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NATS interview process

ATC Issues A place where pilots may enter the 'lions den' that is Air Traffic Control in complete safety and find out the answers to all those obscure topics which you always wanted to know the answer to but were afraid to ask.

NATS interview process

Old 5th May 2007, 19:59
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But for them to be valid ATCOs at LACC, they must have applied in 2003-2004, if not before. The most recent validations at LACC are mostly from course 126, which started in April 2003 (so applied in the six months leading up to that - when it was definitely only three attempts). Indeed, this time last year it was definitely three attempts. If there's been a change, and if there has then nobody has told those of us who interview, then it must be more recently than that, and nobody would have got through to validation that quickly.
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Old 5th May 2007, 20:17
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Im sure I'd be a fool to ask if you had more than one attempt at getting into NATS, hey Gonzo?!

Just out of interest, there was an article on our BBC London news in the week about ATC interference from Pirate Radio Stations broadcasting over London. They showed an internal of your new VCR at EGLL (looked a better view from the old one I visited....!) Is this becoming a real problem for you tower controllers or do you know if it is it affecting the ops. over at TC aswell?

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Old 5th May 2007, 20:23
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Nope, certainly not a fool.

I got in first time. However, there were plenty of my coursemates who had two or three application attempts.
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Old 5th May 2007, 20:53
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Yep, they were validated LACC ATCOs, and as you say Gonzo, must have gotten through the college some years ago. No idea why or how the number of applications went through; I'm just passing on what the ATCOs told me.
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Old 5th May 2007, 21:34
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It's a few years ago now but I know of one former ATCA (as was back then) who took five or six attempts before being successful and who ended up as "Top Cadet" (as it was also known back then) and also successfully validated at LHR when it was both twr and app.

The moral being, if you want it badly enough don't give up. Keep trying and don't take no for an answer if at all possible.

Good luck.

Old 5th May 2007, 22:13
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I won't go into too much detail, as some legal action might still be pending, but yes, it does cause us a problem with interference. Not only on the VHF voice frequencies, either, recently we had a spate of pirate radio interference with ILS signals.

On the other matter, 'internal' NATS applicants (ATSAs etc) have sometimes been handled differently, and 'sponsored' by their own unit (as many non-NATS units do) after having a gained a few years experience. Some of those might have been unsuccessful applicants.
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Old 9th May 2007, 14:52
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I recently passed the online test and I received an email inviting me to stage 2, but then i got a phone call from HR asking if i would be prepared to do both stage 2 and 3 on the same day... and its only just over a week away, so lots to get learnt! Just a heads up to anyway who is about to do, or has just done their online personality test.

Its going to be a long day, but it gets it all over with at once - I also got the impression that the June start was quite empty which is why they were wanting to get the stages over with quickly, but that's just my interpretation and may not be correct. Hope this helps
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Old 9th May 2007, 15:01
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It certainly sounds that way. They were very eager to get me on the June course, although with the amount of people who apply I would be surprised if they were ever short of candidates. I suppose its about finding the right people who will stick it out through college and further training, and succeed.
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Old 9th May 2007, 15:06
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a lot of people who apply, like someone i know, don't finish college or uni till the summer so couldn't start in june
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Old 9th May 2007, 17:51
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...or have a wife who is expecting twins in june ;-)
Old 10th May 2007, 12:13
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Is everyone (course 212) impressed with how much time we've been given to learn this DLP! Thought it was going to be a last minute thing!
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Old 10th May 2007, 12:17
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me me me! (but you knew that anyway)

From what I hear they do need people on June still
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Old 10th May 2007, 13:50
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Hi everyone,

I also did the stage 1 tests at the end of April and passed. I have since got a phonecall from HR asking if I can do stage 2 and 3 together and hopefully join with the June entry. I'm now getting as much information as I can into my head!! I don't think there's an awful lot I can do for the computer tests, I'll just be as prepared as I possibly can be for the 2 interviews. I'm actually looking forward to the big day (May 14th for me) and really hope beyond to all hope that I'll get in

The only thing I'm worried about is that if I do get in and expected to start in June then it won't give me a lot of time to organise accommodation and get all my stuff ready. But of course I'd much rather have that problem knowing that I had a place than not...
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Old 10th May 2007, 15:33
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Hi there

I'm an italian air traffic controller, age 43.
I've applyed to NATS and I've been invited to the tests in London, for the end of May. Eventhought my age I've been admitted the same .

Someone of you can tell me if there will be an interview even in the 1st stage of the selection ?

tkssssss very much
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Old 10th May 2007, 20:16
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jamayca5.. There is no interview at stage 1, you just have to do the various aptitude tests including the multiple choice test based on the material you can find on the internet regarding ATC. In stage 2 you have a HR interview and in Stage 3 you will have a combined HR/ATC interview.


p.s. scroll to earlier posts in this thread theres some good prep info in there for the tests.
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Old 11th May 2007, 20:39
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got a email today it read


We confirm that your application has been withdrawn.

Yours sincerely

Recruitment & Selection
HR Services

damn!!! looks like i didnt get through
anyone else failed
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Old 11th May 2007, 23:01
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Looks like that could have been sent in error.
The letter sounds like you have withdrawn your application.
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Old 11th May 2007, 23:08
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I'd agree, you should get in touch with HR and ask. I've been on the end of rejection and acceptance and they definitely don't look like that!
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Old 12th May 2007, 16:31
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I double what Richy says - I've had them both too and neither look anything like that.
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Old 14th May 2007, 19:05
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I have my stage 1 interview in a few weeks time. I would be grateful if someone could answer 2 questions for me:
1. Is the motivational paper multiple choice?
2. Are the interviews with ATCs held on an individual basis?

Many thanks
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