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Hawke on Denton tonight!

Old 14th Jul 2008, 09:25
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Hawke on Denton tonight!

Well, I certainly won't be watching!

Apart from the fact that I would probably throw up, I would probably put my foot through the TV too!

I really don't want to do either!

I mean, my new HD plasma cost me a few bob and why waste it on a deadbeat like Hawke?
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Old 14th Jul 2008, 09:28
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Hawke on Denton tonight!
Who's Hawke ?
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Old 14th Jul 2008, 10:09
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he's a silly old bugger.
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Old 14th Jul 2008, 10:29
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Come on you 'bus drivers', you all know who he is...
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Old 14th Jul 2008, 11:07
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Its tomorrow night and probably not worth watching.
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Old 14th Jul 2008, 11:37
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ok then...I won't watch it tomorrow night either!
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Old 14th Jul 2008, 12:00
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its on TV here in Atherton............. waste of leckticity!

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Old 14th Jul 2008, 12:10
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tomorrow night

Good first post !!
Ya shouda looked right.
Bucket is almost full.
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Old 14th Jul 2008, 13:05
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I forced myself to watch it, as I believe the only way to deal with hate or fear is to face it, but as a 89er I found it simply too distressing. I could cope with anything except the hypocrisy especially the last statement of caring for people, I had to get up and go outside. I guess I was hoping for some statement that in regards to the pilots, he now wished he had done things differently, as the pilots themselves have stated, so we could finally have closure, and put the whole thing into the history books where it now belongs, but it was not to be. Most have now moved on, but it would be a disservice to those whose lives were totally destroyed, and never really recovered because of family breakups, and those who took their own lives to ever forget what happened in a so called democracy where the big end of town and a Australian Govt. so effectively crushed a group of fellow citizens, who asked for a pay rise, and effectively started what is now enterprise bargaining. How could this man describe how bad he felt eating in India whilst beggers stood at the gate, but at the same time he and his mates fed at a trough paid for by the public purse, while they wheeled and dealed often for their own benefit. A double set of standards not lost on many.
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Old 14th Jul 2008, 13:13
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No Stomach for Hawk.

I won't be watching it. (Still too early WA time.) One more word from Hawk and I'll vomit. I'd rather have my finger nails pulled out!
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Old 14th Jul 2008, 13:58
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Watched it. Did it all four times over nearly 20 years ago. recognised allot of traits that exist in our current leaders today. Make of it what you will you squirrels out there.

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Old 14th Jul 2008, 21:35
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Do you pilots think you were/are the only group in australian society to be screwed by an australian government???????? You lot now know what is like to be a slave and survive in australia like the rest of us who arn't looked after by the establishment.
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Old 15th Jul 2008, 01:27
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which brings us back to the thread.
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Old 15th Jul 2008, 02:05
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Oh poor bugger me!.............Mummy
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Old 15th Jul 2008, 02:14
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StallBoy..boohoo. I thought it was us Poms who whinged! What planet are you from? Australia and the US are two of the countries on earth where you still can do very well without interference from 'the establishment'. In those countries, people who use 'The Establishment' as the cause of their ills are just making excuses for their own shortcomings. Being a slave,in Australia! Good grief man - get a dose of reality will you. You have an excellent minimum wage scale and a good social security system. Go to China one day and you will stop your whining. Even in my country, the influence of the establishment has wained significantly. In the old days we never would have allowed the likes of Branson and Al Fayed to rise to the top.

That grubby little PM you had there in '89 simply screwed the pilots for his own ends and that of a wealthy mate. Complete misuse of government power it was but it was hardly a case of evil intent from 'the establishment'.

We dont have that TV show here, but did that Hawke chap cry again? He seems to do that a bit.
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Old 15th Jul 2008, 03:01
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I watched it.....seems to me that there was an 'exclusion zone' agreed to prior to the interview, to not ask any questions on anything he didn't want to talk about!!!

As it turned out.....on anything worth listening to!!!

What a d**khead, and a worthless cost to the Australian community.

...and he still is costing us...until the day he passes!

I really wish the entire interview never existed and was never mentioned!

How does it go....let sleeping dogs lie!

Ahhh well...
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Old 15th Jul 2008, 06:35
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I watched it with reservations.

I thought it was rather uninteresting. There was a lack of philosophical content in the interview - which highlighted the self-centred, shallowness of Hawke.

Given the calibre of other guests that Andrew Denton has interviewed on this program - I thought Bob Hawke was a strange choice. He's hardly an eminence gris, like, for example, Jimmy Carter or even Malcolm Fraser. I don't think Bob Hawke has left a trail of actions (or words) that could be described as 'inspiring' or 'inspirational'.

At the end of the program I felt like there had been no pearls of wisdom, no grand insights, no revealing reflections and thus - there was nothing at all.
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Old 15th Jul 2008, 12:31
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Yes, shallow questions directed at a shallow character.
I agree with Flight Detent ; you can bet there was an embargo on questions about children / wealthy business friends / destruction of unions and especially hypocrisy!!!

Role on.....
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Old 15th Jul 2008, 13:10
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I suspect that when this individual does eventually cark it (love that phrase when it's in regard to boborke; it's so... apt... or something, especially if you take that word or something very much like it as if it was from the Italian), there'll be quite a few 89ers flooding the talkback stations with their 'fond' on air reminisces of Our Bob.

I wonder if he can sue from the hereafter? The one he doesn't believe in?
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Old 15th Jul 2008, 22:58
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I recall reading that Rupert M found this character interesting because he was so easy to manipulate. Just provide the young females and the most booze.

It was also recorded that when the ACTU boss ventured to SYD on business, his driver was an employee of TNT and a known mafia hitman who is now serving a life sentence in the USA.

Good company!
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