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Qantas Staff Travel

Old 17th Jul 2009, 11:30
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Qantas Staff Travel

I have met Joyce twice in two separate forums. He has mentioned in both forums that he wants to ‘re-engage’ staff. Not a surprise since his predecessor disengaged most employees to the point of ridiculous. One quick way to make staff happy would be to bring our staff travel system in line with other carriers.
I have many mates who work for other carriers.They laugh at our staff travel system as I have yet to come across any carrier that charges for upgrades etc. Some benefits our competitor companies offer:
No charge for upgrades for anyone
Several free coupons per year to use on the network
Ability to purchase staff travel at the ticket counters, or dedicated self-service booths
Staff travel tickets can be given to anyone (no six month limits for beneficiaries)
I realise we make revenue from staff travel (it would seem we make more revenue than any other carrier) and also realise it is a privilege, not a right. But it has gotten to the point where it is more expensive than travelling full-fare at times
But seriously, a major re-vamp to our current staff travel system to be similar to our competitors would be a really quick boost to staff morale. Yet with no counter service, charging for just a quote, and waiting on hold for 3 hours just to talk to a staff travel consultant – it is not worth the effort anymore. With cost differences and ease of use I now give my money to Tiger,VB or ZED fares, as it isn’t worth the QF staff travel cost or the rigmarole. If Joyce came up with a better system it would not only improve morale instantly, they would get all of the revenue that goes to other carriers. An really, we are only filling empty seats, so the cost to the organisation is minimal.
What do people think?
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Old 17th Jul 2009, 20:38
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I think FBT has a bit to do with it... but i agree with your opinion.
Better off using LCC's for short trips.. at least you get on!
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QF staff travel on Buss class is much cheaper than VA, to LA QF around $663- VA $2000.
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Old 17th Jul 2009, 23:48
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Actually I think QF's staff travel has improved in many ways over the last couple of years.
Eg, fares have dropped rather than increased whereas ZED as steadily increased, and most things can be done online and therefore there is little need to call or visit them.

Two things that I find wrong with our system compared to others is
1. the fuel surcharge still remains on international flights and it is the same amount for SYD-LAX and SYD-AKL and
2. the lack of transparency regarding the onload priority of staff on a specific flight.
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Solution For Staff Re engagment

Treat your employees with respect not contempt.
The difference between staff travel airfares and airfares available online is minimal.
At least when you check in as a commercial pax you are not treated as a criminal .
The jack booted queens at Sydney Staff Check in are unbelievably rude.
One little swine had my 80 year old mother in tears while I was retrieving something from the car.
He wont forget me in a hurry
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Old 18th Jul 2009, 00:52
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Its all part of the long term erosion of benefits for airline pilots/staff. I've never used staff travel at my current work as its just all too hard and I can't be bothered dealing with the arrogance of the admin aviation ring-ins. I pay full fare every single time and on a year to year basis and it costs thousands. It has a massive impact as I don't see friends and family anywhere near as much as I would if i could.

I listen to collegues who've been in the industry for 20 or 30 years and they tell me what it was like 'back in the day' - I shake my head and wonder. I think if you want this to change you need to make it one of the points in your future eba discussions.

Good luck.
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Most non-airline staff are extraordoinarily envious of Staff Travel and do not understand the difficulties staff travellers face from time to time, regardless of their own empyment perks that are available without restraint or commercial needs. As the media also watch this site, I'd suggest caution in any public forum discussion on the topic. I can see the headline now.......

Also, be careful for what you wish.
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Bit of a thread drift but do you know what is the best staff perk i've ever heard of in any occupation.....Queensland Health - salary sacrifice your mortgage payments!!! How good is that. They end up paying no tax and you and I pay for the villa!!! The missus is trying to get in there now before this one goes out the window.

Back to the thread, you reckon QF is bad, try VB or VA staff travel. They are both a joke.

Back in the box.
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salary sacrifice your mortgage payments!!!

You sure they aren't being grossed up? (to an amount that would equal the tax that should be paid)

And those benefits can be withdrawn at any time, our employer withdrew a benefit because of abuse by one inbreed.
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OK now don't get precious, but how about this idea.
  1. Staff Travel can be booked well in advance (not the current limited forwar window but even up to a year ahead)
  2. P,J,WC can be selected as an extra cost option for any employee and their immediate travelling partner
  3. Allocation of upgrade is on avail basis in order of booking
  4. Other onload/upgrades for those that don't want to pay the extra are then made as avail in order of booking
  5. Cost is on value of FBT + notional contribution
In this manner staff travel becomes cash flow positive, and a short/medium term revenue pool for the company. In other words there is a financial reason for the company to want it!

Those paying and planning ahead are not unsurped by someone who has a few more days on the job and decides on a whim to travel an hour before the flight goes.

People working for the company are not shunted by someone's relative who does not.

