

Additional funding for the Australian Transport Safety Bureau over two years will take the total cost of the search to $89.9m.

Hmmm.$89 million dollar Beaker jackpot!! There seems to be something 'odd' in regards to aviation related funding. Those naughty trough dwelling CAsArites received a tasty $89 million a few years back, now the same figure is awarded to mi mi mi Beaker and his band of motley accountants! Is the figure of $89 million on both occasions just a coincidence? Is $89 million a lucky number? Does it take $89 million to comfortably fill a trough to the top? Is $89 million a more magical number, a spiritual number which brings the user/department/trough overseer good fortune and longevity in life?

Beaker wins the ATSB lotto;

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Old 15th May 2014, 12:00
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Anyone take the trouble to tune into the New Zealand budget.

While we wallow in bureaucratic bullsh..t, our brethren across the ditch power ahead.

Our DAS actually had the hide to criticize them!!!

Well Mr. Comic DAS, care to show the industry somewhere...anywhere, just ONE THING, you and your corrupt, incompetent clowns have achieved, anything, just one single achievement your government required you and your corrupt incompetent clowns to achieve??
Na.... didn't think so, and you continue to deny the industry holds you in contempt.
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Old 15th May 2014, 22:04
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Beaker bucket & MMSM still catching up??

Well Mr. Comic DAS, care to show the industry somewhere...anywhere, just ONE THING, you and your corrupt, incompetent clowns have achieved, anything, just one single achievement your government required you and your corrupt incompetent clowns to achieve??
Q/ "...just ONE THING.."? Err he effectively gave us the PelAir debacle and..err Wodger's weport, which ultimately led to Truss & Co putting in place the WLR.. Maybe he has done us all a favour??

Anyway TB forget about the DAS (STBR), from what I hear they've sound proofed his office and are screening all his calls and many of his former minions are considering jumping ship to Beaker's bucket, which has just received a $60 million top up due to the MH370 search/investigation mission...

Moving along I noticed this headline this AM from the Oz, & surprise..surprise, old SC :Smaller players warn of ‘oblivion’
GENERAL aviation will follow other Australian industries into oblivion unless there is a radical revision of the local regulatory environment, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia has warned.

In a submission to the federal government’s inquiry into aviation safety, AOPA has said Australia’s unique and complicated regulatory environment is strang*ling the small end of town.

It said the result was that too often *pilots, charter operators and maintenance people gave up because they believed it was “just too hard’’.

“Without a radical revision, it seems that GA will follow so many other Australian industries into oblivion, taking jobs, opportunities and skills with it,’’ the submission said.

“The prospective GA pilot faces problems with access to airfields, high costs and a far from appealing ageing aircraft fleet.

“The aircraft owner faces frequently hostile airport owners, a shortage of licensed maintenance engineers, rising maintenance costs, increased paperwork and such uncertainty with both the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and airport owners that it is difficult to obtain finance to purchase new aircraft.

“In contrast, ultralight aircraft have prospered in a realistic regulatory environment.’’

AOPA calls for a sweep of the existing rules and the adoption of US-style regulations for general aviation *similar to the New Zealand model.
It said attempting to patch up problems with Australia’s system “was like renovating a house with rotten foundations’’.

Areas AOPA wants improved include the level of industry consultation by CASA, a move away from CASA’s legalistic approach and more consistent enforcement. It also argued that aviation should be encouraged by CASA as part of its formal charter and that the regulator was fragmented and should act more *coherently across the whole org*anisation.

AOPA also is highly critical of the declining number of airfields and difficulties in getting access.

It labelled the Aviation Security Identity Card as a “major inconvenience’’ that made no practical contribution to security and had become a device enabling routine obstruction of legitimate operations.

The organisation said expensive airport security fences and gates deterred and inconvenienced legitimate people but did little to deter anyone with malicious intent.

“The failure of the commonwealth government to enforce deeds of agreement with airport owners has seen many airports become unwelcoming or even downright hostile to GA aircraft, in the airport owners’ efforts to seek profit from activities other than aviation,’’ it said.
“In particular, city airports *effectively exclude GA and thus many people who would use this transport system cannot.’’

