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WW2 aircrew in ATC

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WW2 aircrew in ATC

Old 9th Oct 2015, 21:48
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Vic 'Jackko' Jackson? At Blackpool on his retirement in the mid-80s. Said he was going to go walking across hills he remembered from his childhood in India. I believe he did just that.

Not sure of the veracity of some of the stories from his flying days - most not from him, he was a usually very quiet about his past....well, about most things really - but I believe he was a pilot in the King's Flight for a while.
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Old 11th Oct 2015, 11:17
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A number of familiar names there. I think when I started in 1967 most of the controllers were ex aircrew.
Jock Ellis at Scottish.He told of flying his Typhoon into a sanddune during a sandstorm
Asso at Scottish, Bunny Crane, ex Mosquito IIRC and had done some flying for films

There's an incomplete list of RAF Officers here,World War II unit histories & officers. Although I suspect many were FS and not mentioned there
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Old 31st Oct 2015, 15:43
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Worked with Norman Whitelock at Hack Green in the 60's.

Neil Broadbent (EX RN/FAA.) Bob Drinkwater ex Lanc rear gunner and
?Chadwick (he was an ADC to the Duke of Kent who was killed in the Sunderland crash.......all at ATC Manchester at the time.

TR Newton was at EGBB ATCO i/c ex RAF (NON aircrew).
George Russell ex RAF Upper gunner Lancs ..was at AIS EGPK and then i/c AIS EGBB

Few more but the memory is not what it was!! (retired in 1986 after 27 yrs

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Old 23rd Nov 2015, 19:56
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Harry and Hugh (Q) McGrath

Q is well covered elsewhere. He was a legend at Aldergrove though he had left/retired before I got there in 1969. Harry was I think someone quite different. Harry ran the Aerodrome FTU at Aberdeen at which I was a student in 1967. Harry did indeed have a limp; plus thumbstick, deerstalker and plus fours too. I don't think Harry was air crew. The story was that he served under Fritzroy Maclean (Sir Fitzroy Hew Royle Maclean) in Yugoslavia, working with Tito's partisans. Exactly what Harry's military status was remained a bit obscure - possibly SOE though Maclean had served with the SAS in Africa.
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Old 23rd Nov 2015, 22:52
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Pete Dinham ( ATC at EGKK in the 70's) was in the RAF and was an "extra" in the Dambuster film when it was being filmed at Hemswell......
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Old 24th Nov 2015, 20:26
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How about Basil Friendship, ATCO.

A real character at Stansted when I was there in the late 70's. Sergeant Friendship, DFM and bar (the non-com equivalent of the DFC, and much rarer...). Posted to France with No 3 Sqn (Hurricanes) on 10th May 1940. Started with 2 HS126s on the 12th, 2 Me109s and a Ju87 on the 14th, an Me109 and a Heinkel 111 damaged on the 15th, He111 on the 17th, Ju87 on the 18th, shared a He111 on the 19th and finished with an Hs126 on the 20th....

Totally irreverent with managers and one-time publisher of "Transmit".

Top bloke.
Old 24th Nov 2015, 22:43
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Bob Cheyne, lastly at IANS in Luxembourg. If he wasn't ex-mil. his moustache certainly was
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Old 28th Nov 2015, 04:21
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FLTLT Tom Currie DFM, ex WW2 SIG and instructor at Shawbury on the GCA courses at Sleap in the mid 60s. A real gent!
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Old 28th Nov 2015, 19:11
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Levesley. I thought you may have mentioned Bill Eames who ended up as Chief Officer at Aldergrove. He had left before I arrived there in 1985 but he can still be found in the mess on occasion.

D-Day at 70: War hero Bill Eames on his part in the Normandy landings - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
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Old 6th Dec 2015, 21:43
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Bill Eames

I don't ever remember anyone at EGAA ever mentioning his service. He took over as Chief Officer well before I left in 76 but I don't ever remember any discussion about him or with him that even hinted at his war service. Bill's office was in an adjoining building so he wasn't ever an everpresent in the tower so contact was more fleeting than with the watch keeping staff.
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Old 6th Dec 2015, 22:34
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Not sure if anyone has mentioned Larry Curry, ex-SATCO Leavesden. He was badly burned in the war but I know nothing else.

Sadly, Basil Friendship passed away in 2001.
Old 16th Apr 2016, 09:40
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I just remembered - good friend of mine, with whom I have long lost contact - was Trevor Devine St John-Murphy - "Spud" to his mates. I believe Spud flew Mossies. Typical ex-RAF aircrew Spud had a huge handlebar moustache and he was as mad as a hatter. Doing outbound radar at SATCC one day a Comet asked to stop climb with a pressurisation problem. Spud, recently having had a fam flight on a Comet, told him it was probably the pressure dome at the back of the aircraft. Minutes later the Comet asked to continue climb and asked how Spud had known the cause. "It's this new radar; very sensitive you know!"
Old 16th Apr 2016, 18:17
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Mention of Spud Murphy who I met at LATCC c1971 reminds me of assistant Arthur Bramall who like Spud, hard a large amount of face fungus.
Arthur once told us that during his flying training, he was given a check ride by another instructor who told him to do a steep turn. He omitted to say 'one' steep turn and they did 13 before the instructor told him to stop!!
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Old 18th Apr 2016, 16:04
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Spud Murphy

Does anyone herein remember Spud's biscuit-tin? IIRC - and it's nearly 40 years ago mind - a local-to-him bakery had a run of biscuit tins made with a scene out of Lowry gracing the lid and sides. Unfortunately, they'd not checked the artwork before placing the order, and the first batch were released into the shops with a scene more out of one of Ron Jeremy 's movies. Spud managed to get one of these before the shelves were cleared.
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Old 20th Apr 2016, 18:08
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Was that the one with the cricket game on the lid? I had one, sold it at auction a couple of years ago for 400 quid,
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Old 11th Nov 2016, 11:56
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BOB?? Was Bob Drinkwater. Rode to work occasionally at the old tower in Manchester on a big hunter!

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