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yellowplane 16th Nov 2016 18:15

Update on vacancies
Just wondering where the latest ATCO vacancies are? Anyone able to update?

360BakTrak 16th Nov 2016 18:23

In no particular order;

Isle of Man
Glasgow (NATS)
Farnborough (NATS)
Dubai Approach
Dubai Tower (DXB)
Dubai World (DWC)
East Midlands (Unless recent positions filled?)

Did I mention Baghdad?

yellowplane 16th Nov 2016 18:28

Any Tower/Approach Procedural not openly advertising?

cossack 16th Nov 2016 18:37

Toronto Tower (CYYZ)

Roadrunner Once 16th Nov 2016 21:02


callum91 16th Nov 2016 21:34


Gonzo 17th Nov 2016 07:04

I notice that according to the Newquay job's person spec that a 'sense of humour' is desirable.

360BakTrak 17th Nov 2016 08:38

Probably need that when they tell you the salary at the interview...........:E

Dan Dare 17th Nov 2016 08:47

When I meet ATCOs from other units the one constant is that they're understaffed and unable to attract people to fill the empty seats. Absolutely everywhere - military, civil, centres, towers, home and abroad. I keep expecting it to blow, but somehow the creaky system keeps on scraping through.

sunnySA 17th Nov 2016 09:49

I keep expecting it to blow, but somehow the creaky system keeps on scraping through.
Ain't that the truth

middles 17th Nov 2016 14:27

Wycombe Air Park

throw a dyce 17th Nov 2016 16:45

Gatwick and Edinburgh with ANS."Other" Airports with Nats as well as Glasgow and Farnborough....Someone mention Baghdad?

T250 17th Nov 2016 18:26

Gatwick no longer looking

yellowplane 17th Nov 2016 19:17

Thanks All - Toronto sounds good. Saw one on LinkedIn for an airport in Kent today

broken headset 18th Nov 2016 09:18

Does anyone know if Nav Canada consider European applicants?

trafficnotsighted 18th Nov 2016 11:28

There was big batch of UK ATCO's who went to NAVCANADA 10 -15 Years or so ago under their Experienced ATCO program they were running at the time. I don't think they considered it a success and have not repeated it since a lot came back I believe. There was also a handful of guys who went out on a separate thing and I know one of them them is still there at London Ontario airport.

Tower Ranger 18th Nov 2016 11:45

There are UK Controllers on their way to Canada very shortly.

360BakTrak 18th Nov 2016 11:46

At least 1 is already there......

TCAS FAN 18th Nov 2016 12:01


.....and at least one has returned disillusioned to the UK.

360BakTrak 18th Nov 2016 13:09

How recently TCAS FAN?

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