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Tiger touches down in Melbourne

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Tiger touches down in Melbourne

Old 16th Sep 2007, 10:37
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Tiger touches down in Melbourne

Bring it on . . .

The first Tiger Airways plane has arrived in Melbourne.

The airline will provide domestic flights within Australia from early December, subject to Federal Government approval.

The Singaporean-owned carrier has promised to take on Jetstar, its main rival in the low-cost flight market.

The Victorian Government expects Tiger Airways to boost the economy and grow the tourism sector, creating 1,000 jobs.
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Old 16th Sep 2007, 11:11
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There is just the minor impediment of an Oz AOC to be resolved. Theirs is about the worst initial AOC application CASA has seen in a good while, so it is unlikely that they will be coming to a theater near you just yet.
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Old 16th Sep 2007, 15:11
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Tiger WILL survive - CASA the political weapon ??

Well "gaschamber" whoever gave you this inside information has committed a crimminal offence...you had better watch out...there are strong Federal Laws protecting information...assuming it is true of course.

or was it deliberate...not the first time CASA has been used as a political weapon to protect the Red Bloated Kangaroo carcass

Anyhow...what a load of crap...Tiger have just carted their 3 millionth passenger in total and complete safety in some of the worst weather you can get anywhere in the world and they already operate to Darwin and Perth...so mate whats the hidden agenda....if they are allowed to operate into and out of Australia they will not have a problem getting another piece of paper...

because mate..thats all it is...just another piece of paper to be filed in Singapore HQ!

Don't forget who owns Tiger Airways...some of the smartest and most successful organisations in the aviation world!

Go Tiger Go and give the Australian public what they want...COMPETITION!
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Old 16th Sep 2007, 15:24
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Thumbs down

Don't forget who owns Tiger Airways...

Go Tiger Go and give the Australian public what they want...COMPETITION!
Yeah, go tiger. And take the cash-flow to those fish-heads up north.

Good one, emu.
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Old 16th Sep 2007, 19:25
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I hope Tiger do well.

An Australian AOC is a little diffrerent to most.
I suggest if the pilots concerned, and to a large degree it will be pilots and emgineering management doing the ground work for this AOC, have not gone through this beauracratic process before, they will be pulling their hair out.

They will still get there, may just be a few hurdles in place.
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Old 16th Sep 2007, 20:37
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yeah... and i wish Austr.... um Singaporean business all the best...... duh!
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Old 16th Sep 2007, 21:16
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Another case of "deepest pockets"

How much are they willing to lose and how many of those 1000 jobs will be left in tatters this time?

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Old 16th Sep 2007, 21:35
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Gee, I'd love to see Qantas get done over for predatory pricing! Go Tigers!
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Old 16th Sep 2007, 22:47
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Emu , no hidden agenda and my info did not come direct from anyone in CASA. Maybe it came from someone in Tiger ? And maybe a friend of a friend ? Think about what you say before you accuse people of criminal activity. And I certainly did not suggest that Tiger would be unsafe. But CASA is all about pretty manuals with ass-covering statements on every page. Operationally, CASA wouldn't know unsafe unless it bit them on the bum. What competencies do their FOI's have these days and how long will it take them to assess an application of the magnitude of Tiger ? I did not say Tiger would not get an AOC. Just not quite yet. Of course they will get an AOC when they get the right people who know how to deal with CASA, and when CASA gather the wherewithall to assess it.
Virgin also got off to a very poor start with theirs and had to change a lot of stuff and look how long it took them to get ETOPS. Sure, it's just paper and I absolutely agree with anyone who reckons CASA are difficult unless you are a big name airline. The red rat probably wrote its own AOC, but that was another time in history.
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Old 16th Sep 2007, 23:41
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I heard the same thing..could still be a long way off....
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Old 17th Sep 2007, 03:07
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20 September 2017

The "Big Two" dominating the Australian domestic scene
Tiger Airways and Virgin Blue have filed injunctions to
prevent a resurfacing of the long-defunct Jetstar.

This must be good news for the long-suffering public who
are crying out for real competition.

CEOs of both highly profitable airlines agree that the
country cannot afford a third domestic entrant, given that
Tiger and Virgin have made further new aircraft orders and
the highly-advertised fare-cuts to be introduced next year.

"We admit that fares can be a little lower than they are
now, but unlike the outdated government policies of the
90's we are driven purely by investment and profitability.
Both cannot be sustained by the arrival of a third entrant."
the CEOs outlined in a joint statement yesterday.

