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Question So who's recruiting ?

Title asks it all; what agencies around the world are taking on experienced ATCOs and in what disciplines?

Seems a rather barren landscape on the transfer front currently.

Could we have a sticky thread for news/details of vacancies and recruitment drives please...?

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And Eddie Stobart.
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You don't get a pier at Brum, though
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Well, NATS Ops Director Pauline Lamb has been recruited by Airways NZ - so presumably there's a vacancy there, plus the trickle down effect....
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Give it a few months in Abu Dhabi, there may be many vacancies then when or if the new contractor takes over.....
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I've been looking for ATCO jobs too abroad (TWR/APP positions outside of Scandinavia) for a while now, but I agree that there arenít really too many jobs to apply for. As I'm still pretty young (annoying, isn't it? ), can anyone tell me what the general requirements are in terms of years of experience, OJTI endorsements etc.?

And when it comes to the U.K, I've been in touch with NATS only to find out that they normally do not hire ATCOs from abroad. Any ideas why? And what other providers are there to choose from, and do they have the same policy?
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