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QF LH CC Onboard Manager Promotions

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QF LH CC Onboard Manager Promotions

Old 4th Jan 2008, 00:02
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Comparative Skills

You are born with interpersonal skills
You can acquire technical skills.
Flight Deck monitors are living proof you cant acquire personality.
Hope the dog is a Kelpie
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Old 4th Jan 2008, 00:05
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I know where this thread is going.
I hear the patter of little(moderator) feet
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Old 4th Jan 2008, 00:10
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Medical Question

What occupation has the highest rate of Colon Cancer?
Looks like God doesnt like the Monitors either.
But wait ....isnt God a Pilot?Oh Yes I forgot..he works for JetStar.
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Old 4th Jan 2008, 00:16
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One of the main roles of a manager is to know what the duties of those they manage involve...

Funbags has shown time and again that he/she knows very little about the role of Cabin Crew with this statement...

In reality, we can serve tea/coffee (no qualifications required). In reality, you can't fly an aeroplane (licence required).
So that diminishes funbags argument that he/she is the real On Board Manager because a real manager knows the abilities of their organisation.

Some points here funbags..

1:After watching tech crew over the years I sincerely doubt that some tech crew would be able to serve Tea and Coffee let alone anything else we do....

2:You need a license to drive a car but that doesn't necessarily mean that drivers are better because they have a license.In fact with the road toll it would appear the exact opposite is a more accurate statement.

3:With your fragile and easily bruised ego I very much doubt that you would last 1 sector with passengers.

4:If your association was given the vote for a 'B' scale they would grab it with open arms if it meant their conditions were protected.Remember a few years ago when your union sold a lot of it's award conditions including the 1,1,2 slipping pattern.The pilots then spat the dummy on a number of occasions when cabin crew had a longer slip.....sad but true...

But here is the real truth that some pilots think of cabin crew...

I have for many years thought it was absolutely abhorrent when one compares the pay of a CSM with that of a Dash 8 Captain (and F/O!).

Q.Which needs higher skill and training levels, and carries more responsibility?

This will, many many years down the track, address that imbalance somewhat.
....So instead of increasing the pay of a Dash 8 pilot this Capt is happy that cabin crew pay is being reduced.....it makes him feel better......poor little boy

Your point of view funbags seems very similar to this chap....
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Old 4th Jan 2008, 00:40
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Pilots respect Pilots?

A few years back sitting in the Garden of McCormick and Schmicks in Pasadena having a few beers.
A Captain loudly proclaims that he hadnt spoken to a second officer in 14 sectors.
Pretty much says it all.
Isnt Funbags an S/O on a Chipmunk ?
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Old 4th Jan 2008, 01:14
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C'mon guys enough of this rubbish.There will always be some pilots and cabin Crew that think the world spins around them and them only.

Both of us have a job to do and we don't need it made any more difficult with this sort of infighting.

Congrats to those getting the jacket and best of luck up the track.The real problem they will have is staying awake or trying not to throw up during the course.
Let's hope the IFE on the new airbus is better than on the 400 but if you think about it the new one couldn't be any worse.
Any win is a bonus
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Old 4th Jan 2008, 02:30
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Geez, who would have known that this would turn into such a phallic argument!

Personally I think the term 'On Board Manager' is indistinct, ambiguous, pretentious, and has delusions of grandeur for the position it alludes to. That's got absolutely nothing to do with the importance or otherwise of the role of the position the term is being used for. I'm more than comfortable with the lines of responsibility and authority on the aircraft. I'm also more than comfortable that the term CSM or FSD is a much more descriptive and appropriate term. Whilst I admire the job our cabin crew do (there is no way I could go through what you guys deal with) there is one 'on board manager' in law and it ain't the CSM, FSD or whatever term we want to use this week.

For the sensitive souls though, how would you feel were the Techies to start using the term 'on board management team'? Would you feel that excludes the CSM from being considered part of that team? See the point?
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Old 4th Jan 2008, 03:10
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The Term "Onboard Manager" was coined by the idiots who run Cabin Crew.
I agree with you Keg it has delusions of grandeur,pretentious and is ambiguous.
Perhaps Capt.Manning and Lesley Grant could get together and come up with a more
appropriate title like EPM(Every Pilot's Mommy)
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Old 4th Jan 2008, 03:29
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I always kind of liked the term "Purser". I think it has a stylish, old world ring to it....
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Old 4th Jan 2008, 03:33
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Originally posted by Keg...
how would you feel were the Techies to start using the term 'on board management team'?
Keg I doubt that cabin crew would have a second thought about it.They would file it away with all the other irrelevant rubbish they are told.

It seems though that some tech crew have problems with a CSM or CSS being called on board Managers.

The basic's are that the techies fly the aircraft and we manage the cabin.In no way do any Cabin Crew think they manage the tech crew.

As far as chain of command is concerned most Captains that know what they are doing and are confident in themselves do not concern themselves with the cabin unless there is a safety issue or other critical situation which obviously then concerns them.

Fairly simple you would think but some seem to have a problem with it....
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Old 4th Jan 2008, 03:47
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The point is, as Lowerlobe has pointed out - does it REALLY matter? I think there are more important things in the world to be expending this much energy on...
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Old 4th Jan 2008, 05:03
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Specialized Workforce.Specialized Skills

Before computers,ILS and an array of other technology was invented pilots indeed FLEW planes.
Things have changed dramatically over the last 20 years.While pilot skills are important they are not as important as they once were.
If you could convince the travelling public otherwise Airlines would and could have pilotless flight decks.The technology is available now.Apart from the very occasional drama Aicraft fly themselves.In another 30 years pilots will probably not exist in their current capacity.
As has been pointed out you will still need a human presence in the Cabin.
I really do not understand all this elitist fuss.Captain is a civil commission not a Royal commission.CSMs or what ever you want to call them are quite happy about the separation of power and authority.Sitting in a small confined space for 14 hours with an array of LCDs and someone you may not like or respect is not everyones idea of fun.From a second officers point of view it must be pure hell having some old fart telling you when you can and cant breathe.Definitely anachronistic at best
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Old 4th Jan 2008, 05:24
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Bunch of children.

Start this thread again and I'll delete it.
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