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Airservices Australia Psychometric Testing

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Airservices Australia Psychometric Testing

Old 5th Jul 2012, 08:55
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brit12: I cant help with the rest of the questions, but in regards to brisbane as a training centre, they do hold the initial 12 month courses in brisbane as well, but not very often. Im about to start mine in brisbane in just under a months time
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 10:23
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Brit12, it's not really a case of being in the top 1% to get through, as much as I'd like to say it is

As has been mentioned heaps of times on this forum, you either have it or you don't. You can do all the preparation in the world to advance through the selection process and get on a course, but if you aren't right for the job you won't get through the training.

There have been plenty of people posting here that wanted to be controllers more than anything in the world, and they didn't get selected despite all their preparations. Then there are people in the job that saw the ad and thought they'd give it a try, having no prior knowledge of what it entailed.
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Old 6th Jul 2012, 01:54
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It’s just all a little disappointing when an organisation which is supposed to be based on swift and accurate decision making, doesn’t feel it necessary to advise candidates of a definitive “yes” or “no” outcome within a reasonable timeframe.
Airservices has been like this for a long, long time and it's unlikely that anything will change any time soon. As tough as it is, you will need to become used to being patient. There were people on this thread, a few years back, who waited eighteen months between applying and starting a course. The system has been streamlined significantly since then but I agree, it's not a good introduction to the organisation is it?
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Old 7th Jul 2012, 00:51
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Thanks for the quick replies there.

Cadet Kid, that's good that they hold the courses in Brisbane too, all be it less often but there seems to be no word of this on their website or even the recruitment email reply I received didn't mention it but then again the recruitment email reply was just sent from someone who copied and pasted the information on the internet and didn't give me any extra help (in regards to British qualifications etc.) Good luck with your training.

Steve, thanks for your reply too, I do understand what you are saying and I have looked through all of the hundreds of threads. Although yes you either have it or you don't I still feel like I should at least brush up on skills and get some preparation material, not to "cheat" the test but to rev up my mind beforehand. I'll just make sure I don't go overboard and spend the next 2 years solely pinning my hopes on getting an ATC position!

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Old 9th Jul 2012, 06:06
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it's not a good introduction to the organisation is it?
It's not a great look Does it all pull together a bit better once the actual training courses begin, though?
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Old 9th Jul 2012, 11:33
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I don't think they do it to torture you. I think they are really busy with the volume of applications they receive. So if you didn't make the cut, you are not the priority to be contacted.
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Old 10th Jul 2012, 00:33
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I had my assessment day on the 24th of May, and have not heard back from Airservices, and neither have my referees been contacted. At the time, one of the facilitators told me to expect a response in two months.

At this stage I am going to refuse an offer, should I be made one. After a period of unemployment, I have been offered and started a new job in financial services (the industry I have worked for in the last 13 years). At my age, 36, it seems to be too much of a risk giving it all up, taking a big financial paycut for the next 3-4 years, not to mention the possibility that I don't have "what it takes", or fail at the academy.

I did a lot of preparation for the assessment day, and am curious on getting feedback on my performance. Once I hear from Airservices, I will let you all know how I did.
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Old 10th Jul 2012, 03:10
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24th May here as well and nothing yet, i was told the same but i also was told that the results go through several approvals so i guess thats were it could be.

just wondering how is one judged at the academy? can someone be told goodbye during the course or is there a final exam which one has to pass after the training? or there are series of exams.

like in the flight dispatch licensing there's an exam every week and must pass each one of them.
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Old 10th Jul 2012, 03:57
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Hey Blackgoat, I'm in a very similar situation - I have just accepted a new role in my current field and am making plans to relocate. Even if I were to hear back now, I don't think I could justify the loss of income for so much uncertainty...
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Old 10th Jul 2012, 06:50
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Brit12, honestly there isn't anything in particular that could train you for the application process, just make sure you're good with your math. I didn't even know that en-route controllers EXISTED when I went for my interview, and now I'm almost at the end of the training. I'd suggest don't go overboard in your preparation. Airservices will teach you everything you want to know, and training a blank canvas is a lot easier than fixing deep-set problems. The training can take place at either Melbourne or Brisbane, they'll give you a choice. The training centre at Melbourne is just a lot bigger and more courses go through. And like it was mentioned, it's not the top 1% of applicants, they'll hire whoever they think has the ability to make it as an ATC. If you pass you pass, you're not competing against anyone else. Code89, at the academy there's 3 different levels of review. You're monitored by an instructor in your daily sim runs, then spaced out in each module you have Personal Evaluations, where you get a more in-depth mark of where you are and what you need to work on, then at the end of each module is the practical exam that you have to pass. There's 4 main modules, DTI (traffic), non-radar, radar & combined ops.
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Old 10th Jul 2012, 09:21
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Hey Ruth

I had my assessment centre today, there will be a max of 6 people at the centre, it is very personal and you get plenty of time to ask questions. I enjoyed the process.