AOPA’s submission is one of more than 270 received by the inquiry, with worries about CASA cited by chairman David Forsyth as a key concern.
These included concerns about the agency repeatedly changing direction about which overseas jurisdiction it would follow and the habitual use of unnecessarily complex terminology when dealing with the industry.

The committee hopes to have the report finalised by the end of the month. Industry groups are waiting for its findings and to see the government’s response.
Oh well better late than never I suppose...

TICK..TOCK miniscule!

ps Dear miniscule...nicely parried (spun answer) to this (lefty) QIW:
Tuesday, 13 May 2014 HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 82
Date Tuesday, 13 May 2014 Source House
Page 82 Proof Yes
Questioner Thomson, Kelvin, MP Responder Truss, Warren, MP
Speaker Question No. 70
Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Question No. 70)

Civil Aviation Safety Authority
(Question No. 70)
Mr Kelvin Thomson asked the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, in writing, on 25 February

In respect of the employment freeze on public service recruitment, how will the Civil Aviation Safety Authority oversee implementation of Part 61 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998.

Mr Truss: The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:
I am advised that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) will continue to undertake external recruitment activity to fill vacant critical and high priority roles which require aviation expertise. The implementation of Part 61 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 is a high priority for CASA and will be resourced on that basis.
Hmm...wonder in what context that QIW was asked??

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Old 16th May 2014, 00:02
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QUOTE: "It labelled the Aviation Security Identity Card as a “major inconvenience’’ that made no practical contribution to security and had become a device enabling routine obstruction of legitimate operations" QUOTE.

This small matter didn't seem to stop them supporting the whole concept when it was first mooted. Indeed AOPAA attempted to become THE only accredited issuer of the bloody thing on the belief this would force pilots to join AOPAA for a reduced cost of issue. When this didn't happen they opposed it.

The Heretic who wrote this statement is too late and looks like walking one leg each side of the barb wire fence to trying to placate their procrastinating member, while not offending CASA too much.

Last edited by Frank Arouet; 16th May 2014 at 00:03. Reason: Attempting to redefine bull$hit into niceness.
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Old 16th May 2014, 10:03
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The remainder of the money has probably gone into that 'special training pot' for the executives, some more A380 endo's, and Sky Sentinel software upgrades! The whole thing is a complete joke from the Minister down to the pot plant maintainers at Fort Fumble. Serial abuse of taxpayer money for decades, and it is accepted as standard, normal sanctioned practise.

Off with their heads!!
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Old 17th May 2014, 00:00
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$89.9 million pffft!

All around the CAsA house,
The monkey chased the pilots.
And after them in double haste,
Pop! goes the weasel.

(picture off cash blowing out of jack in the box). Someone will find one.

smilie of face going Oooh because mine don't work..... still.
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Old 17th May 2014, 21:48
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A little ray of sunshine.

Extract – Rule of Law Institute of Australia (RoILA) submission. 27 March 2014.

To: Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee.

Second, the current Attorney-General, Senator George Brandis, to his great credit, has asked the Australian Law Reform Commission to conduct a sweeping review of Commonwealth legislation to find provisions that encroach upon "rights, freedoms and privileges". In December 2013 he said:

"I have asked the Commission to identify where traditional rights, freedoms and privileges are unnecessarily comprised within the legal structure of the Commonwealth. Where encroachments exist, the Commission will determine whether they are justified."

The Attorney-General has indicated the Commission should report by 1 December 2014, however it is possible the inquiry may run for much longer. It is clearly a very significant review of the Commonwealth legislation and will focus on the wide discretionary powers of most Commonwealth regulators including the AFP. When the opportunity arises RoLIA will be making significant submissions to the Inquiry and RoLIA has already engaged interns from two Universities to assist us in this process. To the extent it can the Committee and the Senate generally may wish to assist in this inquiry by, among other things, referring to the Commission at the appropriate time any matters it thinks should be brought to its attention.
Food for thought; and perhaps, a gateway for industry. Well done the committee, managing to publish the submissions – seems it can be done. Where there's a will, there's a way.
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Old 17th May 2014, 22:28
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Anyone have any idea when Air Services publish their accounts?

