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Skywestfirst with carbon emission programme

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Skywestfirst with carbon emission programme

Old 17th Oct 2007, 14:38
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Skywestfirst with carbon emission programme

17 October 2007


Skywest Launches SKYGreen
SKYWEST AIRLINES announced today the launch of its Carbon Offset Program – SKYGreen.

SKYGreen is a voluntary carbon offset program that allows Skywest customers to make their own financial contribution to offsetting the environmental impact of their flight. SKYGreen is supported by Carbon Neutral.

The voluntary offset contributions are based on Skywest’s estimate of carbon emissions based on the length of the sector flown, average fuel burn and passenger loads.

Skywest Chief Executive Officer, Paul Daff, said the program was about giving travellers the option of offsetting carbon emissions without imposing a compulsory environmental tax.

“At Skywest Airlines, minimising the environmental impact of our air services and protecting the environment, is something we take very seriously. Voluntary offset contributions means we’re giving our passengers the option of offsetting.,” Mr Daff said.

Carbon Neutral Chief Executive Officer Leo Kerr, said he was delighted to partner with Skywest on this program.

“SkyGreen offsets Skywest flight emissions through native tree planting. This helps address a number of environmental challenges such as dryland, salinity and land degradation,” Mr Kerr said.

Mr Daff said that Skywest was also taking further steps to ensure that the skies over Western Australia remain green.

“We are currently developing fleet renewal plans. By introducing more modern, fuel efficient aircraft and by operating these to best practice we will be able to further reduce the greenhouse gas emissions generated during our operations,” he said.

Further information is available on the Skywest website, at skywest.com.au.
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Old 18th Oct 2007, 00:14
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As PT Barnum said `There is one born every minute' and they are out there suckered into one of the greatest scams around purchaising carbon credits.

Ranking with the Nigerian Email Scams

Who is checking to see if these credits are, like all the money contributed to charities, etc, particlularly World Vision, is actualy spent planting trees or other carbon eating varieties?

Read a couple of the websites touting being green and chack to see if they say where the money is actually being spent?

And how many trees per flight?

And for how long?

Do grass, bushes, shrubs or other plannts absorb, regurgitate carbon dioxide, etc? My old chemistry & Physics lessons tended to teach they did.

And, they are telling us to eat more of one of our National symbols Kangaroo meat instead of Beef. Who stuck a gasometer up the asses of each to measure the greenhouse gas emisions of both?

And, where are the printed results?

Plus there are more Kanagoroos than cows therefore it should follow Kangaroos, per se, produce more GGE's than beef? ( particularly if we produce more?)

What effect does Kangaroo meat have on the human digestive system and does this not cause the said system to produce more GGE's? Study and results please?

Me? I'll just leave the carbon credit offset purchases to others thanks.

Plus I planted a tree or two however, they died as I was not allowed to water them.

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Old 18th Oct 2007, 05:14
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Grandpa Aerotart
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Even the 'greener' greenies are a bit embarrassed by the carbon trading scam...it is merely industry hoping on the bandwagon to appear green while making a few $ for themselves.

All these sorts of things produce new industries that cost us money for no return. Y2k was a boomtime for IT, the rediculous DDT ban was a boom for chemical companies, the asbestos scare campaign gave birth to the asbestos removal industry despite the VAST majority (100% of asbestos in public buildings and school in the US) of asbestos was virtually harmless white asbestos...and now we have carbon trading care of the AGW scare campaign.

You can bet that any airline 'thoughtfully' making this available to it's passengers (to appear green-marketting fluff) will be creaming off a % as a handling fee...and they will be improving their bottom line as a direct result.
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Old 18th Oct 2007, 05:23
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Along with......the Y2K Bug, Avocado farms, Olive Groves, Ostrich farming, the iminent iceage scam of the late 70's.

There was a greater chance of commies under your bed for ferks sake!!


PS: But hey....let em plant more trees....can't hurt right?......until 30 years later when some bright wit decides we have too many CO2 consuming trees and its causing global warming!
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Old 18th Oct 2007, 05:54
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I'm with you three - wtf is this 'carbon credit' rubbish.
Another great scam...