Australia has had a recurring history of domestic duopolies
since the 1950s, where Ansett and TAA were once
protected companys in there own right. From the 1990s
till 2007, the 'big two' were Jetstar and Virgin. It is ironic
that Tiger was introduced as a "real competitor" to break
the then unpopuler duopoly.
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Old 17th Sep 2007, 03:18
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Not that I am doubting what you are saying but i REEEEAAAAAALLY dont think that anyone that works for Tiger would brag about how bad their application was. Of course we all know that CASA arnt going to make it public.

I would really like to know how things like that come out. They have dont it before with their operation OS so i would ot think that it would be that much different. There would be some procedures that need changing but the basic embryo of all the manuals needed would be there.

I think from an AIRLINE point of view CASA arnt too difficult in regards to getting it off the ground. They even provide you all the answers to all the questions they are looking for in all the checklists. Follow the checklist. Easy approval. We wrote all out manuals ( check / training, Maintenance Control manual / System of maitenance/ ops manual) around the compliance statements and checklists.

Maybe they have had a bad bunch of manuals submitted but really who knows
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Old 17th Sep 2007, 03:47
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Do you really think the Qantas group, one of the and sometimes THE most profitable airline in Australasia will just roll over and die.......hhhhhhmmmmmm..... I'm pretty sure there is plenty of money in the kitty.

The whole point of competition is the lower fairs. if Tiger and Virgin were the only 2 operators nothing would have changed..... except the airfares (and not in a good way either) and pilot wages (down they gggggooooooo!!!!)

Roses tend to be a nice thing at first. They look pretty and you really think your going to get something if you buy them.... just beware the thorn in their side.
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Old 17th Sep 2007, 05:10
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Virgin have already indicated that they are not prepared to participate in the LCC fare war that will occur when Tiger starts operating. Instead, they will compete directly against Qantas in the premium market leaving Jetstar and Tiger to lose money fighting over the low yield sector. This means that there are only two airlines competing in each of the two distinctly different markets.

Sunfish, from your posts over a long period of time, it is obvious that you hate Qantas so much that you would prefer a foreign carrier to have dominant market share and have all the profits go overseas. I don't know anything about your background but your loyalty to the country that has given you everything in life is severely in question.
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Old 17th Sep 2007, 05:41
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GB...If QF could become a Foreign carrier, it would. (And for a short time recently, it did!) $$$ mean everything to Boards these days, not loyalty to Oz.

Loyalty is a two way street.

PS. Have I missed something? Is Tiger 100% foreign? No Aussie content?
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Old 17th Sep 2007, 05:44
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Is it some sort of omen they use the callsign "GO CAT"? I handed over to a discommoded Magpie supporter with the news just after his arrival...
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Old 17th Sep 2007, 05:55
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emu, what are you smoking?

"some of the worst weather you can get anywhere in the world" Really!!??
The weather round that part of the world is actually very predictable, a conclusion I came to after spending 15 years operating there. Certainly not as bad as North America can get.

"some of the smartest and most successful organisations in the aviation world" That's really funny. SQ didn't display much business acumen with their investment in Air New Zealand and even Virgin Atlantic for a long time looked to be a bad investment, the jury's still out on that one. CAAS in Singapore are much more beholden to the interests of SQ than CASA is to the Australian operators so it's going to be to no one's surprise that SQ will be expected to be more detailed in their submissions to the Australian regulator.
SQ operate in a totally supportive environment in their home country which can't be likened to the environment the Australian airlines face at home. It's easy to be smart in such circumstances.

I was wondering also.....! Do Tiger still provide somewhere for you keep your lunch when you bring it from home (coz they won't provide it), as per their original ad for crew? And do they still allow you to bid for half of your holidays (2 weeks), as the other half will be used for Flight Time Limitation purposes...also as per the original ad?
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Old 17th Sep 2007, 06:40
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How many people in the greater unwashed know that Virgin is more Australian than Qantas?
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Old 17th Sep 2007, 11:01
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Interesting. Do you have some evidence from the share registry?
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Old 17th Sep 2007, 13:05
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Well I suppose if TOll, Godfrey and the public own 75% roughly and Qantas took a month to audit their Share registry after the Apa bid ( mainly because it was real close to the official limit) you could say that VB has a higher percentage of Australian ownership than Qantas.
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