View Full Version : Substitution of ST/PC for the hour flight instruction in revalidation by experience.

Mach Jump
14th Nov 2023, 15:14
I've just been asked to sign a 'Revalidation by Experience' in an NPPL SSEA class rating.

In the PPL/SEP, any flight test completed within the time frame is acceptable in place of the required 1 hour flight instruction.

It's always been my understanding that this also applied to the NPPL/SSEA, but I can't find any reference to back that up.

Am I right, and if so, what reference can I use to support my view?


Arrow Flyer
14th Nov 2023, 15:25
CAA Flight Examiner Handbook, Table N2 B

14th Nov 2023, 16:19
Quite which 'flight test' do you mean, given that the NPPL(SSEA) itself cannot include any additional ratings / certificates for which a test is required?

If the required refresher flying hasn't been completed within the validity period, the certificate must be endorsed 'single seat aircraft of this class only'.

Mach Jump
14th Nov 2023, 16:42
He also has an original CAA PPL M, which he has recently renewed/revalidated with with a Proficiency Check.


Mach Jump
14th Nov 2023, 17:09
CAA Flight Examiner Handbook, Table N2 B

Thanks, Arrow Flier.

I read the Examiner handbook, including Table N2, but it doesn't mention substitution of STs or PCs at all.

This might mean that it's not allowed, or that they just forgot to include that bit.


15th Nov 2023, 08:41
If both the ratings Microlight and SSEA were on the same licence then the cross credits are in accordance with Schedule 8 Chapter 2 Part 2 Table B, Para 2. However; as the candidate appears to have two seperate licences they must each be revalidated in accordance with the requirements for a single class rating as specified in Schedule 8 Chapter 2 Part 2 Table B Para 1.
It might pay the holder to transfer his Microlight to the NPPL.