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25th May 2023, 14:41
With reference to the following

Approach with a nominal vertical profile using the CDFA technique:

(a) The optimum angle for the approach slope is 3 degrees, and the gradient should preferably not exceed 6.5 percent which equates to a slope of 3.77 degrees, (400 ft/NM) for procedures intended for conventional aeroplane types / class and / or operations. In any case, conventional approaches should be limited to 4.5 degrees for Category A and B aeroplanes and 3.77 degrees for Category C and D aeroplanes, which are the upper limits for applying CDFA technique. A 4.5 degree approach slope is the upper limit for certification of conventional aeroplanes.
(b) The approach should meet at least the following facility requirements and associated conditions. NDB, NDB/DME, VOR, VOR/DME, LLZ, LLZ/DME, VDF, SRA, RNAV(LNAV) with a procedure which fulfils the following criteria:
(i) The final approach track off-set ≤ 5degrees except for Category A and B aeroplanes, where the approach-track off-set is ≤ 15 degrees;

Some CDFA approaches are more then 10 degrees offset from the runway. So how are they valid.

EASA Doc (https://hub.easa.europa.eu/crt/docs/viewcrdattachment/cid_22874/aid_297/fmd_c5c90140f3d631e32aed0b6c6115f28a)

25th May 2023, 22:16
Do they have straight in minimums or just circling?