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TRUCE days

Old 13th Aug 2013, 17:37
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TRUCE days

A few years ago I recall a thread on here asking for Pilots to join ATC during these days. Does this still happen and if so any links as to where I can get more information.

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Old 14th Aug 2013, 22:20
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Many thanks to those who have sent PM's. Very kind of you to help.
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Old 15th Aug 2013, 09:57
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TRaining for Unusual Circumstances and Emergencies

For information about Swanwick TRUCE please PM me.

Commercial pilots are warmly welcomed to attend. The new season commences in September.

TRUCE sessions take place in the afternoon and are a licence requirement for all UK ATCOs. For Swanwick controllers there will be both classroom discussions and time in the simulator which is located at our corporate headquarters in Whiteley, Hampshire.

Over past years we have hosted many commercial pilots and all that I am aware of have commented how useful their attendance has been. For our ATCOs, they get to hear how commercial pilots deal with emergency situations first hand and pilots can gain a better understanding what we do should they call PAN or MAYDAY. Expect to take part within the classroom discussions and the simulator exercises. We are also normally able to arrange an Operations Room visit before TRUCE commences

We are able pay sensible expenses for those travelling from the London area

I cannot over emphasise how useful having commercial pilots attend is for the participants!

If you think you might have a spare day, please personal message me so that I can send you more details.

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Old 15th Aug 2013, 10:10
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ask26. As you go in the front door make sure they know you are a pilot. If they think you're an ATCO they'll put a strait jacket on you. Have fun..
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Mr Truce, feel free to pop a request for participants on R+N.

We've done it several times in the past and we're always happy to help spread the word. Remember to include a phrase pointing out the post is at our request. The message you've written here would make perfect basis.

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Old 15th Aug 2013, 12:05
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Thanks Mr Towers, wilco!
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Old 19th Aug 2013, 11:27
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My thread on the R+N page has been very useful, more interest than I expected is being shown. If you are a commercial pilot reading this, then please send me a PM for more info.
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Old 30th Aug 2013, 10:14
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Below are the dates of the Swanwick TRUCE sessions:

September 2013
4th, 14th, 24th, 26th, 30th

October 2013
10th, 12th, 14th, 30th

November 2013
1st, 7th, 9th, 15th, 19th, 25th, 27th

December 2013
3rd, 7th, 11th, 13th,

All commercial pilots are invited to participate, send me a PM (personal message) for more info.
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Old 20th Sep 2013, 20:13
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A big THANKS to those pilots that have seen this, my other thread and made contact. Feedback from controllers has been excellent in relation to having pilots attend - BUT WE NEED MORE COMMERCIAL PILOTS!

Any commercial pilots reading this and wondering what it is all about, please PM me.
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Old 20th Sep 2013, 21:23
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Do you only want big tin commercial pilots? If CPL(H) is also useful I suggest that you make a similar post on Rotorheads.

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Old 13th Oct 2013, 12:53
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I went to the TRUCE day yesterday and I really loved it. The reception was so welcoming and it was an exiting day for me.
Ok they loved me too!
I have taken early retirement a couple of years back (ex 737 LHS) and this has put me straight back into the business for a few hours, making me feel straight away "at home"!
I can honestly say, I definitely could NOT have handled this job at all!
There's something about this flying thing that can't be completely laid to rest and the occasional return to the surface is a brilliant thing.
I can highly recommend it to anyone.
I might even do it again!
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Old 22nd Oct 2013, 23:15
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As a swanwick atco I can confirm how useful it is having pilots present during truce. However whilst chatting to a BA first officer on a long haul flight was surprised he knew nothing of it. Is the invitation sent to the airlines directly and if so is it being promulgated to their crews?

ps gave interested party swanwick contact details.

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Old 31st Oct 2013, 11:46
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Can somebody PM me an e-mail address for the people at Swanwick - I am trying to organise going to one of these days in November but no luck getting in touch with Mr TRUCE via PM.

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Old 31st Oct 2013, 22:52
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Not entirely sure, but think he may be away just now. Hopefully someone a little closer will point you in a better direction. If you have a date allocated and need more info, then feel free to PM me and I can chase it up internally and find out anything necessary.
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