View Full Version : KLM UK pilot integration?

12th Aug 2002, 00:18
Anything heard regarding KLM Uk pilots joining the bottom
of KLM mainline seniority list, with permanent seat protection.
Both KLM and KLM Uk pilots will be able to crossbid fleetwide. ??

seat 0A
12th Aug 2002, 06:38
The talks are still underway.....

Wet Power
12th Aug 2002, 13:38
I wish my ex colleagues in KLMuk the best of luck in their negotiations with their foreign employers.

I fear for the end result though - all the best.

16th Aug 2002, 06:00
Out of interest what has KLM policy been on hiring non dutch speaking flight crew? Will they hire JFO, or only experience pilots.

A/P Disc
16th Aug 2002, 11:46
It has just been announced by the Dutch union that a deal has
been reached between the union and KLM about the KLM
Cityhopper (full) integration with the KLM seniority list.Details not
known. In the statement is is said that the KLM UK integration
with KLM Cityhopper should be implemented on Nov. 1st. So
things are moving fast.

16th Aug 2002, 12:44
Where will this move leave the 'Buzz' pilots ?

Aren't they still part of klmuk ?

16th Aug 2002, 14:12
Anyone know if this will affect KLM uk recruitment?

seat 0A
20th Aug 2002, 10:52
The details are out:
KLM UK pilots will have a one time choice: Join Buzz or stay as pilots for the new KLC UK.
If they choose KLC UK, they join the master seniority list of KLM at the bottom with full transfer rights, eventually, into mainline KLM. They can retain their current function at least until 2005, whereafter they accept a function based on their seniority at that time, which may have to mean they transfer to the right seat of their type.

In a nutshell.

flite idol
20th Aug 2002, 13:18
What are the pros and cons as viewed by the UK pilots. Looks like a tough choice for the more senior or older pilot. Could someone with the prospect of making this choice please give some insight! Thanks.

20th Aug 2002, 13:40
Ok, so what about Buzz and Basiq air? Ideas, anyone?:confused:

seat 0A
20th Aug 2002, 13:52
For the near future, buzz and Transavia(basiq) will remain separate companies, the pilots will not be merged on the KLM list.

dick badcock
20th Aug 2002, 22:18

The KLM NL homepage states that anyone applying for a pilot job in KLM must meet the following requirement: "Speaking Dutch before entering KLM". Suppose this wouldn't apply to KLC UK guys though, or would it? Any notices yet on the company bulletin board for crash courses in Dutch (no pun intended)?


seat 0A
21st Aug 2002, 16:14
It doesn`t apply to ex-klmUK pilots.

In the past KLM hired truckloads of aussies and canadians, some of whom still don`t speak Dutch! After 10 years!

Groeten (regards)

21st Aug 2002, 20:54
It is my opinion that the VNV want rid of AirUK and its' British workforce to silence the moaning of their first and second officers who joined a major but cant stomach the major wait for promotion. Put simply they want the UK commands.
I expect KLM will suffer the vast cost increase required to smooth the introduction of the 777 and A330.
Just my opinion of course, not trying to start anything. After all aren't we all Europeans together. I'm sure the VNV believe they are doing the UK boys a favour by allowing them to become first class citizens even if they are less equal than others.

seat 0A
22nd Aug 2002, 09:25

That`s a bit simply put. The wish to join AirUK with KLM was a wish from the company. The VNV has merely negotiated the circumstances. They aren`t bad, for no-one.
The guys who want to keep things as they are can do that and for others there`s a chance to go long-haul. Everybody benefits.


I`m happy to see a Brit think of us as one Europe, though ;)

24th Aug 2002, 15:42

What the VNV have failed to to realise is that the ex AirUK/KLMuk pilots have yet to agree to ANYTHING !!

How can the VNV negotiate with KLM and agree integration terms without the consultation or agreement of the people involved?

We are still a seperate company, the F100s and F50s are OUR aircraft, and i do not see why i should be junior on a seniority list with 7 years service to a junior F/o with 200 hrs and a months service!

I am sorry but this just smacks of typical Dutch arrogance, these negotiations are NOT concluded until BALPA agrees terms on behalf of its members.