While I understand as a Government Corporation their accounts are probably as dodgey as a starting price bookies, I was wondering if they publish their directors bonuses.

I was lead to understand that these "performance" bonuses were loosely based on how much money they save, so it occurred to me given the Bucket loads saved on new Radar by forcing the Industry into ADSB ten years ahead of the rest of the world, and paying for it, they must be on a poultice load of bucks in bonuses.
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Old 21st May 2014, 21:29
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How we got our important survey – Part 1.

As the WLR review is sanctioned by the 'department' head for release to the miniscule, we of the BRB got together last evening to answer two burning question – (i) the strange and wonderful way of coincidence with the miraculous appearance of an industry PR survey at the time of the WLR release; and (ii) from which bottomless pit of ineptitude did the CASA drag survey notion from. The answer to Qi is, we believe self evident. Best we could come up with for Qii was the following explanation.

Some one left the keys to the word processor room laying about, which allowed a couple of the pencil cupboard inmates to sneak in and settle down to a long night of Gin and fantasy. The product of their late night happy, slappy writing binge produced a mighty word fest. The missive had to be drafted drunk; it's the only explanation, for no one in their senses could produce such a load of meaningless old cobblers.

Anyway - they must have smuggled it into the print run where it impressed some of their more light minded mates (who were stuck for ideas anyway), what with the high flown language, fatuous logic, previously unheard rhetoric; and, the added benefit of being totally incomprehensible made it a winner.... After much back slapping and high five-ing; the missive was presented, like the Emperors new clothes to the "Czar". Not wanting to appear thick, this fine gentleman nodded sagely and agreed with the 'mates' advice, - this was the answer to the massive PR problem. "We should make sure the industry gets this important safety message and we'll get lots of kudos" he cried "I'll wangle the survey money, you boys get to work: this will be a big PR win-win" for us".

So they set it all up and went at it; sure in the knowledge that the loaded questions and skewed answers would provide a perfect platform of mirrors and backdrop of smoke (just the ticket they chuckled); and, the bonus being that no bugger would know what TF they were looking at; but could not say so. You can't tell CASA it's bloody fairy story – and remain fit and proper.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
You will need a strong stomach (and a fine sense of the ridiculous) to read all of this –CAAP. In deference to my colleagues sensitive guts and early hour I have selected but two short paragraphs as an illustration. For your entertainment, delight and amusement; direct from CAAP 215 Annexe D page D 18. If you can't see the parallels, look - HERE, just read the email - HERE:-

A consultant was engaged to conduct interviews with senior personnel and focus groups with the main occupational groups within the airline. The consultant not only provided expertise in these questioning techniques, there was a general perception of impartiality that appeared to encourage frank disclosure and discussion. Four focus groups were conducted (two pilot groups; 1 maintainer group; and 1 miscellaneous group) over two days. A report was delivered by the consultant that summarised the key training themes emerging from the interviews and focus groups.

The training development team used the consultant’s report, the analysis of company incident
reports, feedback from other airline safety managers, CASA and the ATSB website, and their own experience with external CRM training to develop a list of training needs in a rough priority order.
Sponsored by the IOS Sheltered Workshop division. Providing expensive training teams for promoting the latest version of witless, mindless, pointless waffle.

Hope the same crew write the WLR, can't wait to read it - Toot toot.

Last edited by Kharon; 21st May 2014 at 22:02. Reason: Well - it's shriek-able, ain't it.
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Old 22nd May 2014, 08:59
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Geez Kharon you winkle out some weird stuff.

At first I thought Oh God!! more bloody shelf ware, then after a little read,
it is a joke isn't it?? got to be, someone taking the P..ss.
Blue Gum Airlines for goodness sake.

Well perhaps an indication of just how ignorant the numpies are.

Do they really imagine 6 clapped out old antiques will be able to support 20 Odd admin staff??