With regards to the online testing I found it a challenge and just remember to trust you choices and if it doesn't work out it doesn't work out.

Good luck with everyone else who is applying.
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Old 12th Jul 2012, 08:17
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Education requirements

I am currently an air traffic controller in the RAF and have 8 years experience in this profession. I am looking to move to Australia next year as a permanent resident. I was hoping to get a job with Airservices Australia but I notice that one of the requirements for controlling is a minimum of 50% pass rate in year 12 English, Maths and Science. From what I can see year 12 exams are the equivalent to A Levels. I have 9 GCSE A-C passes (including English, Maths and Science) and 4 A Level A-C passes. My A Level subjects where Government and Politics,English Literature, History and General Studies. I have sent an e-mail to AirServices Australia to ask for their assistance but if anyone has any experience in this area it would be a great weight of my mind if I could get some answer on this matter. Thanks!
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Old 12th Jul 2012, 13:33
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"Looking to move & Hoping to get" has no currency in OZ as many others can attest to.

First question is :

How are you planning to get permanent residency status ?

Unless you are either married to an Ozzie, have a load of points to qualify under the short list of wanted skill sets (dont think ATC is officially one of them - but midwife is , or was) or 7 figures in the bank this first hurdle will be a stopper.

On the other hand as ex mil ATC there may still be another way in but not through ASA (initially at least)!

Table below gives equivalent values based on 3 A levels; UK grade = points = enter score = overall position / Queensland only

What you need for ASA Ive no idea!


AAA 38 98.30 2
AAB 36 96.95 3
ABB 34 95.05 4
BBB 32 92.55 5
BBC 30 89.60 6/7
BCC 28 85.95 8
CCC 26 81.65 9
CCD 24 76.85 11
CDD 22 74.10 12
DDD 20 68.90 13
DDE 18 63.25 14/15
DEE 16 57.15 16
EEE 14 50.60 17/18
EE 12 43.60 19/20

Hope this helps


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Old 12th Jul 2012, 16:52
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Thank you for the reply. My wife is Aussie and when we apply for the visa we will have been married for 2 years and we also have a 5 month old son. Hopefully permanent residency shouldn't be a problem but I know there is a lot of paperwork before this happens.

Thanks for the chart as well. I score 95.05 so I hope this would at least give me the opportunity to start the process with AirServices(whether I complete it is obviously a totally different story)

When you talk about a different avenue initially, do you mean RAAF and Joint Battlefield Airspace Controller? I have sent RAAF an e-mail today to see if there was any chance of me being recruited for this profession.

Thanks for your help
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Old 13th Jul 2012, 10:39
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Hi Paulo,

From what I can remember in lieu of the specific educational requirements Airservices also accept previous employment as a controller. Although, I'm pretty sure you'll find with your quals it wouldn't be a problem. I've only got GCSE's and I got in, I did JATCC in 2006.

At the beginning of last year the RAAF were recruiting for ATC and I imagine that that would be an avenue worth exploring if you were looking into transferring anyway.

If I can help at all, just PM me.

Cheers now,

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Old 14th Jul 2012, 11:44
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Hi folks.
Quick question...

Where are Terminal Radar controlers sourced from? Do enroute people get shifted into these roles or are tower people retrained or is it already part of the tower course?


.... Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.
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Old 15th Jul 2012, 01:57
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Generally drawn from en route, more due to weight of numbers than anything else I guess. An additional course is required by both tower and en route.
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Old 15th Jul 2012, 03:44
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Have been offered 17th September. Anyone else on this start date?

Also, do ATC's get paid for the overtime they do?
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Old 15th Jul 2012, 04:12
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Nope Partridge, Melbourne.

Dont think I can make it though. Might have to ask for November
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Old 15th Jul 2012, 06:22
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The RAAF might take you on, but not necessarily as an ATC... but worth following up.
Airservices used to have short-course MIL ATC conversion courses (on the presumption you were coming from the RAAF). Not sure if that is still the case, but in any case if you're already licensed as MIL ATC that would ordinarily be taken into consideration and would surpass "new school leaver type" fundamental qualification requirements. So, don't despair. Suggest you also try to speak to people over the telephone rather than simply trying to chase via email.
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