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21st Feb 2022, 14:57
Hi everybody!

We had a discussion between instructors recently about TCAS RA while being in a maneuver. What are your thoughts about following:

1. If the airplane is in a turn already, but TCAS RA is triggered, shall you level the wings or you can still be in a turn, while respecting TCAS RA orders?

2. If you established visual contact with the conflicting traffic, can you initiate the 'avoidance turn', while keeping the required by TCAS RA vertical speed?

If you have any regulatory documents about that, would be perfect!

Looking for your help.


21st Feb 2022, 21:45
ICAO ACAS manual (Doc 9863) and Eurocontrol ACAS Guide para 8.9.


​​​​​​https://skybrary.aero/sites/default/files/bookshelf/1783_2.pdf (https://skybrary.aero/sites/default/files/bookshelf/1783_2.pdf#page69)