Thats before you start paying the mill or so for the AOC, probably hasn't dawned on them the model they used has already gone broke...
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Old 22nd May 2014, 09:21
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Parting shots from AMROBA

Heard a rumour that the Murky Machiavellian one is currently vetting the WLR report... If true MM here is some parting shots to consider, while reading the draft WLR report and the CVs of the potential future DAS, from AMROBA's latest newsletter...
Regulatory Structures GA
Most governments are against imposing additional requirements on the public and individual participants but few achieve such an outcome.

Over the last decade we have seen a change from outcome based requirements to prescriptive regulations that also shifts the burden of proof from government to industry.

Standards are confusing to say the least.

Increasing unnecessary paperwork is killing the basic foundations of aviation, general aviation.

Splitting the maintenance capability between AOC pax operations and others was and is a backward step.

Nothing is being proposed to reduce the regulatory burden on the non airline and airline sectors. Changes introduced since 1991 has seen private VH registered aviation continue to decrease.

The regulatory changes has seen many shift to non VH registered aircraft where there is less regulatory burden.

Same aircraft, two different standards applied.

Is the safety of aviation affected by the type of person that wants to become a pilot, engineer, etc. or is it affected by the skills of these people.

New Zealand has a “fit & proper” person criteria that an aviation participant must meet prior to obtaining a government issued licence, certificate or approval. Why? Because under the NZ Aviation Act, the CAA(NZ) is also responsible for security matters.

So what is the best structure for GA?

Pilot licensing should be no different to the principles used in North America where there is a thriving non type certificated aircraft industry.

The legislation should be minimal and requiring CASA to promulgate minimum safety standards that this sector would need to comply with. This sector is all about individual standards not organisations.

Getting the structure right is important.

The regulator may not have the skills or knowledge necessary to design and implement an alternative policy instrument. For example, in some technical areas regulators and policy makers may be influenced by the desire to specify highly technical standards, where they have very specific knowledge.”

Before regulatory change happened in aviation post the Authority’s HO move to Melbourne, Australia had the right structure but requirements had two flaws.

1. Orders were not changing quick enough to keep up with changes needed by industry—basically waited for ICAO standards to change.

2. Many requirements did not have a “head of power” in the legislation.

(my bold)The new CASA CEO will need to design a much better structure than the current system. Of course, his/her direction will be driven by the ASRR recommendations.
And perhaps a parting QON (in bold) for our STBR DAS on the subject of EASA v FAR and the possible adoption of the NZ regs...

"...During the Aero Friedrichshafen event (April 9th-12th) EASA made an announcement which came as a surprise to many people – even to those members of the GA Safety Standards Consultation Committee Sub Group. No one – not even NAAs had any prior knowledge of the EASA announcement.

Simpler, lighter, and better rules for General Aviation.

The Agency is committed to changing the way it regulates GA and this new approach comes from the Executive Director (Patrick Ky).

The presenters said transposing CAT (Commercial Air Transport) rules for GA was wrong and the aim now is to make the rules risk based and proportionate which is in line with the requirements established in the GA road map.

Furthermore, EASA wishes to simplify the operations and administration procedures.

Although it was originally decided not to have a specific GA department, EASA is now in the planning for a GA department, the aim of which is to establish a focal point inside EASA for GA, which has accountability for the future health of GA across Europe.

The time frame for this work is 2014 to 2017. So why did we follow EASA?..."

Oh and MM while vetting the WLR draft report and potential DAS CVs, here is an IOS QON, that I know will be dear to your heart...

Q/ Were we the first ICAO signatory State to submit notified differences to, the freshly minted, Annex 19 i.e. SSP?? (reference pg 96-97 here)

Much more to follow...

Hot off the press...

Panel to submit air safety report

A MUCH anticipated federal government report into aviation safety is expected to be with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss next week.

Panel chairman David Forsyth and fellow members Roger Whitefield and Don Spruston have been working on the review since last year to look at how well Australia’s regulatory system is positioned globally, and have ­attracted a huge response from the industry.

“We’re still doing the final ­editing and we’ve just got a ­couple of issues where we’re double-checking some information, but basically we’re ready to go,’’ Mr Forsyth told The Australian yesterday.

He said the committee had been briefing Mr Truss and the department over the past six months so both were aware of the general thrust.

