View Full Version : RyanAir multiple bird strikes on approach to Bologna

27th Nov 2021, 22:52
Made a bit of a mess.



Jet Jockey A4
28th Nov 2021, 00:45
Good job by the crew to get that down on the ground safely.

Luc Lion
28th Nov 2021, 13:30
Reminiscent of the Ryanair bird-strike accident that happened at Roma Ciampino airport, on 10th November 2008.
The final report was published more than 10 year after (20/12/2018) and is available here:

28th Nov 2021, 15:20
Though, unlike the CIA event, the 737 involved in this latest incident is already back in service, 4 days later.

Luc Lion
28th Nov 2021, 16:15
I am ready to bet that the difference mostly lays in the fact that the Bologna's aircraft had enough thrust left for making a go-around and another approach.

28th Nov 2021, 16:24
Indeed so, though of course the BLQ aircraft did in fact land from the initial approach, no GA.

28th Nov 2021, 17:34
if the bird remains had managed to cover the windscreen as well as the engines, I would imagine that the radome, pitots and AoAs would be damaged too, in which case a go round may have proven more of a challenge than a landing.

28th Nov 2021, 20:22
The bird remains on the bird scarer truck look like Starlings to me, not Herons. Standard flock hazard in Italy and Nice at sunset. Well done FR crew, Respect.

29th Nov 2021, 06:06
Much speculation on AVH that the shot of the cockpit is from a different incident with a different craft

29th Nov 2021, 09:40

if you look at the link it shows other parts and also a film of it landing with the engine surging.

29th Nov 2021, 10:20

there were actually 2 separate incidents in the space of a day , the images doing the rounds are of the 2 incidents , the video of the engine failure is from the herons , the other images are from multiple strikes on a smaller bird

29th Nov 2021, 15:49
yes, see


29th Nov 2021, 17:12
I'm confused - the tweet above appears to show that both the engine and windscreen damage occurred to the originally reported aircraft.

The linked report confusingly mentions a second Ryanair flight to Bologna (FR278), but that was two days later and there is no suggestion that it encountered a bird strike.

30th Nov 2021, 01:33
So from reading the 116 page report published a clean decade after the first murmuration of starlings event causing a serious accident in Italian airspace… I can assume that in 2031 we will be able to read two further 100+ page reports from ANSV solely recommending changes to operators/manufacturers procedures and behaviour and omitting to make any recommendations to Italian airport authorities bird—scaring/clearing techniques.

2nd Dec 2021, 10:22
The pictures related to the windscreen are taken from another Bird strike episode (You can see it from the courses on the MCP, thatís 284 ILS RWY 28 in BGY) not 114 as per BLQ.
The other pictures are related to the incident.
I dont know why they are keep posting these pictures that are not from the same incident