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NATS interview process

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NATS interview process

Old 4th Jul 2014, 14:11
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Stage 2

I have just completed my Stage 0 & 1, and have received an email to say there's currently no dates planned for Stage 2...fingers crossed I won't be waiting too long, as seems like people have already been waiting for a while?!
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Old 5th Jul 2014, 13:28
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I have also completed stages 0 and 1 and I am awaiting stage 2 assessment dates. Judging from this forum, though, it looks like we could be waiting a while!
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Old 5th Jul 2014, 14:51
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Hi all,

Just as a reference, I passed stages 0 and 1 around this time last year (July 2013) and attended stage 2 this January (2014). Now waiting for stage 3...

So be patient, it'll be worth the wait!

manusa is online now  
Old 5th Jul 2014, 15:54
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Thanks manusa...that's very helpful. Especially as I realistically wont be able to start until this time next year at the earliest anyway.
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Old 16th Jul 2014, 22:40
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Smile Nats test

Hellow, I would really like to apply for Atc but the thing is I am not
that good at maths! Does it really matter that much?
Thank you
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Old 17th Jul 2014, 05:50
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It certainly helps a lot, and in the UK there is a minimum standard required before your application would even be considered.

I would guess that's the same world wide
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Old 21st Jul 2014, 02:47
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Well if NATS wont take yer and you still fancy a "control" job combined with a bit of spotting on the side* then I suggest a nice signalling job with Notwork Fail . We also get bitter, twisted, have regular management dust ups and are subject to European Union legislation.

* Only applies to where you sit under a flightpath.
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Old 23rd Aug 2014, 18:25
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Hi guys, I am thinking about becoming ATCO. I am however 31. Would that be a problem? I understand there are no age restriction at the moment but what is the reality? Would they even consider me? I have been studying until now so my brain is used to thisThanks
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Old 24th Aug 2014, 11:10
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Loki01, although it is true that there is no age restriction to apply, you can send a message with your concerns to the recruitment team directly from the web, they usually reply within a few days at most.
In any case, you can directly try and start the process. The first step asks for your personal information before they approve your application, so you have nothing to lose.

Good luck!
manusa is online now  
Old 24th Aug 2014, 16:13
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It all comes down to the individual.

There are people that make it through the courses at 18, there are people that make it through at 31.

There are also those that fail at 18, and fail at 31.

The same can be said about almost any age group (even though there are fewer applying from each age group after you start to become a bit older).

On my course the oldest (41 I think) and the youngest (18) both failed during the college stages, however anecdotal evidence is just that, anecdotes. How the actual statistics look I can't say for sure (as I've never seen any).

Why not apply and see how it goes? If you fail the application then no harm done, if you progress further you will hopefully be able to arrange a few study visits and learn more about the job, through that you will hopefully get an idea if you think it's something for you or not.
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Old 24th Aug 2014, 22:13
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I applied at 30, started the college at 31 and validated at 32.

As CV says, that me. You might be different. Or you might not. I'm not convinced age hs a factor, and if it is there are many many more things that will trip you up along the way before your age plays.

The first is perhaps the biggest hurdle - can't see NATS recruiting anyone at ATCO grade for a very very long time.
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Old 25th Aug 2014, 05:00
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If NATS could manage it, they'd get rid of all of the ATCOs and just become an airspace consultancy service. They've no interest in actual air traffic anymore. there's more money to be made telling other people how to do it.
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Old 11th Sep 2014, 21:09
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I fear that I already know the answer to this but I might as well ask...

Has anyone who has passed the Stage 2 assessment had any email from NATS about a possible Stage 3 date? I received an email a month after I passed stating not to ask them directly about any planned dates but it's now 7 months later and whilst I have seen comments of people waiting a lot longer, I am just wondering if perhaps my email was missed when they sent out more dates :P

Thanks for any help!
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Old 11th Sep 2014, 21:38
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I hate to be a harbinger (sp) of doom but...

You are going to wait a very long time. there are people who have passed stage 3 waiting for a course, little or no through put through training, contracts under pressue, En-Route suffering massive cost pressure due to the farce that is SESAR and RPT2.

Personally anyone waiting would be well advised to start working on a plan B
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Old 17th Sep 2014, 10:59
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Plan B...

So it seems we could have a wait for stage two and, if successful, stage three. What would anyone advise as a Plan B? I had a look on a couple of websites that offer courses but it seems a bit of a minefield!
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Old 18th Sep 2014, 17:35
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IAA are recruiting I believe.
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Old 26th Sep 2014, 09:32
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Hey ManicPeanut! Have you considered applying to the RAF as an ATCO? That's my Plan B anyway since I'm still waiting for stage 2! I've done quite a bit of research and it seems there's two different roles for ATCOs. There's an Air Traffic Control Officer and Air Traffic Controller. Here's links to each role. Hope you find this somewhat useful


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Old 15th Oct 2014, 12:07
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Hi cfiggins,

Regarding Stage 1 preparation, I don't have much advise. You have already taken it, so you know how it's like. There are similar exercises available, but I can't help with specific exercises to improve your results.

As for the waiting time, I can say I passed Stage 2 on January 2014 and still waiting for Stage 3... which doesn't seem to be taking place anytime soon.

Good luck!
manusa is online now  
Old 15th Oct 2014, 12:11
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you will certainly have waits of a number of months, yes
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Old 15th Oct 2014, 19:32
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A few months might be considered optimistic
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