Mr Forsyth said the committee was happy it had covered the main issues according to the terms of reference and believed it had captured the important ­issues expressed by industry.

“We think we’ve made recommendations that will help to fix those issues,’’ he said.

“Of course, the hard job is for whoever the person is that takes on the role of (CASA director of aviation safety) — it depends on who that is, and how they go.

“But hopefully we’ve given them a bit of a blueprint so they can fix the major issues that have come up.’’

CASA and regulatory reform topped the list of industry concerns in almost 270 submissions and up to 20 supplementary ­papers.

Mr Forsyth said the “major irritant of the regulatory reform program’’ was not all down to CASA and there were also problems in areas such as the way Australia drafts laws.

The committee chairman reiterated his early comments that there was no silver bullet for regulatory reform but said the study had recommended the path it saw as the best.

“Each of the options has pluses and minuses, and we think the one we’ve recommended is on balance is the best way forward,’’ he said.

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Looks like Phelan is back from leave – Pro Aviation – update.
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Old 22nd May 2014, 23:03
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I'm not holding my breath and I'm going to make a prediction....

Based on Ten years studies of psychopathic narcissism in management, I believe that you will get the shock of your life when this review is released and you hear the Governments response.

Yes folks, the situation will only get worse. you are about to receive an even bigger dose of the current corruption and regulatory muck. CASA powers will be increased and it will continue its current behaviour totally unchanged. It will then attempt to get revenge on its detractors if they can be identified, probably by enforcing a process of micro management and further prescriptive regulation.

To put that another way, CASA will have argued and it will be accepted that the reason for industry despair is that CASA hasn't got enough resources. The answer therefore is to give CASA more, more staff, more powers, more lawyering, more layers of management, more Boards and more power to tax you for it.

Truss will be fobbed off by the making of cosmetic changes (greeted by CASA with the magic words "This changes everything!") but the iron ring will remain and be given more and deeper powers to regulate you out of existence.

To put that yet another way, Truss is no Frodo Baggins. He will not destroy the ring of power by throwing it into the crater of Mt. Doom.
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Old 22nd May 2014, 23:37
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Q/ Were we the first ICAO signatory State to submit notified differences to, the freshly minted, Annex 19 i.e. SSP??
Probably. And Australia had plenty of time to think about the new Annex 19, too.

Some items of interest from the ICAO HIGH-LEVEL SAFETY CONFERENCE 2010 held in Montréal, 29 March – 1 April 2010


Topic 2.5: Implementing new safety management process

44. There was unanimous support for the establishment of a new Annex [19] to the Convention dedicated to safety management responsibilities and processes…

Also, and relevant to the PEL-AIR investigation debacle...

Topic 3.2: Safety initiatives arising from recent accidents

61. In summarizing the discussion the Chairman outlined the conclusions reached:

b) that it is not acceptable that an accident cannot be completely investigated due to the lack of availability of the recorded data [my bolding]. As a result, ICAO should pursue as a matter of high priority a review of SARPs and guidance materials with the aim of proposing to States for consideration any amendment which would be necessary to ensure that the data necessary to support investigation of accidents are available, including provisions for the recovery of data and information from flight recorders [my bolding]…

List of Participants



I wonder how much that little jaunt cost Australia?

The management clowns at the ATSB mustn't be aware of the summary for Topic 3.2 re recovery of data from recorders, and it makes the differences filed by Australia for Annex 13 re resource limitations look pretty bloody stupid I reckon, particularly when you look at the previous ATSB involvement of the last of the listed participants.

The mind boggles.
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"The committee chairman reiterated his early comments that there was no silver bullet for regulatory reform"

Yes there is, a simple rewrite of the act, then adopt Kiwi Regs!!

Simple, easy, cost effective.

Would save a whole industry from oblivion, the Taxpayer a poultice of money and lead to better safety outcomes.
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how come so many participants from Australia?
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CASA just does NOT bloody get it!

ICAO HIGH-LEVEL SAFETY CONFERENCE 2010 held in Montréal, 29 March – 1 April 2010


Topic 2.5: Implementing new safety management process

44. There was unanimous support for the establishment of a new Annex [19] to the Convention dedicated to safety management responsibilities and processes




(of two or more people) fully in agreement.
"the doctors were unanimous in their diagnoses"

So, it means the Australian delegates (yes, the 9 of them) agreed with the establishment of Annex 19.