Look at the average narrow body twin jet flying around oz - say a flight of 2500km, burn around 5000kg with about 110pax as a bad load - works out to around 60litres jet-a per pax. (simplistic I know)

If you put the same number of people in four wheel drives, or average aussi v8, at 3 per vehicle - I guarantee that they would consume more than 60 litres per head on the same distance.

Why are aircraft being made out to be the bad guys in CO2 emissions.

It's the same tripe about Oz being the greatest CO2 emitter in the world - only on a per capita basis - the convenient qualifier left out in media reports...

Go plant your ouwn trees - it's more fun. Don't pay an airline to do it for you, coz there ain't that much room for forests at our airports..
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Old 18th Oct 2007, 06:04
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But there is more than enough room for a brickworks and other non-aviation commercial buildings!!
I really did like the bush at JT and PH.
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Old 18th Oct 2007, 07:35
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Yeah but ....

The QF blurb said

"Qantas will pay to offset the equivalent of approximately 40,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases associated with these flights, with the money to be used to plant and maintain around 90,000 Mallee Eucalyptus trees across Australia in an agreement with CO2 Australia," Mr Dixon said.
"These trees will not only sequester carbon from the atmosphere but will also aid in the prevention of salinity, erosion and soil degradation and provide income for farmers."

so if you are going to get involved, use a programme that serves some additional purpose other than simply sticking a tree in your backyard.

Having said which, I agree that there's a whiff of Millenium bug and the Council of Rome about the whole thing.
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Old 19th Oct 2007, 00:55
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Lets see a correctly audited set of books from CO2 AUstralia who I have never heard of until now (and look what happended to Easy Being Green?) and the details of the Qantas collection and allocating of the monies?

If every Aussie plants and looks after one tree per year thats 21 million trees per annum - one helluva lot of GGE's regurgitated?

However, it said the average large eucalypt (Blue Gums the popular choice of tree to plant, fast growing, good timber for woodchips requires 200 galons of water per day (758 ltrs)?

The story gets more and more complicated the more it is explored:

If we plant too many trees do we absorb too much CO2 and create a CO2 imbalance with in the enviroment?

Alot of water is required to sustain the trees - where is it going to come from?

Then we require another woodchip plant to recycle the trees - more water needed and pollution created processing the trees?

So many questions - so few answers from the conservationists

And, note they have failed to address the GGE gasometer question?

Perhaps it is Bullshite too?

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Old 20th Oct 2007, 16:46
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Who in their right mind is going to pay for that shite? God sake it aint going to make much bloody difference.

Next we know there will be some horrendous "Emissions tax" built into the airfares

If they were really serious about carbon emissions/offsets etc they would be trying to find alternate fuels.............

Also just remembering something, The amazon rainforest makes up for quite a large percentage of global warming each year, so maybe we should just get rid of that?
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Old 21st Oct 2007, 07:09
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What a load of [email protected] Just get on with life and stop worrying about whats going to happen in 500 million years. Most of us will be dead by then anyway.

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Old 23rd Oct 2007, 02:17
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What a load of [email protected] Just get on with life and stop worrying about whats going to happen in 500 million years. Most of us will be dead by then anyway.
That must be up there with one of the most ignorant posts I have ever read. You obviously dont give two hoots about the future generation.

I am by no means a greenie, but I applaud Skywest for taking an interest in the environment . That being said, I wouldn't bother participation in this program rather buy my own plants. That way I know where my money has gone and the trees been planted (cynical I know).

I planted a tree or two however, they died as I was not allowed to water them
So sad that this is so true
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Old 23rd Oct 2007, 02:30
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I planted a tree or two however, they died as I was not allowed to water them

So sad that this is so true
Water them with XXXX then. It's about all it's good for...
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Old 23rd Oct 2007, 02:34
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(you know what i'm saying)
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Old 23rd Oct 2007, 03:10
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Is Mr Kerr's middle name Wayne? Now the skies are green...!!! Trees are blue????We all live in a purple submarine...a purple submarine..a puuurrpple submarine.I reckon some of these dudes ARE on the green stuff!Must stop drinmking this XXXX..leaving too big a carbon foot-print.
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