Managing the system is simpler and more streamlined -

It is transparent as the every booking has a sequence number anyway

Premium cabins look better when they are full


Note - any replies advocating seniority as the sacred cow - please ensure that you include in your response the economic benefit to the business and how the seniority concept adds to the engagement of staff.

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SYD, your mates obviously don't work for CX/KA who charge for upgrades a la QF, the difference is ( I think ) we get the extra dosh back if we have to travel in cattle, we also get 4 free tickets a year ( pay the taxes ).
However, the QF staff travel website is far better than what we have and far easier to book tickets on your own airline.
When we look at the loadings we get stupid colour codes, red, yellow or green and don't really know how many seats are left ( CX guys can get into res system tho )
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if you are happy to travel in economy try the ZED fares with other airlines, no fuel surcharge so your ticket is heaps cheaper and airlines like SQ and EK have heaps more destinations in euro (25 and 29) compared to QF (2). i use QF tickets as a backup
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Always worth looking at other airlines special offers, particularly at the moment. Etihad had a BN-SIN-BN special for about $500 last month. SQ are doing a few "two to travel" deals and EK have some offers on for holders of specific credit cards.

Breakaway Travel and World Interline Tours are worth considering too.
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I've been pretty happy with QF staff travel - had some good trips, I'll miss it when I finish up in Sept (yay redundancy) but there are some cheap fares available commercially now.

Hopefully by the time prices go up I'll have a new job and be rich and won't have to worry.
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The are only a couple of things about staff travel that irk me. The first is that our high priority trips should be confirmed at least once a year. The only time this may bump some other customers would be in school holidays, but the rest of the year probably wouldn't make too much difference. The second is the fuel surcharge on staff tickets, though that has slowly been reduced lately.

I don't mind not being able to book too far in advance, as after all we are filling empty seats. I normally have checked out what I want to do and what zed fares I should get as back ups and do the zed fare and any long service trips over the phone 10 days before I need to travel. Also with International travel 2 weeks out with give you a pretty accurate idea of what the flight will be like.

It also amazes me how many staff do not travel with back up tickets. If you cant afford at least one back up ticket, then you probably can not afford to go on holiday. I was in BKK when one of the coups happend (2006?), the coup happened overnight and I was due to come home that afternoon. I was there on a 6 day break, and before I went the QF flight had almost 100 seats coming home and the BA also had seats. Well every man and his dog was trying to get home and as a consequnce no staff were going to get on QF or BA. Talking to other staff in the que, they were also on days off and needed to get home to start work. They were cutting it fine to be back at work, I had one day up my sleeve. Talking to them I found out that they did not have any back ups, just QF/BA ticket. I had a back up and got out on TG which had 50 seats available. I always get backups when I go overseas even if I'm pretty sure I don't need them.

Regarding upgrades overall they are done as they should be. I work in an area where I have access to that info and it all seems to work ok. If you feel you have been dudded and can get the info, staff travel do follow that up and act on it. Seniority and catergories seem to work out ok. I'm pretty much in the middle and have rarely missed out on an upgrade.

There are plenty resources on the net for you to use to research which flights and back up tickets you need, have a look on the staff travel site for the links. Since everything is now online I've rarely had to wait too long on the phone to talk to them. Don't call on a monday morning or friday arvo and it isn't too bad.

I'm not in Staff Travel, but if you know the system, you can make it work for you and get the most out of it.
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How about bringing jq staff travel inline with mainline. Where senority and years of service count. No lining up like bogan moths to a flame.
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Hey Griff,

But you forget that JQ and bogun go hand in hand. Just like " 2 peas in a pod".

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Staff travel

Was recently back in LA, and those feckers at the check in desk there......
Quite a game ain't it.....standing respectfully opposite them with 5 mins to go......been doing iot for years, all over the world.......pain in the arse...sure but step back...look at the guy over the road....mowing his lawn looking forward to the next footy game...never knowing the abstract thrill of staff travel..or the fabulous expense of feeding wife and kids in far flung parts at short notice, and all but wiping out most of the cost saving on the tkt.....explain the complexity and hit and miss nature of staff travel to the great unwashed and then they take on a different idea of it....that year long planned holiday? Go oput to the airport 3 days in a row and miss aircraft...there is more to the story......

LAX check in staff take note.....except for that delightful Afro American lady who checked Mrs Fliegs and I through to JFK with incredible good service reallt were wonderful...
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The system could be made better if you knew exactly where you sat in the priority queue.

The BA staff travel website is good as it shows you your catergory in order but no names thus allowing you to know where you should be in relation to all other staff and duty travellers.

Would make me feel better than seeing some young 22 yr old hostie rock up and get my J class seat all because she knows the girls behind the desk.

Dont laugh,because I have seen it happen.

And you know what,it will happen to you at some stage.

P.S. And she wasnt on duty travel either.Cow

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Questions Bug A lugs

Which port was this?
Did you buy an upgradeable ticket?
She may have been travelling on her fathers category.
Tough for you if he was a Captain
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