View Full Version : Easyjet at Loggerheads with Go Pilots

4th Apr 2003, 03:23
The latest Balpa message to easyJet members is full of vitriol between Go pilots and the council. Any update?:(

4th Apr 2003, 06:54
............between TWO Go pilots and the council.

4th Apr 2003, 07:23
Flaps, your albeit misguided loyalty is admirable, however it is misguided. You have yet again missed the point.Why do you always feel the need to defend the management that shaft you with a large order of Dole Pineapples?

4th Apr 2003, 14:14
Unnecessary orange, I think he is defending the council.

As for GO, my equivilent currently has 60K+ in his account, PRP for the GO time, the same share options I have received and is complaining because he is not getting the loyalty bonus for last year (time he spent with GO and received the PRP and options)

Give me a break :(

Colonel Klink
4th Apr 2003, 15:31
Gentlemen, I think the point is that two ex-Go pilots on the PC, who, full of self interest in getting part time over-60 rights to work resigned like spoiled children spitting vinegar when they did not get their own way. As the Chairman's letter indicates, this was neither fair to the people they supposedly represented, or the people they worked with. Their behaviour was atrocious and good riddance, I say!........................................................ ..........
The next PC will be made up of people who's main concern is what they can do for the MOST of, us and self interest has no place there.:)

4th Apr 2003, 16:17
I agree with the Colonel. The tone and content of their joint letter did them no favours at all, regardless of how hard done by they may have felt.

5th Apr 2003, 01:44

I am at a complete loss to understand your response!

I have not missed this point or indeed any other.

I made a 100% factual statement to correct a misleading opening post. The correction was necessary in defence of the Council's position.

You may wish to reconsider your views.

6th Apr 2003, 01:39
There is a time and a place for this discussion, and this probably isn't it!

6th Apr 2003, 03:33
Hmmm....... I would love to enter this discussion too, but this isnt the place, and never should have been. Why wasnt it started in the private forum?

Can it be moved there?

6th Apr 2003, 05:00
Why don't these two gents retire on their big fat BA pensions and let a couple of poor souls out of work get a job?


8th Apr 2003, 06:29
Couldn't agree more with Maximum Pete on this one.
Chaps, the world of Countdown in the afternoons, Stannah stairlifts, Churchill's movable beds and Califig beckons.
Looks like these guys didn't appreciate what they actually had.
Happy retirement guys.
Hope that you can always look back and say that you were proud of how you ended your flying careers for the sake of a few quid and those puffed up egos.;)

8th Apr 2003, 21:09
The subject of this thread hardly tells the truth!

Two of the BALPA council guy's resigned- so what? Hardly representation of former Go people.

9th Apr 2003, 04:31
Whats happening to all the Go pilots since the takeover?

In trim
9th Apr 2003, 05:23
All the former Go crews are fully employed, but now painted Orange.

All are now on the new combined T & C's which have been discussed long and hard on other PPRUNE forums!

10th Apr 2003, 20:23
I received a new contract from we know best easypeasy management today full of the predictable : We can shaft you, move you, discipline you etc etc. But do they really expect me to pay for a new uniform as suggested in the guff ? Like crew food (pigswill) why are pilots expected to pay but not cabin crew ? Methinks it will take several months of saving 16 / mth before I will be able to visit a tailor.

11th Apr 2003, 18:51
Autobrake, it is a standard contract just like any other company. If you don't like it don't sign it.
P.S. Just how much do you want to spend on your uniform each year?

12th Apr 2003, 21:09
Yup that's why I said "predictable". As for the uniform, whatever it takes so long as I do'nt have pay up front. If I do, it'll be my birthday suit for me, that'll empty the crew room !;)