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A319s for Qlink?

Old 23rd Nov 2012, 04:14
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AIPA are in deep poo and are desperate to find a way out and that is the only reason they bother themselves with "Regoinals".
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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 04:14
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Qantas Flight, Qantas Pilot.. Can't use that line anymore.

Good on Qlink for getting jets. It's not the pilots who make these decisions, it's management. Lets just all sit back, watch and listen, and if some pilots are gifted shiney jets, then good for them. They are not scabs taking other pilots jobs, they are a product of management decisions.
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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 04:24
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To all the people at Eastern (QLINK) i truly hope you get your jets.

As an ex Eastern driver and now a QF 737 Capt i ask that you consider that there are people on this side of the fence that want nothing more than unity amongst us so that we dont turn the pay and conditions into a joke.

Goodluck and dont sell yourselves short in the rush to fly these things.

Trust me when i say that a jet is just another airplane. A jet should represent a quantum leap in pay and thats what really matters.
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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 04:32
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I agree, a jet is just another aircraft.

Yet, Emirates doesn't think so!

And the pay scale doesn't think so, although I carry almost up to 74x5 = 370 pax a day and get 108k/yr! compare that to a a330 capt per day??????? 1 take off 1 landing!

And you wonder why I am pissed at being a regional pilot! Not by choice. I was told, you will fly the A380 or B747. I said, "yeah right, I have been duped before''. Their answer, "we are Qantas, we are not like those GA operators you have experienced before". F me! Every airline in Australia is a GA operator as far as I am concerned at the moment!

I hope Qlink get the jets! Just remember one thing, aviation is not a career to recommend to your kids!

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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 04:47
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No no no, what you guys need is to join AIPA and ask for a MOU. Then you can give away your commands for nothing in return. Sign up to AIPA like I did and give them three grand to tell you that unity is whats needed. Then wake up one day to find out that AIPA hate your own pilot reps because they stand up for you. Their own idea of unity is to undermine, attack, slander or force out of office anyone who doesn’t promote the AIPA vision. Woe betide anyone who thinks for themselves or disagrees publically with the AIPA mantra. Soon you will be left with a pilot council that parrots the AIPA spin and is incapable of independent thought.

The best thing you can do is back your own reps that have got you into a position where you are about to enjoy your chance at a jet. Tell the fly by night charlatans and snake oil salesmen to nick off. We all want you to fly the jet for as much coin as possible, but it is for our own self interest. Anyone who tells you different is lying. Good Luck.

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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 04:55
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Its unfortunate you feel that way, and i dare say there are many others like you feeling the same. If these jets are slated for Eastern/Sunnies you are going to get 1 and only 1 chance to secure proper pay and conditions.

Whether you do it on your own or with AIPA isn't really that important.
Just don't blow it.

All the best.
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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 05:35
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Pay and conditions are in the current Sunstate and Eastern EBA's, they have been for nearly 3 years.....
AIPA is a spent force as far as i can see, the only good they could do to unify Australian pilots is to forget their differences and join with the AFAP to create one body representing pilots.
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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 06:21
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Before all the sunnies and eastern people get too excited, is it possible they will be replacing the 717's and crewed by cobham? (That's if there is any truth to the rumour)

No doubt QF would put the flying out to tender to the cheapest pilot group, and cobham would have to take a pay cut to get the flying. That seems to be how it works.
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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 06:42
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While I would like this to be true, I can't see where A319's would fit into the schedule? Surely with the Q400's being so efficient and often not full they are the better option for the Qlink routes?

Unless this is a ploy to replace mainline routes with a lower cost base (which wouldn't surprise me) then I don't see how they would be beneficial to the business.
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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 07:00
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Surely if this does happen it will just mean Qantas are able to undercut mainline domestic and deploy the new aircraft on some of the 'thinner' domestic routes giving a premium alternative to J* but not at Qantas costs. Just the spiral continuing downwards.
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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 07:10
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Before all the sunnies and eastern people get too excited, is it possible they will be replacing the 717's and crewed by cobham?
How about :
Before all the sunnies and eastern people get too excited, is it possible they will be crewed by Jetstar (both Tech & Cabin)?
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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 07:14
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The only thing likely is that most people here wouldn't have a clue, and I include myself on that list.

I do get a laugh out of teggun and 32 wetting their little panties with excitement though.
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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 07:52
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Qantas have just invested a lot of cash in
full refurb and repaints the Boeing 717 cabins to that of
the new Boeing 737 cabins with an extra 10 seats.
First aircraft just online all 13 will be complete
Within 12 months .
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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 08:34
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Has anyone considered that this may be a stroke of genius from QF? All three QLINK operators (Sunstate, Eastern and Cobham) are low cost base operators flying on behalf of QF. How can QF get a better deal for QF?

Options are:

1) Dangle jets in front of the two turboprop operations thus encouraging them to put up the best (cheapest) offer they can in order to secure the jet contract. This pits the turboprop operators against one another and their staff.

2) Give Cobham the hint that they may not have the jet contract for long thus encouraging them to put up the best (cheapest) offer they can in order to re-secure the jet contract. This pits them against their staff too.

Keeps everyone nervous and makes them feel like they constantly need to "sharpen their pencils". Stock standard divide and conquer technique, fear is the key.

Who would have thought; a safety critical industry that works on fear and money.
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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 08:38
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A mate of a mate of a mate suggests that the a319s are already in production slot with the company named "Qantas"
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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 08:57
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Where is the Townsville refueler when you need him??
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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 08:59
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Did you know that since 2001, there has been 232 threads speculating the arrival of jets for Qlink.

IMHO, this thread is bordering on homo-erotic, how else could you describe the panty wetting and public johnson stroking.

Stop smoking crack.

AIPA, Pfffttttt !.

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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 09:10
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Stink Finger, some may tell you to pull your finger out. But I agree. It ain't gonna happen. But if you ever see a Qlink painted A319 on bay 6 at brissy with a pilot pissing on it's tyres, that will be me.
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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 09:30
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As I said it may well be on the cards, who would really know?

The 717s are here for a while, BUT extra ones are hard to come by. When they decide to replace them it wont be overnight, there may well be two types for some time. 767/A330.
Who would crew them is the wet dream that some are having and the answer is, who knows, but teggun and 32 must be due a nappy change thinking about it. I worry about people who are so myopic being in command of an aircraft that I may be a passenger.

I have to say I am a bit nervous about my future, but I can't change it, so I will get on with the present and see what happens.

Fingers crossed we all ave jobs we enjoy!

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Old 23rd Nov 2012, 09:36
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Cobham will crew them, they are the jet operator for Qantas and have been for a long time. They are separate form QF so there are no MOUs required and no none can demand slots as they are not owned by QF , it is the future , outsourcing . The group has become to expensive.
Cobham are cheap and offer a complete service, cabin crew, operations engineering, training etc etc all in house, QF just fil the seats and pay the charge , leave the dramas to the Cobham management.
Looking at some of the posts probably for the best.
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