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Mach Jump
26th Feb 2024, 15:29
When the CBIR was introduced, there was a requirement for an initial evaluation flight, before the course could be started.

At the time, it was clearly stated, and I saw it in writing, that this could not be included in the course, and it didn't count towards the final course total. I've continued instructing these courses ever since, on that basis.

Today, however, this question came up, and now I am unable to find any reference to the exclusion, or otherwise of the evaluation flight.

Can anyone point me towards any official reference that states one way or the other?


26th Feb 2024, 23:33
Appendix 6 to Part-FCL Section Aa para 6 (c):

(c) To determine the amount of hours credited and to establish the training needs, the applicant shall complete a pre-entry assessment at an ATO.

27th Feb 2024, 08:10
As its a Pre-entry assessment it is not part of the course. The question then is whether it is countable towards the non-approved training. Is an Assessment Training? Experience yes, but Training No! I recall that being stated but don't think I have read it anywhere.

27th Feb 2024, 11:54
W, perhaps para 1.8 in annex IV (essential requirements for aircrew) to the Basic Regulation:1.8. Training course

A training course must meet the following conditions:
(a) a syllabus must be developed for each type of course; and

(b) the training course must comprise a breakdown of theoretical knowledge and practical flight instruction (including synthetic training), if applicable.

Mach Jump
27th Feb 2024, 16:21
Seems to me that as a 'pre-entry requirement', it can't also be part of the course, but schools are including it and sending in successful applications with 35 hours.

I'm pretty sure that even the 35 hours min for a CBMEIR was a cockup by the CAA, when they accidentally allowed the BIFM to be credited twice. :rolleyes:


Mach Jump
28th Feb 2024, 20:22
Thanks for your thoughts, guys.

I guess we will continue including the evaluation in the course as we have with the '35 hour course', until someone at the CAA spots it. Unfortunately, by that time, the CAA will be too embarrassed to admit that they have cocked up, and it also will just become the norm. :ugh: