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QF MEL Hanger

Old 10th Jun 2012, 02:35
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QF MEL Hanger


Any word on what will happen with the QF hangers in MEL, I imagine there would be lots of interested parties for such prime real estate. Is this hanger fully owned by QF or was it leased to QF by MEL airport?
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Old 10th Jun 2012, 06:31
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There is plenty of silver and orange paint around at the moment,
A coat of paint and some new docking while it's still under QF Budget,That way it's less cost to Jetstar ,and presto Jetstar Heavy Maint MEL,NTL is too small already.
Of course you will need Lames and Ame's for this.
They will advertise locally for A320/A330 Lic guys,won't find to many,so off to the Govt and apply for more 457 Visa Guys.
Of course QF should offer some A320 training to the outgoing Lames,That way at least these guys can apply for any future positions and already have the quals,
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I shouldn't be saying this because it will give Qantas ideas.

The smartest thing QF can do with that hangar and facility is to keep paying the rent indefinitiely and use it if necessary to store toilet paper and plastic forks - anything to deny another airline possible access to airport infrastructure which is at a premium everywhere.

To put that another way, the planning and permit costs of building something like that again are stratospheric today. They were even stratospheric when I was working next door in the 1970's. It would be better for Qantas to demolish them rather than give (say) Virgin access to a relatively cheap facility.

At the very least they need to put an oxy torch through any B737 gantries and GSE.

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At the very least they need to put an oxy torch through any B737 gantries and GSE.
Don't worry they know that game, just look at H245 in SYD.
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Not to mention the fact that in their infinite wisdom they have just spent about a 100k on new equipment and tooling that will be used by no one......

What was that about QF wasting money...................?
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Half the hanger is line maintenance so unlikely to be anything happening to it.
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Yes our modern 767s and 737 classics and 747s, they are so modern they dont need any fixing. And or super modern A380s just fix themselves. The A330s just turn computers on by themselves and all is done in 10 minutes or so.....our modern fleet needs no fixing at all
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...our modern fleet needs no fixing at all
An old adage used to perfection in politics...

"If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth".

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