So how come Australia has already filed a difference with paragraph 3.1.4 of ICAO Annex 19 along the lines that there is:

No existing requirement for general aviation operators of large or turbojet aeroplanes to have an SMS, however, consideration is being given to this.
Yes there bloody-well IS a requirement for those general aviation operators to have an SMS, and it's been a STANDARD in ICAO Annex 6 Part II ** which applies to those operators for some time (at least since 2008), as follows:

3.3.2 Safety management system An operator shall establish and maintain a safety management system that is appropriate to the size and complexity of the operation.
** July 2008 edition

The shall means it's a mandatory requirement - so there should have been some definitive action by CASA to ratify the requirement into the regulatory system by now, rather than simply (still) 'considering' the requirement (standard) nearly six years later. FFS

I really want to know how come the CASA delegates agreed with the proposed Annex 19 SMS requirements in 2010, yet CASA is still only 'considering' the SAME requirement as it relates to Annex 19 and Annex 6 Part II four years later (2014), despite the fact that its been an ICAO standard since at least 2008?

So, while we've filed a difference for GA SMS requirements per paragraph 3.1.4 OF Annex 19, there doesn't seem to be a difference filed for the same GA SMS requirement (standard) per paragraph of ICAO Annex 6, presumably because Australian legislation doesn't specifically define 'Corporate Aviation'.

Am I missing something here, or is it a fact that these idiots (CASA management) really haven't got a clue?
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Better grab the KY boys

Sunfish #781 nails it! Nothing will change at the core. The patch over has started - 2 more Board members to cover the Miniscules ass, and McComick leaves in August. There you have it, all fixed, nothing to see, move on, problem solved. I have heard that Terry will go around the same time that his Master leaves, and another rumour is Dr Voodoo will also toddle off to another gig somewhere, but that is yet to be confirmed. Either way, some members of the iron ring remain and some of their apprentices who have been groomed for some time will step straight into the empty shoes. Then the tautological process of malfeasance will continue, but at the hands of a very very angry Fort Fumble. These gods of thunder will be bringing hell upon those who dared to submit a diatribe or two towards them by way of submitting towards the WLR! This is fertile ground for the sociopaths and sycophants and the IOS are the prefect fodder for which they will satisfy their lust for revenge. Fort Fumble have the code to the WLR safe where all submissions are safely and robustly kept, and once Forsyth, Spruston and Whitefield have left the building, well, the Iron Ring will access that safe quicker than a teen boy accessing his dad's Hustler collection (or perhaps Ribald collection)

Aviators of Australia, grab your ankles and curl your toes as the real buggery is about to begin! Hell haveth no mercy like a CAsA employee thrust into the spotlight!

Toot toot
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Better learn to share the KY.

004 - There are more way to skin a cat than are dreamt of in your philosophy. (Horrible, I know but it's early). See the – Senate - thread for a more 'robust' response. (Evil icon).
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SMS what by any other name is basic common sense. Same as Human factors is. But oh gee we now all have to do it or we are all unsafe. Its these extras that at the end of the day don't really amount to anything but are costing industry heaps.

Oil and gas etc demand you have it. Why what dose it give you. I found Australian in our industry are really pretty good at it with out training with being told if you walk into a prop its more than likely going to hurt.

At the end of the day ICAO whilst it sounds good we still have two systems either FAA or ESSA which neither really suits use here in Australia. Maybe the flying side more than engineering. Our population here is so small yet our country so vast. Did we really have a problem with our system before they turned it into muck. No it may not have been prefect but it worked. And as the traveling roads show guy said oh the Europeans think we have a better system than they have, my return was so we throwing the baby out with the bath water. Well his tacho went of the limiter.

So what have we been left with, a system that not working is still not recognized by anyone else and a plie of paper work muck making money from nothing costing shed loads and really giving us nothing in return,

But least im not bitter and twisted just yet.

Normal programing will return shortly

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